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  1. Tesery

    Vendor Tesery Dry Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Tesla Model Y / 3

    Enhance Your Tesla Model Y Exterior with a High-Quality Carbon Fiber Spoiler from Tesery.com Are you a proud owner of a Tesla Model Y looking to take its style and performance to the next level? Look no further! Tesery.com is excited to introduce our premium Tesla Model Y spoiler, designed to...
  2. A

    SC not honouring 12 year Body Rust Limited Warranty for spoiler

    2017 MX underside fixed spoiler panel paint is bubbling. It is an uncommon but known issue on the forum I see. After initially quoting £0 repair estimate and agreeing “I’m sure the spoiler is covered under the paint warranty” SC is now refusing to honour the 12 year Body Rust Limited Warranty...
  3. tom @ eas

    Vendor eas | Vorsteiner VRS Aero Carbon Fiber Program released for Tesla Model Y

    Vorsteiner is a globally recognized luxury manufacturer for carbon fiber body kits, wheels, exhaust & accessories for High end Performance vehicles such as: BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Mclaren, Ranger Rover, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Tesla and more...
  4. S

    Model 3 Black Headliner, White Interior, Ingenext Ghost & More for sale

    I have the following for sale: Ingenext Ghost for Model 3 to make your 0-60 3.1 Sec $1400 Model 3 White seats,dash,door,cards swap $1000 Model 3 black alcantara headliner $1000 Uberturbine wheels $1900 Model 3 carbon fiber spoiler & matte black spoiler $150 I am located in NH and can ship...
  5. A

    FS: Model 3 Performance OEM spoiler SoCal

    Selling a Model 3 Performance OEM spoiler taken off the car around 100 miles. Located in SoCal (Pasadena). Needs new 3M tape. Asking $250.
  6. G

    Model s plaid carbon spoiler

    Have a rear carbon spoiler for sale. I believe it only first on the model s plaid. Spoiler does have a chip on the corner but barely noticeable. Selling for $1000 willing to ship at buyers expense.
  7. Tesery

    Tesla Model Y Spoiler - Best Carbon Fiber Spoilers

    The standard Tesla Model Y trunk lid can feel a little monotonous without a lip spoiler. While it’s certainly a sharp-looking rear end, it may not have the visual appeal that you’re looking for as a Tesla owner. With a spoiler for the Model Y, you can give Tesla a more performance-oriented look...
  8. Sanderpman12

    Model S high kick spoiler?

    Hi all, I have the regular carbon fiber spoiler on my 2013 model s. Looking for anywhere that sells a high kick spoiler for a 2013 model s? Thanks!
  9. DC813


    Selling my 2022 Model Y carbon wing. Only on car for 300 miles. Removed tape and added new 3M tape. Ready to install.$350 FREE shipping to lower 48 states.
  10. J

    WTS 2021 - 2022 Model S Refresh OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Hi I’m selling this OEM Model S Plaid Carbon Fiber Spoiler in excellent condition located in San Jose,Ca 850 obo
  11. JM88

    FS: Brand NEW Model Y Performance OEM Rear CF Spoiler

    Long story short: Tesla delivered my MYP without a spoiler, and I ended up getting a 3rd-Party spoiler instead. Well they finally contacted me that they have a spoiler for me and delivered a brand new one. Selling a Brand NEW MYP Oem Rear Matte CF Spoiler. Has OEM double sided tape still...
  12. B

    FS Model Y Performance OEM Rear Spoiler

    MYP OEM Spoiler for sale. Took out from 2022 MYP @ ~ 100miles No Scratch in Like New condition All you need is double side automotive 3M tape Asking $300 in person pickup in TX DFW area.
  13. S

    M3P factory carbon fiber spoiler (Bay Area)

    Model 3 performance factory carbon fiber spoiler take off. Was on the car for 1 month garaged inside. Local pick up or delivery in the area from Daly City, Ca. Looking for $275
  14. ishareit

    Need recommendation for a rear CF matt finish spoiler for MY

    Hello all - Thinking about installing a rear spoiler (for aesthetics and low garage clearance) and wondering which you guys recommend based on fit and finish. I would like it to be real carbon fiber in matt finish, matching the OEM one that comes with MYP. My search is pointing to RPM, Topfit...
  15. Vustadumas

    Anyone with late '21 early '22 get your spoiler yet?

    Heya! So I'm pushing 6 months now since delivery, and every few weeks, I'm told the same thing about my spoiler. Parts aren't in stock yet. I'm seeing a lot of newly minted MYP's on the road, and they have the spoiler again, so the production is rolling. I'm a bit put off that they keep...
  16. nishinari

    Black Spoiler for Model 3 Long Range.

