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  1. T

    Tein EnduraPro Issue - Squeaking Noise

    I recently had Tein EnduraPro shocks installed on all four wheels of my 2023 MYLR Austin build. I have been happy with the improvement to my suspension but... since getting the Teins installed every time I go over a substantial bump I get a "squeaking" sound from the rear right side of the car...
  2. GedMelbAU

    Rear seat squeak - tucking in a blanket stops the squeak

    I have a 2020 Model 3. In the past couple of years the car has developed a squeak in the rear seat. I have discovered that if I put a blanket or towel between the seat cushion and the back cushion of the rear seat the squeak goes away. I think the issue is the seat material rubbing between...
  3. J

    Control Arm Replacement with Aftermarket Suspension

    Hello everyone, My 2020 M3 recently began squeaking around the front passenger side. It seems to be the common control arm issue. I made a service request with Tesla and since I have an after market air suspension, the cost will be out of pocket. They are willing to replace the arms regardless...
  4. ev_go123

    Squeaky /creaky driver's seat issue identified

    tl;dr Sharing for people with the same issue: M3 driver's seat squeak is due to misaligned/rubbing seat rails. Proper fix is properly align the rails, less ideal/maybe temporary fix is add grease. I've had an annoying creaking noise in the driver side seat that seems to come and go in my 2022...
  5. H

    Squeaking noise when pre heating - video attached

    2021 MYLR - first winter - when preheating I hear a squeaking noise from the front. Kind of a rotational squeak maybe. Anyone know if it’s normal due to the cold? —-> video link
  6. D

    New model 3 issues

    Picked up my new model 3 LR, 3 weeks ago. Love it. And when i first looked, only some scuffs on the front bumper so no problem. Booked in for service last week. I then, before taking it in, noticed 2 panel misalignments that you can only see at a certain angle. Then 2 days before, a squeak...
  7. S

    Model 3 squeak rear seat

    My right had drive Model 3 squeaks when the car is on an uneven road or any situation that causes the chassis to flex. Annoying when you are on the phone with no other sound. The only way to stop the squeak is to undo the wide or 60 side of the 60/40 rear seat and leave it forward. You then...
  8. M

    Recommendations on repairs outside of Tesla

    Hello... I have been living with a rattle and squeak in my M3 for almost a year now and Tesla Service has been pointless on tracking this down and fixing it. We did a "ride along" and they were able to verify the sound immediately so they took it for service, twice. Now they tell me that this is...
  9. I

    Squeaky Door Handle

    The front passenger side door handle occasionally squeaks upon opening on my new Model 3. When I brought it up at the Tesla Service Center, the advisor said they can't address it since it wasn't making the noise at that time and told me he wasn't sure what they could do anyways. My appointment...
  10. FilmTraveler

    A solution to mystery squeak while driving

    Shortly after adopting my Model 3, I started hearing a squeaking sound. It seemed to be coming from the dash or center console, but I couldn't pin it down or reproduce it on cue. Just whenever driving it would appear for a while and then go away for a while, though it was worse on bumpy roads...
  11. M

    I Want To Hire Someone to De-Noise my Model S Interior

    Although I love 99% of everything about my new 2019 Model S Raven, the ever-increasing buzzes, rattles and creaks within the interior of the car are crazy-making -- especially for a car of this price. And since Tesla has somehow deemed that it's not their responsibility to fix these issues...
  12. N

    Intermittent rattling in the rear seat area and front seatbelt tensioners

    Hey everyone. Does anyone else's Model 3 have a faint rattling noise coming from the seatbelt tensioners and the rear seats when driving on slightly bumpier than usual road or gravel? I've tried to isolate it by making sure all the seats are secured and latched, and buckling all the seatbelts in...
  13. SD_Engnr

    Inner CV joint squeak/squeal- video

    Anyone else have this sound coming from the front of your Dual Motor 3? Started out last weekend and I had hoped it was a brake issue. After troubleshooting, it's very clearly (to me) coming from the front right inner CV joint. Week and a half wait for service center availability. Video...
  14. G

    Steering squeaking at low speeds

    Hey TMC. I’ve had my model 3 for a week now and it’s beven great! Now that I’m not taking advantage of the awesome acceleration at every oppurtunity, I’ve noticed a squeak in the steering. It happens at low speeds 1-5mph and only when the steering wheel crosses the center point(where the...
  15. J

    Cricket in my Dashboard

    You're the next contestant on WHAT'S THAT SQUEAK?!? For the last 2 to 3 weeks, I have noticed a very high-pitched squeak in the cabin of my car. I guess in previous cars this noise wouldn't have even registered but since the cabin is so quiet without an engine, it's all I hear A video of the...
  16. EvolutionTeʂla

    Need help with squeaky window/door and getting "Tesla grape" scent

    I have a couple of questions that I hope some of you kind folks can help me with. I'm getting a quick squeaking sound most of the time when I open my driver's door (sometimes it's louder than others). It kind of sounds like the window is rubbing against the rubber seal. Is there some sort of...
  17. Freedom101

    Squeaky falcon wing doors

    I was fully expecting squeaky FWD when I took delivery in August. My expectations were met by both FWD. No big deal at all to me and schedule a service appointment. Took them in early September and to my surprise they advise they weren't going to replace any part but simply make a hinge...
  18. G

    Loud Creaking Noise When Turning

    Is anyone else having/had this problem. I've had my X since the end of April. There are just over 4,000 miles on the car. Over the past few weeks whenever you drive the car slowly such as backing out of the garage or parking spot and turn the wheel hard to the car makes loud...
  19. travwill

    Loose/rocking Driver's Seat with Squeak / Temp Fix?

    Took delivery recently of my new MX and all checked out good, except after driving it a bit now the driver's seat has become pretty loose. Upon each acceleration/deceleration (not hard even) it rocks a little forward/back, like slight tilt, feels like a quarter of inch maybe or so. On top of...