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  1. X

    2021 M3P Carbon Fiber Spoiler (OEM)

    Recently had the spoiler on my MP3 replaced under warranty (edges lifting), but they left me with the original, when they were both off I could see no difference on the dry fit other than the new spoiler appeared to have a different adhesive placement than the original one. I've gotten ~90% of...
  2. J

    Snow in spoiler air intake

    Hi all Here in Sweden we’re having lots of snow and I had to drive on an unploughed road some weeks ago. Not that the grill shutter needs to be open that much in -15°C (5°F) but I suspect that either the shutter itself has frozen, or I got lots of snow build up in the air duct. I’m only finding...
  3. Leeon

    $3K OBO used CMST tuning body kit OBO

    Selling used CMST tuning kit for $3000 OBO. All carbon fiber Original price was $6k - invoice included 11 piece kit - 3 piece front lip - 2x side skirts - 1 spoiler -1 diffuser with light- minor damage -2x fender accents -2x mirror caps feel free to text me or call me directly at...
  4. S

    WTB: Tesla Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Hello! I am looking for a Model 3 Performance OEM spoiler. New condition would be preferred. I am in the Los Angeles area. Thanks!
  5. K

    FS: OEM CF Model Y Performance Spoiler

    Hey everyone! Like new OEM Model Y CF Performance Spoiler Removed after a few days. Located in Stockton CA. $450 + shipping fees. Brand new from Tesla is $800. Thanks for looking!
  6. K

    FS: Model Y CF Performance Spoiler

    Hey everyone! I have an near brand new spoiler for sale. Reason why I say brand new is it was just placed on by Tesla during a service appointment but I am going a different route and this will now be for sale. Asking 550 or best offer. Brand new from Tesla is $800. Thanks for looking
  7. F

    Tesla Model 3 spoler efficiency question

    I was looking to add a spoiler to my 3, and I was looking on Ali express(ikr lol), and it claimed that it actually increases efficiency of the car by about 1 to 10 percent. Is this true? because I always thought adding a spoiler would make your car less efficient, and if it does make it less...
  8. W

    2015 Tesla S P85D fully load Warranty until 2023

    Fully loaded 2015 P85D, 77500Miles. Please refer to the windows sticker for package info. Lifetime supercharge of course. Extended warranty (transferrable) until March, 2023 or 100,050 Miles. Super clean, non-smoker owned. great condition, more than 2 years warranty left. Serious buyer only...
  9. Perscitus

    FS: Tri-State New England - Maxton Design Front Splitter v1

    Selling a brand new, never installed front splitter / lip from Maxton Design. Color: textured black / OE black plastic, splash quard matching. Instructions, etc. included. Asking price: $210.00 Local sale ONLY, no shipping. Fits 2017-2021 Model 3s. Details and photos here: FRONT SPLITTER...
  10. M

    Los Angeles, CA: Tesla Model 3 Real Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Selling a never installed Carbon Fiber for Model 3. It’s a more aggressive style than the Performance blade spoiler for those looking for something different. Comes with new tape ready for installation. The spoiler does have slight imperfections (can be optionally polished) that is not...
  11. B

    FS: Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Perfect condition with old tape approximately 70% removed (what a PITA!). Includes two rolls of 3M tape. $240 including shipping in ConUS or $200 local pickup in Fairfield County, CT.
  12. C

    Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

    I have a gloss carbon fiber rear spoiler for sale that fits all Model 3 vehicles. $350 shipped in the US (lower 48 states) or $300 if picked up locally in either Kings Mountain, NC 28086 or Charlotte, NC 28206. I purchased two of these thinking that I would paint one to match the color of my...
  13. T

    Diffuser and Spoiler really adds character to the rear end.

    One thing I don't like very much about the Model 3 was how the back reminded me of an old 2000 dodge neon (a car i used to own as well) or some other boring sedan. Adding a spoiler, diffuser, and some mud flaps seems to put it more in line with a Subaru WRX (a car i consider nicer looking for a...
  14. L

    T-Sportline Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Model S

    Selling my T-Sportline carbon fiber spoiler that fits all Model S variants. High quality material and weave that really catches the light. Overall in great condition, but there are a few small knicks on the corners / sides. These are not really noticeable unless you’re looking for them. Install...
  15. Perscitus

    Maxton Design Canada (now also US)

    I see a few mentions of this company, its regional subsids plus Tesla specific products on here (Model S subforum, etc) and on the other Model 3 fora... but given they just recently established US operations (and offer free shipping!), figured it was worth while reminding fellow Model 3 owners...
  16. gyzmodo

    Brand New Performance Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler - SF Bay Area

    $300 Brand spanking new Tesla Model 3 Performance OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler for sale. Local pickup only please - San Jose, CA area.
  17. DK21

