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  1. F

    Squeaks and rattle sounds in Tesla model S 2022

    Folks, anyone has experience with squeaks and rattle sounds coming from all seat when occupied? Doors squeak too when opened and closed 2022 Tesla model S
  2. J

    Rammels, tikkende geluiden achter "rear headliner" Model S

    Ik ben eigenaar van een 2018 juli Tesla Model S. Al een tijd heb ik last van rammels, tikkende geluiden, die onder de hemelbekleding aan de achterzijde van de auto zitten. De auto heeft nog garantie. Is 4 x in het SC in Rotterdam geweest recent voor dit probleem. Maar de lieve mensen daar...
  3. T

    Every service experience makes me want to sell my Model S

    I have a 2017 Model S100D. Purchased new - paid $120k back then. It's been a great car, albeit with many service issues. At first, Tesla service was exceptional. They would drive 60 miles each way from the Gigafactory 1 to Lake Tahoe to perform onsite service. And the mobile technicians...
  4. Avendit

    Centre console/phone tray squeak - solution

    Since I've had the car there has been an incessant squeak from the phone charger drawer when driving. The accepted solution seems to be to apply some foam, or padding or felt here: My gut told me this was not addressing the root problem tho. Pulling the tray up as far as it can go lets you...
  5. J3ThePainless

    Interior rattles

    Hello everyone I am absiabsolu loving my new model 3 but there are a few noses that are bothering me. First when the driver seat is all the way back it makes a squeaking and popping noise when turning. I am 6'3" so I really need it to be back all the way. Second there is a rattle coming from...
  6. T

    Trick to find all rattles in Model 3

    I got my Model 3 a month ago. Love the car, truly, but there are two rattles that are really irritating me. I found one, but the other was in the rear and totally elusive. Long story short, I found an app that helped me find it instantly. Using this app, it causes any rattle spots to...
  7. R

    Sudden onset of squeaking in front

    Yesterday morning, our car was it's normal quiet self, however, that night when we went out there was a very audible squeaking coming from the front of the car whenever it rocked on the suspension.Over the course of the evening it got noticeably worst, although it seems to have stabilized now...
  8. E

    Rear squeaking and dash rattling

    My S85D is only about 10 months old but it's already got a bad case of rattling noises on the dash and an annoying and embarassing squeaking noise near the back right wheel when the car goes over even minor bumps. The squeaking noise is even more apparent when there are passengers in the back...
  9. S

    Tesla doesn't want to service my Model S

    I have my second Model S since half July 2015. Approximately 2 weeks after ownership the first problem has occurred. So I wanted to make an appointment in Vienna SC (the nearest one for me). I had to wait 3 months for the first appointment to get the problem fixed. I have made 28 thousand...
  10. JohnGarziglia

    Squeaks, Rattles and Sound-Deadening

    I thought I would share some of the things I have done with my Roadster 2.5 to attack squeaks, rattles and noise. None of it, of course, makes the Roadster a quiet car either topless or with the lid on. But the effort has made a difference. Sqeaks. I noticed plastic upon plastic types of...