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  1. L

    Did Tesla's Speed Cause You to Get Speeding Tickets?!

    An ICE vehicle will complain louder as you go faster. Most sports cars and motorcycles will require you to operate a clutch and stick shift. All of these factors cause stress when you speed. I learned how to ride a motorcycle because I wanted SPEED but instead I got stressed out by a loudly...
  2. NoirMS

    Caught Speeding...

    Since these things are so damn fun to drive and cut through the air...I was wondering who out there finds themselves over the limit more often than not when driving their Tesla? Got popped 6 months in for me... 68 in a 45...
  3. Lloyd

    SB185 Traffic ticket fines based on income

    A new bill that passed the California senate today allows fines for traffic infractions to be based on income. Bill Text - SB-185 Crimes: infractions. If signed into law, California will be the first state in the US to do this.
  4. J

    Does speeding save time? Speedr - Android app that measures time saved speeding.

    Hey TMC, I just created an account to share an Android app I made that Tesla enthusiasts may be interested in. It's called Speedr, it measures how much time, or how little time, you save by speeding. Not trying to sell anything, it's free and has no ads. Check it out and let me know your...
  5. R

    So how many speeding tickets have you gotten so far?

    So, having had my Model S 90D since September 2015 I thought I had it all figured out. Keep an eye peeled for the chippers, take my foot off the accelerator, decelerate rapidly, and all would be well. No harm no foul. Of course, today I was in a crappy mood and did not notice the white SUV...
  6. A

    Does Your Tesla Make You A More Aggressive Driver?

    Recently there was a podcast and article from Freakonomics which mentioned the Peltzman Effect, which suggests that when people have equipment that makes their activity safer, they tend to compensate by using it in a less safe manner. Examples were given, that football players tend to hit and...
  7. chriSharek

    Cops don't like losing to a Model S!

    So the local TESLA STORE let me take a P85D home for my birthday since I ordered mine earlier that day. We went to the grocery store this morning and on the way home, I pull up to a light and a Deputy Sheriff pulls up next to me (pole positions and his lane ends in 1/4 mile). NOT in insane...