    For Sale: IKON Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Model 3

    Purchased off Amazon just a few weeks ago brand new. When I received it I wrapped it in 3M satin black vinyl, to match my chrome delete, and placed it on the car. The fit is perfect, is extremely easy to install, and it does looks nice, but for my personal taste I simply like it better without...
  18. phantasms

    WTB : Model 3 Performance OEM Spoiler - NY

    As the title says I'm looking to purchase a brand new OEM spoiler. I had a Model 3 Performance press car for a few days which was identical to my car. After some time with it, I think it looks good. Hopefully it stays on. My zip is 10518. I'm happy to drive a bit for local pickup but I'm...
  19. nikhil726

    RevoZport Complete Aerokit

    Looking to sell my full aerokit in PU Plastic along with the add-on trunk spoiler. Nothing wrong with the kit, still brand new and sealed just decided to go another route. Here are links to the parts...
  20. gyzmodo

    Brand New Performance Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler - SF Bay Area

    $450 Brand spanking new Tesla Model 3 Performance OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler for sale. Selling for a friend who decided to go with a different aftermarket spoiler. Local pickup only please - San Jose, CA.
  21. SumaPerformance

    Vendor Carbon Fiber Spoiler, what else?

    We are launching a new product line in Carbon Fiber. What parts would you like us to make in carbon fiber!?
  22. D

    Model 3 Performance - Waar blijft mijn spoiler?

    Hoi, Ik heb sinds begin april een Tesla Model 3 Performance. Ik behoor dus tot de "eerste lichting". Bij aflevering ontbrak de spoiler, maar die zou nageleverd worden. Ik heb sindsdien op regelmatige basis (1 keer per maand) even gepolst waar die spoiler blijft. Maar tot heden krijg ik daar...
  23. TheTeslaStudio

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Accessories Now Available at Our Studios.

    Personalize Your New Model 3! We are currently selling and installing the following accessories for your new Model 3. All Weather Fitted Floor Mats/Liner Carbon Fiber Spoilers Eibach Lowering Springs MountainPass Performance Coilovers MountainPass Performance Toe & Camber Arms Big Brake...
  24. briancul67

    New Model S Spoiler

    Brand new, never installed Tesla Model S spoiler. No damage or signs of wear. Price is $700 local pickup in Seattle. I can ship it if you provide a mailing label.
  25. S

    Model 3 20" Performance Rims(without tyres) and Performance carbon fibre spoiler (matte) for sale.

    New. Changed the performance wheels and spoiler for aftermarket ones. Rims- 1800$ Spoiler- 500$ Available for delivery or pickup. Can give a better deal if purchased together. Thanks, Ivan
  26. R

    What's a brand-new Model S carbon-fiber spoiler (circa 2012) worth?

    I purchased at the same time as I ordered my car, back in 2012, but it wasn't shipping at the time and showed up a few months later. And I put it in the garage and never got around to doing anything with it. It's absolutely brand-new, obviously... never even took it out of the bubble-wrap it...
  27. 4agemr2

    Recent photos of my Model 3 with Maier Racing kit and BBS wheels

    Just wanted to share a few photos I took last weekend after finally getting my wheels mounted 1 year and 4 months since I took delivery. It's kind of a unique look and not everyone might like it, but I'd like to share this and maybe someone can be inspired or get an idea of how they go about...
  28. D

    Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    It's never been installed. I decided I didn't want to bother removing the ceramic coating on the trunk so I'm selling it. $400. Prefer local buyer.
  29. K


    I am selling it because I don't like the way it looks. Received from Tesla in mid May, completely new and unsed. PM if interested.
  30. GolanB

    Model 3 Spoiler ruined by Bird Poop

    Has anyone had experience with this? Overnight, or early this morning I discovered that a bird had left its business on the spoiler. I went in the house to grab something to wipe it off and found that it had etched into the carbon fiber finish. If you run your nail over it, you can feel the...
  31. D

    Model 3 OEM Performance Spoiler

    Received my spoiler and badge but decided I didn't want it. Brand new never been installed OEM Model 3 spoiler. $600 in the Bay Area, I'll even throw in the Dual motor badge if you want it.
  32. K

    P3D+ Spoiler - Deliveries outside of CA

    I know there’s a P3D+ spoiler thread out there, but I wanted to get an idea of people who have received Spoilers already that are not in California. I’m in Texas, I purchase my P3D+ in November last year. I still have not heard anything about it. Just wanted to see if deliveries are moving...
  33. briancul67

    New never installed 2019+ OEM Tesla Model S Spoiler (BRAND NEW STYLE, lower profile)

