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squeaking steering wheel

  1. C

    Model 3 rear wheel or suspension creaking sound while turning

    Hi everyone. I recently noticed the noisy creaking sound from the rear of the vehicle, feeling either wheel or suspension while turning the steering wheel. It happens continuously when speed is > 10mph. Here is a video link . I found many owners report similar creaking sound problems but most of...
  2. Jellus

    Is there a mouse in here?

    Had my M3 just under three weeks and my steering wheel has started to squeak when I turn a moderately sharp corner. Any user-accessible parts in there? This is going to drive me insane.
  3. plasmo

    Very squeaky noises when steering column moves in/out during Easy Entry

    Any way to fix this? (at home b4 I need to bring to Service shop) I already tried to put a little WD40 on the areas of the steering column which meets the rubber edges, but it doesn't help. My wife is driving me crazy whenever I get in/out of the car and hears this noise. If someone needs a...