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  1. H

    Chirping noise

    I noticed I have a weird bird chirping noise kind of deal going on. I don’t hear it with the windows closed, when I roll down the driver side window I hear it fairly well. It sounds EXACTLY like this video here that I linked. Any clues on what this could be and how I could fix this? I really...
  2. M

    Squeaky tire/wheel

    Hey guys, Owner of a 2023 Tesla Model Y LR here. I have just installed a brand new set of wheels from T Sportline (20" TST rims with Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires) and noticed this loud rotational squeaking coming from the front left wheel. It squeaks in sync with the rotation of the...
  3. M

    Squeaky / Creaky Noise from Rear Seats (especially when going over bumps)?

    I drive a 2023 Tesla Model 3 LR that I picked up in December 2022. It currently has about 8,000 miles and no accidents/damage. I recently started hearing squeaky/creaky noises coming from my rear seat area, especially when going over bumps. It's not too audible if I'm playing music, but it's...
  4. F

    Squeak I can't find for the life of me

    I have a squeak/click/rattle on the passenger side that seems to be coming from the dash/glove box area. You should be able to hear it in the video if you turn the volume up. Any suggestions on where to check or anyone that experienced the same thing and ultimately found a solution? It's driving...
  5. N

    Squeaking Suspension Over Bumpy Roads

    We took delivery of our Performance Y in May. Last month, when going over any slightly bumpy surface at 40mph+, it developed this high pitched squeaking. Sounds like it coming from the drivers side front wheel well. Service center has no idea and won’t fix it unless reproduced at low speeds...
  6. Tampert

    Krakend dak Model X

    Van onze Model X kraakt het dak. Lijkt tussen de Falcon wing doors te zitten. Ik heb al wat interieurpanelen aangeduwd wat niet helpt. Je hoort het goed vanuit de bestuurder en bijrijderspositie. Iemand ervaring hiermee? En wat zou het gekraak kunnen zijn en hoe op te lossen?
  7. priest777

    Rear Seats (subframe?) squeaks - unbearable

    Hey guys, I've been to the service center once, they tried several things which solved the issue for 10 minutes and it came back. Eventually now i feel the noise got even stronger... Attaching a vid. In my honest opinion this is related to the rear subfrane (metal squeak not plastic) and...
  8. D

    Strange "Plasticy" Noise 2022 M3P

    Hey Guys/Gals, my new PM3 has developed a strange noise - very different from all the other stuff I've seen on the forum. Sound something like having a piece of tape stuck to the tire... Has become worse after taking it in to Tesla for service and being told the issue was resolved. Have any of...
  9. H

    Squeaking noise when pre heating - video attached

    2021 MYLR - first winter - when preheating I hear a squeaking noise from the front. Kind of a rotational squeak maybe. Anyone know if it’s normal due to the cold? —-> video link
  10. S

    Model 3 squeak rear seat

    My right had drive Model 3 squeaks when the car is on an uneven road or any situation that causes the chassis to flex. Annoying when you are on the phone with no other sound. The only way to stop the squeak is to undo the wide or 60 side of the 60/40 rear seat and leave it forward. You then...
  11. N

    Squeaking Noise

    Yet another thread about squeaking noise. So my car squeaks somewhere at the left side of the driver. Maybe somewhere in the corner of A-pillar? I press on the dash, does not damp the squeaking, I press on the A-pillar and no results. 7-10 mphs the squeaking starts, it's faint. 12-15 mphs the...
  12. FilmTraveler

    A solution to mystery squeak while driving

    Shortly after adopting my Model 3, I started hearing a squeaking sound. It seemed to be coming from the dash or center console, but I couldn't pin it down or reproduce it on cue. Just whenever driving it would appear for a while and then go away for a while, though it was worse on bumpy roads...
  13. TD-3

    Squeaking mirrors

    Searched this but I didn't find anything definative... Both driver and passenger side mirrors are squeaking (like, cringe-worthy...) when folding/unfolding. If this were a door in my house I'd apply some Wd-40 but I don't want to make a mistake! Any known solutions or ideas? Thanks!
  14. G

    Brakes/Suspension Noise when coming to a stop

    I want peoples opinions and thoughts on an ongoing issue I've had with my 2016 X with just 1K miles. Is your Model X completely quiet when coming to a stop?? When coming to a complete stop, as soon as the car stops it makes a weird creak noise. Think of a 18 wheeler coming to a dead stop and...
  15. G

    Loud Creaking Noise When Turning

    Is anyone else having/had this problem. I've had my X since the end of April. There are just over 4,000 miles on the car. Over the past few weeks whenever you drive the car slowly such as backing out of the garage or parking spot and turn the wheel hard to the car makes loud...