    I am selling a new OEM spoiler (not a cheap knock off). This is a brand new factory style that came out in late 2018. I had another spoiler from January 2018 (and lots more 2012-2017 spoilers) and this one is lighter and lower profile. Also, the adhesive strip has been updated to allow for...
  34. K

    Selling OEM performance spoiler - $499 non-negotiable

    I have a spoiler that I removed from my car because I didn't like the look. The spoiler itself is in perfect condition so you just need to re-apply the 3M adhesive on them.
  35. C

    Carbon fiber front spoiler and diffuser

    Model S 2012-2015. I have a German Rush carbon fiber rear diffuser I had on a 2013 P85, I only had it on the car for a week it’s in perfect condition fits in all factory mounting holes. I paid $1250. You can look at all of the specs on www.germanrush.com I also have Vicrez VZ1 style carbon fiber...
  36. thesnooch

    Model S Carbon Fiber Spoiler OEM (Socal OC)

    Fair condition.. can throw in some extra 3m vhb that I have left over if needed. I wasn't too careful with removing the spoiler so it shows and I've tried to capture those areas as well (see pics) $350 OC CA. Also open to any trades please pm whatever interesting items you may have.
  37. B

    Carbon Fiber Trunk Lip Spoiler Performance Type For Tesla Model S

    Just a few hours left.. Carbon Fiber Trunk Lip Spoiler Performance Type For Tesla Model S Sedan 2012-18 | eBay
  38. tangerine

    WTB: Model 3 Factory Performance Package Spoiler

    Does anyone have a Performance Model 3 with the performance package rear spoiler they'd like to sell me
  39. JTesmod3

    $400 for your model 3 performance spoiler...message me

    Please message me if you are interested. I live in los angeles ca. Im looking to buy one, i am not selling one
  40. L

    Carbon fiber spoiler for Model S -- off new P100D

    Hi, Selling my carbon fiber spoiler I removed off my new Model S P100D. This was on the car for about 145 miles / 3 days. Will remove the 3M tape that is currently on there and clean with isopropyl alcohol so it's ready for you. You will need to apply new 3M tape to it, but I might have a roll...
  41. digitalboi

    Brand New OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    I've got a brand new OEM spoiler for sale. Never installed, still has the factory tape ready for you to add some sport to your MS! $750 shipped
  42. W

    Painted Spoiler

    Carbon fiber isn't for everyone. While I appreciate the utility of carbon fiber body panels for super cars, my personal take is that carbon fiber trim and accessories on a car like the Model S look tacky. So, I turned down the factory spoiler. But I still wanted a spoiler - I just wanted...
  43. professortech

    Ceramic Coating before or after OEM Spoiler install?

    As title suggests, I have an OEM carbon fiber spoiler I'm planning to have the service center install on my Model S. I'm also very interested in doing a ceramic coating on my Model S (not the spoiler). I'm not sure which order would be best? I'm assuming ceramic install first could make the...
  44. E

    Did the non-P 90D spoiler behavior change in .42?

    Since the .42 update, it seems that the active spoiler on the 90D behaves differently. It doesn't come out all the way like it used to when the fob is in range, but it does eventually extend fully when actually driving, and then retracts when stopping. Anyone else notice this, or am I imagining...
  45. F

    New OEM Tesla Matte Spoiler

    Brand new OEM from Tesla as the title says. No imperfections, scratches, nics, etc.. what so ever. Shipping anywhere in the lower 48 is $25 Will ship elsewhere a buyers expense. Asking $750 but open to offers.
  46. Tsportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Model X Wing Available Now!

    Our Model X Wing in autoclaved carbon fiber gives adds a sporty look to the backend of your Model X. Attached with pre-installed double sided tape. Click Here for More Info! Click Here for More Info!
  47. C

    I am selling my 2015 Tesla Model S P90D. Has all upgrades. 20k miles.

    Hey Guys, I am selling my 2015 Tesla Model S P90D. It’s been garaged since I got it, even at the office. The car is in Orlando Florida and its been well taken care of. I hand wash this baby just about every weekend. Includes all upgrades except for Ludicrous mode. Asking for $92,000.00. I am...
  48. dakine1

    FS: Tesla OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    This is an ORIGINAL Tesla carbon fiber spoiler from a 2013 Model S. Has some small areas of clear coat that is peeling. You can get this re-cleared to look like new, there is no chips or scratches that I can see. Also, will need to remove the old 3M tape and reapply new tape. era easy to do and...
  49. Pony

    Need your help.

    Where can i buy the spoiler for my model s ?
  50. JHWJR

    Model X Active Spoiler... Or Not...

    I see in older posts, and other websites, that whether your spoiler raises and lowers depends upon which car you got. The general trend was that only the P versions of the car got a spoiler that moves up and down. But Tesla's current page talks about the X generally, and states: "In addition...

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