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  1. J

    Expired 20" Zero Gravity Tesla Model 3 Zero-G Wheelset Track Package [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 20" Zero Gravity Tesla Model 3 Zero-G Wheelset Track Package. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. B

    WTT my OEM M3 19in Sport wheels for your 18in Aero wheels (2018-2020) - New York

    I just picked up a 2018 Model 3 LR RWD with 19in sport wheels. The rear tires are brand new, and while I don't know the miles travelled on the front pair, they look almost as new. I'm looking to swap them for 18in Aero wheels with hub caps. Any model year will work. Thank you!
  3. B

    FS: OEM Tesla Model 3 19” Sport Wheels.

    Are you tired of rolling around on those boring 18" aero wheels? Why not treat yourself to a set of genuine 19" Tesla Model 3 Sport wheels? These wheels are in excellent shape with only one wheel having minor curb rash (see wheel #4 in photos). No cracks or bends of any kind. I prefer to sell...
  4. N

    Unplugged Model S Suspension Package ($6000) Includes Rear Sway bar

    https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/model-s-plaid-lr-suspension-package-1/ https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/2021-tesla-model-s-plaid-lr-rear-sway-bar-3-way-adjustable/ This package provides you ultimate alignment control over the camber, caster, and toe to allow you to set up the...
  5. oggunderscore

    FS: Unplugged Performance Dual Rate Linear Lowering Spring Set - Model 3 RWD

    Heya, looking to sell this extra set of springs. They have approx 5k miles put on them. I already have MPP Coilovers on my Model 3, and these came in as a bundle with the purchase from the previous owner. These Mild springs are meant for Model 3 RWD (SR, SR+, LR RWD) (2017-2023) Original...
  6. danielsan

    Sold FS: 19" Model 3 Sport Wheels - $2,100 - Norcal East Bay, Picked Up

    Selling a set of four 19" Model 3 Sport Wheels. These came off of a 2021 Standard Plus Model 3 after 6 months of driving on them & should have about less than 15,000 miles. Was removed from the vehicle and put into storage. The tires and TPMS have never been removed and are original. 4x 19X8.5J...
  7. Y

    Looking for Michelin Sport 4S 21" inch tires for my Arachnid Wheels

    Looking for these tire sizes for the Arachnid wheels 265 35 21 295 30 21 Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires, T2 Tesla, Acoustic Tech Let me know if you have any available please! Thanks! If you also have Arachnid wheels with tires for sale let me know please
  8. nishinari

    19” Sport Wheels Covers.

    Hi everyone. I thought this way easy, but I couldn't find covers for Tesla 19" Sport Wheels online. My idea was painting them black, but since the prices for a paint job in Japan are pretty crazy (over $2000) I was looking for a cheaper option. I really like the Rimetrix Orbital Black, but they...
  9. GhostEV

    Looking for 19” Sport Wheels in SoCal (San Diego)

    Looking to buy 19” Sport Wheels in SoCal. Im open to either V1 or V2 sport wheels and I am located in San Diego but open to offers anywhere in SoCal. feel free to DM or text me 6one9-7five8-578Six
  10. scubastevo80

    FS: Model 3 19" Sport wheels - powdercoated black

    Selling a set of Model 3 19" Sport wheels powdercoated black for $2200 obo. Wheels are located in NJ. I bought these off another member on here (two wheels had minor curb rash) and I had them repaired and powdercoated satin black by Crimson in Edison. I drove on them for about a week and...
  11. S

    Trak Sport 214 snow chains for a Tesla Model S and Performance Model 3

    For sale is a pair of Brand New Trak Sport 214 snow chains for a Tesla Model S and Performance Model 3. These are brand new and have never been used. -They are set-up for Tesla Model S 19" wheels (but comes with parts for other setups of course). From the Tesla shop, these are the official ones...
  12. M

    Michelin Pilot Sport EV - can I use same tires on both and back ?

    Hi I am planning to get new summer tires and considering these Michelin Pilot sport EV The thing is that they has one size for 21 rims : 255/35/21 And I had before a 245/35/21 front, and 265/35/21 back Is it ok if I place same tire size on fron and back axel ? thanks
  13. oggunderscore

    For Sale: 19" Sport Rims Gen 1 2019 Model w/ TPMS & Tires & Center Caps

    Hello there! I bought a set of 18 Aeros in glossy black, so I no longer find a need in these. Washed them weekly with a wheel brush. I, unfortunately, had a lot of mistakes in parking lots and caused rashes on most of them. One is in flawless condition, two of them have minor rashes, and the...
  14. SirLaz

    2020 M3P 20" Performance wheels (Satin black) with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    Selling my 20" Performance wheels off my 2020 M3P purchased in September 2020. Wheels are powder coated satin black. All 4 wheels are 100% clean, no curb rash or nicks. Comes with the OEM Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires, rear tires were recently replaced and have about 1k miles on them, front have...
  15. M

