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  1. W

    Available Lowering Springs & Rear Camber Arms for Model Y

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Lowering Springs & Rear Camber Arms for Model Y. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Lowering Springs & Rear Camber Arms for Model Y

    For sale Lowering Springs & Rear Camber Arms for Model Y

    Hello, I have Eibach springs and Torque Solutions rear camber arms for a 2020 - 2024 Model Y. The springs have 15k miles on them, and the rear camber arms are brand new and have never been fitted and/or installed on the vehicle. Buyer pays for shipping costs to anywhere in US or may pick up...
    $240.00 to $340.00
  3. ChooseFreedom

    Anyone have suggestions for ride comfort improvements?

    Hey crew, There are a ton of examples of suspension "upgrades" from a performance standpoint. But I'm actually looking for options to increase ride comfort. I don't race or drag my MS. It's my daily driver, so comfort is always going to outweigh performance for me. I have a '15 MS 70D, coil...
  4. kyledmb

    Expired Performance Model 3 - MPP comfort coilovers and UP Street/Track Swaybars [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Performance Model 3 - MPP comfort coilovers and UP Street/Track Swaybars. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. N

    Just bought a lowered ‘19 M3, looking for OEM springs

    My part of town has a lot of big speed bumps/steep driveways and I want to return my springs to stock. I found a shop that will do it, but they said I need to provide the parts. I’ve attached a picture of the springs to this post. I don’t know anything about car components and I want to make...
  6. W

    Available Eibach PRO-KIT Lowering Springs (Model Y)

    $265 OBO - Prefer local pickup in OC/LA area but can ship at buyer's expense Only had these on the car for <300 miles, wife did not like it so we went back to stock. Can provide original receipts if requested. Fits Model Y Long Range and Performance SKU: E10-87-002-01-22
  7. T

    Available FS: OEM Tesla Model 3 Performance Front & Rear Suspension with T-Sportline Lowering Springs ****************

    For sale, Tesla Model 3 Performance Front & Rear Suspension with T-Sportline Lowering Springs I upgraded to Tein coilovers. This suspension is off my 2019 Tesla Model 3 performance. It comes with T-Sportline lowering springs. Please see pictures. I included a picture of my car lowered on this...
  8. N

    OEM Model 3 performance shocks / struts / springs for sale

    OEM Model 3 Performance / AWD 2022 struts / shocks / springs. Good condition, only 4000 miles on them. Local pickup in Los Angeles. $600.
  9. R

    Tesla Model 3 LR AWD Unplugged Performance Dual Rate Springs

    I have a set of lightly used springs sitting around my garage for a while. I am looking to see if anyone is interested in them. These are for the. M3 LR AWD. They may have about 5k-10k Miles on them. I took them off a few years ago, and they have been packed in a box. They were very good when I...
  10. A

    Model X 2020 vs 2022 suspension

    I just picked up my 2022 Model X LR after having my 2020 MXLR lemoned. My wife immediately noticed that the suspension feels completely different in comfort mode. We loved the really soft and smooth suspension from our old X. But the new 2022 X seems to be significantly bumpier, causing wife to...
  11. 6

    FS: Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs (SR/RWD)

    Eibach Springs for SR/RWD (UPDATED VERSION) 2021+ Used for 3k miles/ No problems what so ever. Rides smooth if not better than stock. DROP: 1.0 Front / 1.2 REAR $250 Located in: ROWLAND HEIGHTS/ CITY INDUSTRY/ BUENA PARK/ANAHEIM
  12. F

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance OEM Suspension Front & Rear - Used 20,000 Miles

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance OEM Suspension Front & Rear - Used 20,000 Miles No issues whatsoever, just swapped out for the Öhlins DFV Coilovers in an attempt to get a better ride....it's better but figuring out if it was worth the $$$! Oh well, too late, thus these are for sale. $500 OBO...
  13. Danthebeast

    Eibach lowering springs for model 3 AWD/Performance slightly used for 200 miles

    Eibach lowering springs for model 3 AWD/Performance slightly used for 200 miles located in Southern California, San Diego still have them in box asking $320 will post pictures later
  14. M

    Coilovers. Anything else needed?