    Can you recommend me a black spoiler for a Tesla Model 3 Long Range to be delivered in Japan? I would search on Amazon.jp, but I'm pretty sure there are better alternatives. It's ok if the site is in Japanese.
  17. tom @ eas

    Vendor eas | ADRO Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Program released

    Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization (ADRO), is bringing you our premium carbon fiber aftermarket parts for the Tesla Model Y. Adro Model Y carbon fiber are designed in California. EAS is an authorized retailed/installer for ADRO components. Tesla carbon program utilizes Adro's...
  18. tom @ eas

    Vendor eas | ADRO Tesla Model Y Carbon Fiber Program released

    Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization (ADRO), is bringing you our premium carbon fiber aftermarket parts for the Tesla Model Y. Adro Model Y carbon fiber are designed in California. EAS is an authorized retailed/installer for ADRO components. Tesla carbon program utilizes Adro's...
  19. P

    Carbon Fiber Aero Spoiler for Model 3

    Lightly used Carbon Fiber Aero Spoiler for sale. Fits the Model 3 and only requires double sided tape for installation. Asking $200 picked up in SoCal. LA/OC area.
  20. C

    2021 Model 3 Performance Carbon Fiber (Dry/Matte) Trunk Spoiler OEM

    $400. Used for less than 2000 miles. Original Tesla part. Shipping from Houston included. Matte/dry carbon. Same one as sold on Tesla Shop for $800.

    New to TMC w/mods and pics

    Introducing myself here! My grownup toy and list of mods… 2017 Model S Black 90D 21” Arachnid wheel package, Advanced wheel locks, OEM spoiler, Rplate, interior led lighting, projection puddle lights, satin black chrome delete, red T emblem overlays, smoke PPF fog and headlights film, smoke...
  22. R

    New Model S - Unplugged Performance Carbon Fiber Long Tail Trunk Spoiler

    https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/model-s-long-tail-trunk-spoiler/ Has anyone seen this installed on a Model S, any pictures available? Also, has anyone received confirmation that this will actually have proper fitment with the new design? If so I think this would look really good.
  23. Sanderpman12

    What do yall think about this mod?

    Should i do this? What yall think?
  24. X

    2021 M3P Carbon Fiber Spoiler (OEM)

    Recently had the spoiler on my MP3 replaced under warranty (edges lifting), but they left me with the original, when they were both off I could see no difference on the dry fit other than the new spoiler appeared to have a different adhesive placement than the original one. I've gotten ~90% of...
  25. J

    Snow in spoiler air intake

    Hi all Here in Sweden we’re having lots of snow and I had to drive on an unploughed road some weeks ago. Not that the grill shutter needs to be open that much in -15°C (5°F) but I suspect that either the shutter itself has frozen, or I got lots of snow build up in the air duct. I’m only finding...
  26. Leeon

    $3K OBO used CMST tuning body kit OBO

    Selling used CMST tuning kit for $3000 OBO. All carbon fiber Original price was $6k - invoice included 11 piece kit - 3 piece front lip - 2x side skirts - 1 spoiler -1 diffuser with light- minor damage -2x fender accents -2x mirror caps feel free to text me or call me directly at...
  27. S

    WTB: Tesla Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Hello! I am looking for a Model 3 Performance OEM spoiler. New condition would be preferred. I am in the Los Angeles area. Thanks!
  28. K

    FS: OEM CF Model Y Performance Spoiler

    Hey everyone! Like new OEM Model Y CF Performance Spoiler Removed after a few days. Located in Stockton CA. $450 + shipping fees. Brand new from Tesla is $800. Thanks for looking!
  29. K

    FS: Model Y CF Performance Spoiler

    Hey everyone! I have an near brand new spoiler for sale. Reason why I say brand new is it was just placed on by Tesla during a service appointment but I am going a different route and this will now be for sale. Asking 550 or best offer. Brand new from Tesla is $800. Thanks for looking
  30. F

    Tesla Model 3 spoler efficiency question

    I was looking to add a spoiler to my 3, and I was looking on Ali express(ikr lol), and it claimed that it actually increases efficiency of the car by about 1 to 10 percent. Is this true? because I always thought adding a spoiler would make your car less efficient, and if it does make it less...
  31. W

    2015 Tesla S P85D fully load Warranty until 2023

    Fully loaded 2015 P85D, 77500Miles. Please refer to the windows sticker for package info. Lifetime supercharge of course. Extended warranty (transferrable) until March, 2023 or 100,050 Miles. Super clean, non-smoker owned. great condition, more than 2 years warranty left. Serious buyer only...
  32. Perscitus

    FS: Tri-State New England - Maxton Design Front Splitter v1

    Selling a brand new, never installed front splitter / lip from Maxton Design. Color: textured black / OE black plastic, splash quard matching. Instructions, etc. included. Asking price: $210.00 Local sale ONLY, no shipping. Fits 2017-2021 Model 3s. Details and photos here: FRONT SPLITTER...
  33. M

    Los Angeles, CA: Tesla Model 3 Real Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Selling a never installed Carbon Fiber for Model 3. It’s a more aggressive style than the Performance blade spoiler for those looking for something different. Comes with new tape ready for installation. The spoiler does have slight imperfections (can be optionally polished) that is not...
  34. B

    FS: Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Perfect condition with old tape approximately 70% removed (what a PITA!). Includes two rolls of 3M tape. $240 including shipping in ConUS or $200 local pickup in Fairfield County, CT.
  35. C

    Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

    I have a gloss carbon fiber rear spoiler for sale that fits all Model 3 vehicles. $350 shipped in the US (lower 48 states) or $300 if picked up locally in either Kings Mountain, NC 28086 or Charlotte, NC 28206. I purchased two of these thinking that I would paint one to match the color of my...
  36. TheNumberOneD

    Diffuser and Spoiler really adds character to the rear end.

