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  1. M


    All I ever seem to get is 6 - 7 kW from type 2 public chargers , they are free but is that the standard range. Also what’s the + digit kWh
  2. F

    Miles per kWh at different speeds

    I am very curious if anyone has seen a dataset/figure/table that shows the number of miles a model 3 (or a similar model) can travel per kWh at different speeds. I imagine that many more miles can come from a kWh at 45 mph, 65 mph, and 75 mph but would love to get a numerical idea of how much...
  3. F

    Unicorn (OEM carbon ceramic) brakes

    So....has anyone other than a professional driver with a significant YouTube following received the privelage to have these brakes installed? It's been a few weeks since the video went up, and I'm beginning to wonder how many Plaids will get the top speed unlock, or will it only ever be a select...
  4. V

    Change Screen to see speedometer

    New to Tesla and looking at changing to this picture. How do you do this please? Thanks
  5. kindofblue

    Speed (and acceleration) Kills (Range that is)

    With all the threads and discussion about Tesla drivers not getting the electric range they expected, I thought it would be helpful to put up this thread with some actual data on trips comparing different speeds. And a startling note about acceleration and kw/mi juice. Please feel free to...
  6. M

    Make the Model Y Performance ~Quicker~

    Hello all, Owner of a 2021 Model Y Performance here. I'm wondering if anyone has found out; how can the MYP be made quicker? I understand the car is blazingly quick, and many will question why more speed and rapid acceleration are needed. But, I believe the MYP should be able to outperform...
  7. T

    Annoying noise at high speeds on Model S

    Hey! Hope everyone is doing well. Here I am with another question, rather a mystery for me this time. Skip to the QUESTION part if you are not interested in my little trip which I will mention shortly as I am very very happy with my car. I feel like sharing. :) I just had a 2750km trip by...
  8. V

    Navigate on Autopilot Speed Issue

    I have a 2020 Model Y with FSD at software version 2021.4.12. I used Navigate on Autopilot (NOA) to transition from a 55 MPH Interstate directly onto a 55 MPH Parkway via a one lane curved exit/entrance ramp marked at 25 MPH (although my experience is most people drive the connecting ramp at 35...
  9. S

    Raven doesn't add up

    I'm trying to figure out how this adds up. Model 3 is lighter than S Model S is faster than 3 Difference has to be with the motor, otherwise the lighter car would be faster. But when model S gets the 3 motor, they claim it's faster than before? If it gets a slower motor, how is it faster...
  10. BruceInFlorida

    Model 3 Mid Range on 1,300 Mile Trip - Some Questions

    Hi All I've had my Model 3 Mid Range for a little over a month now and love it. Charge at home with Level II at 16 amps. My wife and I are planning on making a trip from Tampa Florida area to the Muskegon Michigan area in about 3 weeks - about 1,300 miles over 3 days. Supposedly the car will...
  11. UnpluggedP

    Vendor (Video) Tesla Track Mode Consultant Randy Pobst Tests Unplugged Performance Upgrades on Track at Tes

    Unplugged Performance has partnered with Randy Pobst as a strategic advisor and test driver for our Tesla performance upgrades. Randy's experience in developing Track Mode for Tesla provides us with a great baseline and solid guidance for our performance products which are developed to surpass...
  12. D

    What would you pay for more unlocked acceleration?

    Let's say Tesla can actually unlock more speed for the M3P, and likely the slower models as well. What would you pay for a .5 second faster 0-60 time? I would kill for more jerk off the line as well. Elon, are you there? Take my money! As a side note, would you give up even more range for...
  13. S

    Ideal travel speed in RWD?

    Has anyone done or could help with this analysis? What is the fastest speed we should use on m3 to get somewhere far (1000+ miles) while using only superchargers to charge up in order to get somewhere in the shortest amount of time? I.e. driving 90 mph in m3, battery loses about 30% so it...
  14. D

    USB Charging Speed Slow?

    What kind of charging speeds is everyone seeing in their Model 3? My Moto X4 (USB-C) only charges at 0.5A (confirmed with Ampere app and USB power meter). It's the same with both the front and rear USB ports. I've seen reports that it should charge at up to 2A. What are you getting?
  15. S

    Optimize travel time = ...going as fast as possible?