    I ordered a comfort coilover kit from Mountain Pass Performance. I plan on lowering my ‘21 Tesla Model Y (Standard Range RWD) to performance level height. Would a camber arm kit be necessary, as well as any other parts (such as cyber rear traction and toe arms)? Or could I just get coils...
  15. KyleM3

    FS: ‘20 OEM Model 3 Performance Springs (Less Than 1K Usage)

    For sale is a full set (4) of OEM springs from a 2020 Model 3 Performance. These will be roughly an inch lower than an SR/LR. They have less than 1K on them, swapped shortly after picking up the car for H&R. Asking $250 OBO. Feel free to PM an offer. Located in Philadelphia. I am willing to...
  16. ThiccDaddy

    H&R Lowering Springs for sale - RWD only (LA/OC)

    Getting air suspension installed tomorrow so these H&R springs will be available for sale starting Monday. These are made for the SR+ RWD. Part number #28659-2 Purchased beginning of this year. put about 10k miles on them. They're nicely settled and adds a nice sporty feel. Great overall look...
  17. R

    FS: Model 3 Performance MPP Comfort Coilovers (Non-Adjustable)

    Selling my Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilovers (Non-Adjustable) that I had on my Model 3 Performance for ~4 months. Looks and rides better than stock. Only selling because I'm selling my car. Looking for local sale in the bay area. $1500 obo. Thanks!
  18. A

    Eibach Springs

    So, I’m slightly confused on the topic of lowering springs.. My Tesla is a 2018 LR AWD with stock 18” Aero Rims I’m leaning towards Eibach Springs (with sway bars) over H&R Springs. Some spring manufacturers have the same springs for LR AWD & Performance AWD. Eibach has two products: Drop on...
  19. Baytomax

    WTB M3 SR+ RWD Lowering Springs

    As the title says, willing to buy lowering springs for M3 SR+ RWD. Please drop a message or send a DM on what brand springs you got. Thanks!
  20. C

    Unplugged Moderate Performance Model Y Makes Noises

    Anyone experiencing pinging noises from dual rate moderate springs at low speeds? Usually pulling out of parking lots and driveways etc? I like the look and drop but the pinging noises are getting annoying and embarrassing.
  21. M

    Model 3 RWD YCW coilovers for sale

    Trading in my 2018 RWD for 2021 AWD so I removed the coilovers installed before trade in. It can’t be used for new AWD unfortunately. Had these on my car for about 4k miles or less. It is rebound adjustable for front and rear. Bought it for $1650 with shipping and assembly from YCW. Contains...
  22. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance - Black Friday Sale 2020!

    MPP Black Friday Starts Early Because 2020 Dear MPP friends, it’s the time of year you’ve all been waiting for! Oh sorry – not the end of the election, or the end of the pandemic – we’re talking about Black Friday! We generally have our largest sale of the year on Black Friday not just...
  23. M

    Model 3 on YCW Aeries One way adjustment Coilovers

    Model 3 has few options on coilovers and suspension technology now compared to last year with affordable price range. We have UP, MPP and Redwood with KWs and Ohlins and they maybe great but not for the wallets haha. So I decided to search for some decent suspension without breaking the bank...
  24. dfwatt

    Suspension poll for all Model 3 owners (RWD, AWD, DMP)

    Looking to get a broad-based sampling of people's general take on their Model 3 suspension. Please note that in addition to indicating your preference for suspension modification, please also indicate your assessment of the car's stock suspension and whether or not you have purchased aftermarket...
  25. KyleM3

    Model 3 Performance Lowered

    Anyone lowered their Model 3 P and have photos? I ask for the P specifically because I want to see the factory wheels. Debating if I want to do before years end or wait until Spring next year. Also, how’s clearance in most cases? I’m looking at H&R.
  26. Slam_EVS

    FS: Unplugged Lowering Brackets Model X

    For sale is brand new unplugged lowering brackets for model x. Never installed. I have them on my model s, but never ended up getting model x. Will be buying model y instead Located in Vancouver. BC. Can meet up or preferred shipping in Canada Asking Price: $750 OBO Thank you!
  27. MountainPass

    Vendor Hurry Up And Wait Coilover Sale!

