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speed limit

  1. Handsome Jack

    Speed limits completely off in Eastern Europe

    Hello, I have Tesla Model Y 2023 with the newest software and maps updates. I'm driving in Eastern Europe and as I found out - tesla autopilot is almost completely useless on non major highways. In 70-80% of times it has significantly lower speed limit, like there is a sign 30km/hr that applies...
  2. H

    Constant Driving Speed of a BEV Versus its Range

    The most efficient freeway speed for a BEV varies depending on the model and the driving conditions. The general consensus is that the energy efficiency starts going down fast at higher speeds as the electric motor's power requirements keep going up. Where can we find a right balance of speed vs...
  3. J

    Wrong Speed Limit

    2022.24.6 on 2018 Model S. Seems just about every street displays the wrong speed limit on the above wheel dashboard (looks like it’s 10km/h more than the actual speed limit). How can this be fixed? I thought there is a camera that reads the actual signs? I know many other car manufacturers do this.
  4. willow_hiller

    Ticket Avoidance Mode

    On November 5, Tesla released two new videos to their official YouTube channel titled "Charging on the Road" and "Charging at Home" respectively. In the first second of each video, text of several features scrolls by quickly (all existing features as far as I can tell) but both briefly show...
  5. M

    Incorrect Speed Limits

    Hi All- I commute on a stretch of highway (I-94) in metro Detroit, where the actual speed limit is at least 55mph in all areas. For some reason, there are patches where Tesla thinks the speed limit is 35mph. The problem is that even though I have the settings to maintain the speed on an...
  6. GolanB

    Got Clarification of User Manuals reference to reading road signs (it does not)

    Two weeks ago, I was reading through the most recent version of the Model 3 Owners manual, and the way it was written, it made it sound like the Model 3 had the abillity to read road signs. More specifically, it stated: You can also specify how the speed limit is determined: • Relative - The...
  7. evM3Sekar

    Discrepancy in the displayed speed limit

    In the Cincinnati area I am finding that the displayed speed limit is off about 50% of the time on local and state roads (outside of the interstate systems). When it is not correct, most of the times it appears to be on the conservative side. I realize that I should look for posted speed limits...
  8. Mike Tuccelli

    Bike lane speed limit signs

    Florida is establishing bike trails statewide. The asphalt bike trails sometimes parallel the highway with speed limit signs of 20 posted. More often than not, my Model S will display the speed limit as 20 even when it’s actually 65. Anyone else have this issue please?
  9. X

    New chime sound in NoA or 42.3?

    while driving home tonight using Navigate On AutoPilot, the car made a “chime” noise I hadn’t heard before. Sort of a “ding” noise with a long decay, and higher pitched than the normal EAP/Autosteer tones. We couldn’t figure out what they meant, seemed to happen when cars were in our blind spot...
  10. fasteddie7

    Autopilot speeding ticket

    So here's an interesting one. My buddy was traveling on a stretch of road we both travel frequently. The road goes from 50 to 35. Autopilot slows down automatically here but only starts slowing down as soon as the sign passes the front bumper. The cop clocked him as he reached the sign going...
  11. jorobsand

    Weird Speed Limit Display

    Yesterday, I was driving my MS P100D AP2.5 back home from a weekend trip and I noticed the following weird icons for speed limit indications that I have never seen before.. This first image was when the speed limit in the area was actually 35 MPH. Not only did the display show only 34, but...
  12. X

    Rt 3 to Cape Cod - HW2 Autopilot speed limit?

    With the latest update 8.1 (17.11.3) that removes the 55mph on highways, anybody knows if Rt 3 is one of the roads that the limit is removed? Thanks
  13. fasteddie7

    Noticed something odd with autopilot

    Over the past two days I've noticed that twice now my vehicle automatically adjusted speed with the speed limit. I know that it always reduces speed when the speed limit changes but twice now while driving into a higher speed limit Zone the vehicle sped up. It's only happened twice and I can't...
  14. B

    Car forgot speed limit on local freeway

    Until a few days ago, my MS seemed to know that the speed limit on a local freeway was 65 without having to read a speed limit sign. While still on an on-ramp, the TACC default would become 76 -- I have the Speed Assist set to relative +11 (10 over + 1 for speedometer error adjustment). I don't...
  15. R

    So how many speeding tickets have you gotten so far?

    So, having had my Model S 90D since September 2015 I thought I had it all figured out. Keep an eye peeled for the chippers, take my foot off the accelerator, decelerate rapidly, and all would be well. No harm no foul. Of course, today I was in a crappy mood and did not notice the white SUV...
  16. YoungStranger

    70 MPH enforced on M25

    this was in the Sunday Times and now the telegraph (link below). A warning for all you early adopters!:eek:I was thinking about this as I chugged at just above the speed limit on the M25 yesterday. Would strict enforcement of the motorway speed limit on the motorway network play into the hands...