    21" Arachnid's w/ Michelin Super Sports, brand new, Seattle area

    I've got a brand new set of 21" Arachnid wheels for sale. Picked up from Tesla, but never installed onto the car. Very nice wheels, much lighter and stronger than the 21" turbines. $3000 and local pickup in the Seattle area • 2 x 21X8.5J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x 21X9.0J Silver Arachnid...
  16. Red Rocket IV

    2020 Model 3 Stealth Performance

    2020 Model 3 Stealth Performance White Ext Black Int 19” sport wheels with carbon center caps 9916 miles Asking $52k $10k + in added performance and protection Xpel Ultimate full body PPF GTechniq Ceramic coated Xpel Prime XR 30% tint all windows Tesla Sunroof and rear window screen Mountain...
  17. W

    Anyone use a Lotus soft top roof on this Roadster

    Whoops! Title should read : " Has anyone used a Lotus soft top roof on their Roadster" I have a 2011 Roadster Sport 2.5 and am in need of a new soft top for it. It has been my understanding that the soft top was one of the few shared parts with the Lotus Elise but the Lotus parts supplier I...
  18. H

    TRADE my 19” Sport for your 18” Aero (Model 3, San Diego)

    I just took delivery of a New Model 3 with 19” Sport wheels and tires. These have <50 miles on them. Here is the trade... I provide: - 19” Sport Wheels with Tires You provide: - 18” Wheels with Tires - Aero Covers installed - cash We split the cost: - having a tire shop swap our tires...
  19. D

    2010 Tesla Roadster Sport PEM Humming

    So a newer Roadster here and I have a question, hopefully you can help me out with. 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport. I have not drove the car alot, But went for a 10 mile drive last night and noticed when I went out to the garage later in the evening it was humming from the PEM box. This morning I...
  20. S

    20-Inch Performance Michelin Summer Sport Tires with Performance Wheels

    I decided to buy after market tires and no longer have a need for these. I will be shipping them mounted. They already have the TPMS as well so they are ready to thrown onto your car! The tires have about 5,000 miles on them so they are basically brand new still. The wheel itself is about $800...
  21. S

    For Sale: 20-Inch Performance Michelin Summer Sport with Performance Wheels

    I decided to buy after market tires and no longer have a need for these. I will be shipping them mounted. They already have the TPMS as well so they are ready to thrown onto your car! The tires have about 5,000 miles on them so they are basically brand new still. The wheel itself is about $800...
  22. A

    Looking For Sport Rear Motor & Inverter Subassemblies

    I can get good drive unit assemblies in lots of places, and in fact, they've fallen precipitously in price the past year or so. But, I'd prefer to give a good home to a MS or MX PERFORMANCE ("Sport") rear drive unit, or the subassemblies, where the diff or gearcase got trashed in a side hit...
  23. C

    WTB: Model 3 19" Sport Wheels - Vancouver Area, Canada

    Looking for a set of Model 3 19" sport wheels. They can be with or without tires. Located on the west coast. Please PM me, thank you!
  24. Tony_YYZ

    WTB: Model 3 19" Sport Wheels - Toronto Area, Canada

    Looking for a set of Model 3 19" Sport wheels. They can be with or without tires, preferably without. Located in the GTA. Please PM me, thank you!
  25. jonjong

    Model 3 20" Sport Wheel and Tire Package

    Anyone interested in Model 3 20" Sport Wheel and Tire Package? I just took delivery of my Model 3 Performace 2 weeks ago. Unlike the wheel package you can order direct from Tesla, this package IS compatible with Model 3 Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive configured with the Performance...
  26. A

    Model 3 18" Aero Wheel & Tires Complete Set + Bonus Center Caps! - $995

    I am selling my pristine condition Model 3 18 inch wheel set. This is the full package of 4 wheels and tires, complete with the TPMS and as a bonus I'm throwing in the Tesla logo center caps if you want to take the Aero covers off ($55 value). The only reason I'm selling these is that I...
  27. N

    2011 Very Orange Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 for Sale RARE!!

    Beautiful Tesla Roadster, excellent condition, original owner 5839 miles. Serviced on 07/31/2018. Odometer reads 16,839. Very rare to find this model in such a beautiful color with many options. No rust, damage or accidents - clean title. Serious parties only please. Production number 1127...
  28. Atlantian

    Airstream Towing Equipment Recommendations - Sport or Nest

    I hope to purchase an Airstream TT to pull behind our X (90D w/ 20" wheels). I plan on leaving in mid September for a 6,000 mile cross country trip from Southern CA to Ohio (via I-70), down to GA and then back to CA (via I-40). I'm looking at the Sport 16, Sport 22 or possibly the Nest. I've...
  29. scrapps

    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    Let us know what your average is, preferably since taking delivery. Also post what wheel tire setup you have. Here’s mine, although I think my later driving as been a lot more efficient (about 260) This is with 20inch 8.5 front 10 on the rear and pilot sport 4S
  30. aikisteve