    Hello to all, there was a lot of discussion about the best charging / speed strategy in order to minimize the journey time. However, one of the graph posted on this post : Driving & Charging Time is pushing me to believe that indeed, the quicker you go, the faster your journey! Hear me out. I...
  16. omgwtfbyobbq

    [Speculation] The Model 3 may have > 220/310 miles of range

    Tesla may be using the 220/310 mile range figure (and .23 Cd) as a lower bound for cars equipped with the 19" Sport wheels/tires. If that's the case, I wouldn't be surprised if the range with the 18" Aero wheels/tires (I'm assuming the tires also have a smidge lower Crr) is over 215/320 miles...
  17. raphy3

    How to get P85 to full power

    Hi everyone. I have a CPO 2013 P85 that I took delivery of this past Tuesday. Just putting the pedal to the floor and testing the acceleration, it definitely does not feel much faster than a regular 85. 0-60 appears to be well over 5 seconds, just by counting while watching the speed. I haven't...
  18. O

    [Rumor]Tesla is reducing speed of Supercharging as your Tesla gets older

    As your Tesla gets older the maximum kW you experience while charging at the SuC will drop and charging take longer. Unofficially several Tesla employees have explained this as a limitation that has been implemented to protect the battery, but the details of the "algorithm" seem to be unknown...
  19. G

    Model S Real World Data

    Hello, my first post here! I am not a Tesla owner but looking to purchase one soon. Currently I am doing some independent research that requires some real world data for Tesla Model S (preferably from 90D or 100D) that shows range, driving speeds, battery discharge rates at various speeds...
  20. L

    Model X - Supercharger Charging Speed

    I'm currently looking for information on Supercharger charging speeds for each battery pack level of the Model X (i.e. 70(discontinued), 75, 90, 100). I hear people say that the charging speed is faster on the larger battery packs which makes sense. The larger battery packs allow the motors to...
  21. cstromme

    Acceleration and performance of the X75D compared to a 2014 S85?

    Picking up a X75D on Saturday to replace our 2014 S85 (pre-AP, RWD), and I just now started wondering if the X75D will feel slower than our old car. 0-60 and 0-100 are listed as slower than our old car, but I also there was some issues with these numbers back in 2014 so I'm not quite sure if the...
  22. F

    Model X 75D / 90D 0-60 mph acceleration video

    I've scoured YouTube but couldn't find a single video of the Model X 75D or X 90D accelerating from 0-60 mph / 0-100 kmh, only clips of ludicrous X P90Ds. I'm putting together an Excel chart with acceleration curves for the various models based on acceleration videos. Can someone with a X75D or...
  23. M

    V8 vs V7.1 Falcon Wing Door Speed Comparison Video

    Just got my Model X V8 this morning and made a quick side by side comparison video of the Falcon Wing Doors speed. I think the biggest difference I see off the start is closing and locking. A huge difference. Check out the video here:
  24. SSD420

    Autopilot question?

    Will the Model X speed while using autopilot? What speed limit will it drive at? Someone recently told me that it would go the speed of traffic around it. Is that true? Would love to learn more about autopilot before I take delivery on my 90D MX (fingers crossed) in mid July (hopefully sooner!)
  25. R

    So how many speeding tickets have you gotten so far?

    So, having had my Model S 90D since September 2015 I thought I had it all figured out. Keep an eye peeled for the chippers, take my foot off the accelerator, decelerate rapidly, and all would be well. No harm no foul. Of course, today I was in a crappy mood and did not notice the white SUV...
  26. E

    85D 0-60 faster than expected

    I've been thinking nonstop about how I should've gotten the P90D instead of 85D to feel the acceleration and power, but it seems like they're more similar than I once though. 85D 0-60 has been seen to be sometimes as low as 3.85, average around 4.0. This is without rollout P90D is 3.1 with...
  27. Mike Tuccelli

    First drive!

    Picked up my blue 90D in Orlando and drove it home tonight! Range indicated at full charge at 90% had 252 indicated. After I got out of Orlandos congestion I activated TACC and was truly impressed with it smoothly staying in lane weaving in and out of construction sites and keeping seven car...
  28. Brass Guy

    Optimum Supercharger driving speed

    In an attempt to find the optimum driving speeds between superchargers for the minimum total charge + drive time, I did some number crunching. Using the Supercharger Table found here Tesla Model S - Supercharger Table for charge times and EVTripPlanner for rated miles used and drive times at...
  29. Rluner

    Speed vs Recharge time on Superchargers.

    I've recently read on either this forum or another Tesla section of another EV forum that I won't Speak about, that someone posted some calculations of Speed vs Recharge times on Superchargers. Try as as I may I can't find it now. I wonder if anyone here can advise please? To summarise if I...
  30. M

    4WD can simulate 2-speed transmission, maybe?

    At the risk of sounding like just another loon with an idea on the internet, I was thinking that if you implemented a 4WD system with different final gear ratios in the front and back, it could effectively operate like a 2-speed transmission. At low speeds, all four wheels will drive the...