    Hello dear MPP friends! We hope everyone is doing well in these strange and unprecedented times. As we mentioned in our last blog post, our damper supplier KW is currently in the process of making a massive upgrade to their facility in Germany, which will allow them to increase output speed...
  28. I

    Model 3 Performance Springs OEM

    Selling a set of OEM Performance springs for a Model 3. Lowered the car on some other springs, so these are for sale. These springs will lower the LR AWD. $200 for the set. Springs are located in Orange County, CA. Willing to ship at buyers expense, but these are heavy, so it may cost a bit.
  29. C

    Tesla Model 3 Performance OEM Springs For Sale

    Selling 2 complete sets of OEM Performance springs for a model 3. Selling due to installing lowering springs on 2 model 3's so these OEM springs are no longer needed. Will lower the long range AWD by an inch while also improving the handling. $200 for a complete set. Springs are located in...
  30. T


    Selling OEM Long Range Dual Motor springs. I installed Eibach and don't need them. Send your offers.
  31. Z

    For sale: H&R Lowering Springs Model 3 Performance

    Ordered 2 pairs by mistake. I installed one set (image below) and never opened the second set. 1.2” lower front and rear H&R part #: 28659-1 $275 shipped
  32. MountainPass

    Vendor NEW: MPP Model 3 Comfort Adjustable Coilovers RWD/AWD!

    Our newest suspension line introduced in April 2020! You asked, we listened. It is clear that many of our fine TMC members prioritize quality and comfort over all else, so after testing the waters with a hybrid version of the Sports kit, we have committed to a fully retuned version that will...
  33. C

    WTB: Model 3 Lowering springs and spacers

    Looking for Unplugged Moderate springs for AWD model 3 and 15/20mm spacers Located in Los Angeles PM me if you have these parts
  34. arty

    How to lower a Model 3?

    I just got a text from Tesla saying my model 3 will be ready in 2 weeks and I'm getting some mods lined up for the car. I purchased a bunch already like the charging pad and center console wrap. I'm wondering what springs is the best to lower these cars? If you guys have photos of your model...
  35. S

    Lowering the Tesla Model 3

    Has anyone lowered or is considering to lower their Model 3? Keen to get thoughts, experience, recommendation on product and installers. I'm not serious about doing it right now (I've had my Model 3 for less than a month), but i've been doing some research on springs and would consider going...
  36. R

    For Sale: Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs for Model 3 (Moderates)

    I am currently selling the set of springs (4 in total) of the Unplugged Performace moderate lowering springs meant for RWD LR, MR, and SR Model 3s. The springs are slightly used as they have been put on for about 3 weeks. The springs have less than 1,000 miles on them and they are still in very...
  37. S

    Dallas Forth Worth: Any solid Tesla shops to install springs

    Any Tesla/EV specific tuning shops in the DFW area that installs springs?
  38. T

    Eibach RWD Springs - Model 3

    less than 2k miles Eibach Pro-Kit Spring Set E10-87-001-01-22. - $250 + shipping OBO For Tesla Model 3
  39. Kwang0429

    Unplugged Performance Customer Service.

    I am one of the first 2000 model 3 owners and when I first got my ride, I knew that I want to lower the ride, soon after I found the moderate spring from unplugged performance and without any hesitation, I placed an order and soon had it installed. it has been a year on the new spring...
  40. C

    Lowering the Model 3

    Dropped the 3 off today at Eibach for measurements and prototyping. If all goes well, we should be seeing some lowering springs for our 3’s in a few months!
  41. scubastevo80

    Spring Install - North Jersey

    Does anyone have a shop recommendation to install a set of Tsportline springs on a dual motor Model 3 non-P? My springs continue to sit in my garage. I reached out to 4 places in NJ recommended on other forums that typically do work on BMWs, Porsches, Audis, etc and here were the results...
  42. Tezla1

    I dropped it

    What do you guys think? Unplugged Performance - Moderate Springs for my 2018 Model 3 AWD LR Installed 3 days ago at UP shop in LA. How it looks: I love the stance, the back is a bit lower than expected, but I’ll take it. Front looks just about perfect. Only one issue: have to use extreme...
  43. C

    Any luck ordering with T SportsLine? Horrible customer communication...

    Has anyone had any luck ordering from T Sportline? I placed a Model 3 lowering springs order in September. There is zero communication on product delays. I reach out every 4-6 week and they state it will be shipping within a few weeks - if you are lucky enough to get them to respond at all. Last...
  44. F

    San Diego M3P- Customization Referral Request

    Receiving M3P- by end of Sept. Been driving around to shops to get educated on pricing and options, but I've never done anything aside from wheels, tint, and stereo back in the day, so... Please shoot me recommendations on any of the below, and thanks in advance! Wheels - Did not do P+ as I...
  45. EVS Motors

    Vendor *NEW* For Sale: Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs for Model 3 (Moderate Version)

    I have brand new Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs Sets (Moderate) for sale for the new Model 3. These are currently out of stock on the site! Version: Moderate – For Sports Car Drivers (Best Seller) Target Use: For Tesla Model 3 owners who desire well balanced improvements to handling...