    Ludicrous+ acceleration vs Sport and Chill mode

    Since there was a bit of discussion lately on another forum about the Sport mode acceleration times a few weeks back, I decided to test it. Since it's winter time in Belgium (but not that cold) and I'm running on 19" winter tires and almost-dry roads, I didn't have the ideal circumstances. But...
  31. A

    2010 Tesla Roadster Sport Convertible $72,000 OBO

    9650 miles- NEW Lithium ION Battery Pack! Expected Battery Life= 7yrs or 100,000Miles Unit 820 Twilight Blue Exterior-Silver Forged aluminum wheels (6Jx16)-Carbon Fiber Hardtop/ Premium Paint/ Tesla Paint Armor PLUS >Safety feature- side impact door beams Executive Leather Interior- Light...
  32. matt_in_ca

    2011 Roadster 2.5 Sport with DC Quick Charging (CHAdeMO)

    2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport with Fast Charging capabilities! 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, go-kart "Sport" model handling, and fast ~30 min. recharging will make this the most exciting supercar you'll ever drive! In absolutely meticulous condition. Typical Roadsters aren't compatible with Tesla's...
  33. ekotysh

    Tesla Roadster 2.0 Sport (VIN #502) for sale

    Tesla Roadster 2.0 Sport Fusion Red with Black Interior VIN #502 - First 2.0 Sport produced Rare Full Carbon-Fiber Accent Package Pristine condition. Always garaged. 39,000 highway miles Full Warranty: Tesla's Extended Service Agreement (ESA) and Battery Extended...
  34. Tico


    Asking - $28,000 OBO. I picked up a used Model S last month and I'm trying to get rid of this car payment. There is a lien (USAA) on the vehicle so that would need to be paid off first. Still under factory warranty until February 2018 and maintenance is prepaid until 2019! I have a beautiful...
  35. P

    2010 Roadster Sport - 3100 miles - Loaded with options!

    Check the ebay listing! http://www.ebay.com/itm/262368198753
  36. P

    2010 Tesla Roadster Sport - Radiant Red - Only 3100 miles!

    Selling this gently used - one owner - 2010 Roadster Sport. Only 3100 actual miles! Radiant Red Metallic, Black/Red Executive Leather Interior. All of the options! The pictures do not do this vehicle the justice it deserves. Options: Roadster Sport Package Metallic Paint - Radiant Red Solar...
  37. DeedWest

    Roadster #1232 - First 3.0 for sale...ever?

    As always, I'm checking the Roadster market ten times a day, and just came across this on eBay. I did a quick scan of the forum to see if anyone had posted about it before, but didn't find anything. Roadster 1232, fully loaded, seems to have had a 3.0 battery installed back in November 2015. As...
  38. S

    2010 Tesla Roadster EU Signature Sport 250 Edition 290BHP for sale

    Tesla Roadster EU Signature Sport 250 Edition 290BHP 2010 (10) for sale. More info to be found at websites below, http://www.libertyleasing.co.uk/portfolio/tesla-roadster-eu-signature-sport/...
  39. M

    Steering Mode

    Which steering mode do you use most often and why?
  40. K

    Te Koop: Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport

    Belangrijkste kenmerk is de nieuwe batterij sinds20 januari 2014. Dit is voor een elektrische auto belangrijker dan de kilometerstand en maakt dat deze Roadster zo goed als nieuw is. Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport Kleur: Fusion Red Zetels: Premium Black Leather Eerste inschrijving: 08-2012 Soft top...
  41. L

    2010 Roadster Sport 2.0 - Radiant Red

    Just purchased a CPO 2010 Roadster Sport 2.0 in Radiant Red ($160k MSRP) I intend to resell in 6 mo - 1 year and want to gauge interested buyers. Specs: Estimated 18000 miles Carbon Fiber accents with hardtop Premium two-tone leather interior High Power Connector Tesla Paint Armor...
  42. J

    2010 tesla roadster sport - for sale

    CALL JAMIE AT 206.465.7110 Located in Bellevue, WA Miles: 18,433 1-Owner EXTERIOR: Black Soft Top Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Forged Alloy Wheels LED tail lights Paint Armor Premium Thunder Grey Finish INTERIOR: Air Conditioning AM/FM/CD Anti-theft alarm system Bluetooth Telephone...
  43. Kipernicus

    What steering mode do you use?

    Curious, what setting do you like and why? Driving home from the factory I thought "wow, this car is squirrely, I can hardly hold a straight line on the freeway!" I quickly put it on Sport and it felt much more stable. Today, I was looking at the Controls screen and discovered that I was...
  44. Ben W

    Suggestion: 'Sport' Range Display Option

    I had a thought for future versions of the Model S firmware. Also sent this to Tesla directly. Currently, the Model S offers two choices for Range readout: "Ideal" (based on constant 55mph in perfect conditions), and "Rated" (based on the EPA driving cycle). These yield maximum ranges of 300...