    One thing I don't like very much about the Model 3 was how the back reminded me of an old 2000 dodge neon (a car i used to own as well) or some other boring sedan. Adding a spoiler, diffuser, and some mud flaps seems to put it more in line with a Subaru WRX (a car i consider nicer looking for a...
  37. L

    T-Sportline Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Model S

    Selling my T-Sportline carbon fiber spoiler that fits all Model S variants. High quality material and weave that really catches the light. Overall in great condition, but there are a few small knicks on the corners / sides. These are not really noticeable unless you’re looking for them. Install...
  38. Perscitus

    Maxton Design Canada (now also US)

    I see a few mentions of this company, its regional subsids plus Tesla specific products on here (Model S subforum, etc) and on the other Model 3 fora... but given they just recently established US operations (and offer free shipping!), figured it was worth while reminding fellow Model 3 owners...
  39. gyzmodo

    Brand New Performance Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler - SF Bay Area

    $300 Brand spanking new Tesla Model 3 Performance OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler for sale. Local pickup only please - San Jose, CA area.
  40. Mod Y Guy

    For Sale: IKON Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Model 3

    Purchased off Amazon just a few weeks ago brand new. When I received it I wrapped it in 3M satin black vinyl, to match my chrome delete, and placed it on the car. The fit is perfect, is extremely easy to install, and it does looks nice, but for my personal taste I simply like it better without...
  41. phantasms

    WTB : Model 3 Performance OEM Spoiler - NY

    As the title says I'm looking to purchase a brand new OEM spoiler. I had a Model 3 Performance press car for a few days which was identical to my car. After some time with it, I think it looks good. Hopefully it stays on. My zip is 10518. I'm happy to drive a bit for local pickup but I'm...
  42. nikhil726

    RevoZport Complete Aerokit

    Looking to sell my full aerokit in PU Plastic along with the add-on trunk spoiler. Nothing wrong with the kit, still brand new and sealed just decided to go another route. Here are links to the parts...
  43. gyzmodo

    Brand New Performance Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler - SF Bay Area

    $450 Brand spanking new Tesla Model 3 Performance OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler for sale. Selling for a friend who decided to go with a different aftermarket spoiler. Local pickup only please - San Jose, CA.
  44. SumaPerformance

    Vendor Carbon Fiber Spoiler, what else?

    We are launching a new product line in Carbon Fiber. What parts would you like us to make in carbon fiber!?
  45. D

    Model 3 Performance - Waar blijft mijn spoiler?

    Hoi, Ik heb sinds begin april een Tesla Model 3 Performance. Ik behoor dus tot de "eerste lichting". Bij aflevering ontbrak de spoiler, maar die zou nageleverd worden. Ik heb sindsdien op regelmatige basis (1 keer per maand) even gepolst waar die spoiler blijft. Maar tot heden krijg ik daar...
  46. T

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Accessories Now Available at Our Studios.

    Personalize Your New Model 3! We are currently selling and installing the following accessories for your new Model 3. All Weather Fitted Floor Mats/Liner Carbon Fiber Spoilers Eibach Lowering Springs MountainPass Performance Coilovers MountainPass Performance Toe & Camber Arms Big Brake...
  47. briancul67

    New Model S Spoiler

    Brand new, never installed Tesla Model S spoiler. No damage or signs of wear. Price is $700 local pickup in Seattle. I can ship it if you provide a mailing label.
  48. S

    Model 3 20" Performance Rims(without tyres) and Performance carbon fibre spoiler (matte) for sale.

    New. Changed the performance wheels and spoiler for aftermarket ones. Rims- 1800$ Spoiler- 500$ Available for delivery or pickup. Can give a better deal if purchased together. Thanks, Ivan
  49. R

    What's a brand-new Model S carbon-fiber spoiler (circa 2012) worth?

    I purchased at the same time as I ordered my car, back in 2012, but it wasn't shipping at the time and showed up a few months later. And I put it in the garage and never got around to doing anything with it. It's absolutely brand-new, obviously... never even took it out of the bubble-wrap it...
  50. 4agemr2

    Recent photos of my Model 3 with Maier Racing kit and BBS wheels

    Just wanted to share a few photos I took last weekend after finally getting my wheels mounted 1 year and 4 months since I took delivery. It's kind of a unique look and not everyone might like it, but I'd like to share this and maybe someone can be inspired or get an idea of how they go about...

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