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  1. danwilliams5

    Gen 3 door handle buzzing/squealing

    Tesla peeps smarter than me, I’ve got a rear door handle acting up. A high pitched whine coming from the handle assembly. It had been intermittent, leaving the door handle extended partly then last night it went in, stayed in and constant whine (see video). Car off, reset with scroll wheels...
  2. jobiggs24

    Creaking from Driver's Side Front Wheel Well

    There's a creaking sound when I push down on the front of the car or when driving at slow speeds or turning the steering wheel. Service center said lower control arms would fix it but it didn't. Hoping someone here can help me out. Hesitant to go back to service center because I have Openpilot...
  3. SD_Engnr

    Inner CV joint squeak/squeal- video

    Anyone else have this sound coming from the front of your Dual Motor 3? Started out last weekend and I had hoped it was a brake issue. After troubleshooting, it's very clearly (to me) coming from the front right inner CV joint. Week and a half wait for service center availability. Video...