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    Fog Light Wiring Harness

    I have recently installed fog lights to my 2021 Model 3 SR+ (non indicator ones) which I got from AliExpress and didn’t have the wiring as RWD model 3’s don’t have it stock. I’ve since obtained the wiring through Amazon There’s no install videos online and the threads here are quite extensive...
  2. R

    2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ (Houston, TX)

    Hello everyone, I am located in Houston, TX. I am possibly looking into selling my vehicle to upgrade. Best offer. For more pictures, please message me. For Sale I bought it NEW from Tesla I have owned since Nov 2021 Usage: drive to work. Well kept, Wash/Wax/Detailed bi-weekly Non-smoker and...
  3. G

    Delivery process has left an extremely sour taste in my mouth

    Sorry in advance for the long post! Basically just looking for advice or seeing if anyone has any similar experiences cause I'm at a loss for what to do next. Here's the story (to skip the backstory go to the ******): I put an order in early this year for a blue M3 SR+ and got an estimated...
  4. S

    Tesla increases size of Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 battery pack

    Although they have yet to update their website, Tesla has quietly increased the size of the battery pack in the Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 made at Giga Shanghai. More info here: DriveTeslaCanada
  5. M

    New Model 3 - Delivered with faulty sim card

    Hi all. I picked up my new Model 3 SR+ MY21 today. The delivery experience was really quite terrible. The LTE connection in the car did not work at all. Possibly faulty sim card or worse. I was unable to use maps, radio, phone key and just about half of the cars features. I was told I would...
  6. Baytomax

    WTB M3 SR+ RWD Lowering Springs

    As the title says, willing to buy lowering springs for M3 SR+ RWD. Please drop a message or send a DM on what brand springs you got. Thanks!
  7. B

    2018 m3p with fsd or 2021 Sr+

    All right I need help making a decision, I have 2 options here and I need to decide asap...so torn. Take delivery of my order for a new 2021 SR+ with no fsd later this week OR pull the trigger on a local opportunity to get a 2018 M3P with 35k miles and FSD. price difference is pretty negligible...
  8. J

    2021 Model 3 SR+ FSD, White ext, Black int, 415 miles, central FL

    Selling new Model 3 SR+ with FSD. No nicks, no mechanical problems. Just a change in situation. Asking $54,000 (it's what I have into it). Located in central Florida. Software updated.
  9. A

    FS: 2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, FSD, 25k miles [NJ]

    2020 Model 3 Standard Range Plus, with both Autopilot and FSD (Full Self Driving) included. One-owner, bought new from Tesla in March 2020. No accidents, clean title, registered in New Jersey and currently there. Color: Pearl White multi-coat. Driven around 25200 miles. Great condition as...
  10. Baytomax

    California, LA to San Jose - 1st trip (need advice!)

    Hello everyone! About to be the future owner of a SR+ in the next two weeks!!! For context: I make the drive up to San Jose/Bay Area every two months. I currently drive an ICE and I'm able to make the trip on one tank of gas without any issues. I don't make any stops on the way. I always put on...
  11. P

    Break caliper covers on 20 inch

    I received my new SR+ a few weeks ago, and I really want to get the red caliper covers. I see loads of them on Amazon, but they are all for 18 and 19 inch. I have purchased and installer new 245/35-20 with 20 inch rims. Have anyone tried, or found any caliper covers that fits a 20 inch rim?
  12. B

    WTB model 3

    Just putting this out there incase anyone is in need of selling.....For reference I'm about to buy a 2020 m3 Sr+ with 16k miles from CarMax for 37.5k but if anyone is looking for a fast sale and wants to make a deal feel free to send me a message. I'm in Ohio but for the right price would fly...
  13. H

    How complicated would it be to build something similar to MPP Partybox?

    Hey everyone, 2020 Model 3 SR+ owner here. Some background on me, I am a software engineer with a decent amount of experience working with microcontrollers. I've been trying to research how the MPP Partybox system actually works, or how it's even installed to get some clues for where to start...
  14. AlanSubie4Life

    2021 SR+ Range/Efficiency/Battery Capacity Measurements Released by Tesla, via EPA

    EPA test docs for the US 2021 SR+ have been published. (EPA datafile and EPA new car website not yet updated though.) https://iaspub.epa.gov/otaqpub/display_file.jsp?docid=51461&flag=1 -> It has a heat pump (heat pump confirmed!) -> Battery capacity seems similar to that of the 2019, though...
  15. E

    Tinting help with battery life?

    Does tinting really help with saving battery life so my m3 sr+ doesn’t have to cool itself down as often? Anyone who didn’t do tinting, do you feel like you’re baking inside? If this is more a cosmetic fix than practical, I want to save my money.
  16. M

    SR+ Hansshow Audio Upgrade

    There is discussion elsewhere about a range of audio upgrade options by Hansshow. Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+) I will be interested to read of any experiences that Canadians might have with this, especially the full US$899 Professional version. Model 3 SR Premium Audio Upgrade |...
  17. E

    M3 SR+ charging

    I've had had a webasto pure 7kw charger installed but only getting a maximum of 5kw, 20Amps when I Charge. Is this the maximum for the SR+?
  18. J

    HELP! New 2020 SR+ versus used 2018 MR?

    Hi, Long-time lurker here! I recently ordered a new 2020 SR+, white on black, 19'' sport wheels, partial premium interior, 30-day free premium connectivity, no FSD. Expected delivery in mid-September. Super excited and have already ordered just about every accessory available! That said, I...
  19. AdamMacDon

    Model 3 SR+ Premium Sound System Upgrade Video

    Hi everyone, a few weeks ago I completed the premium sound system upgrade for my Model 3. I recorded a video detailing the steps, but unfortunately I couldn't record while I was doing the work since it was dark and I needed both hands most of the time. However, I go step by step and try to...
  20. B

    One Year Later - Black Paint

    Purchased my black/black SR+ with 19" sport wheels just over one year ago. Bought it for my daily driver and have enjoyed every minute of it. Before taking delivery I was spooked by all the comments in regards to the black paint being poor quality/scratches easily etc. I am happy to report...
  21. R

    Sr+ first road trip

    Ok I’ll try to keep it simple. Canton Ga to Panama City beach FL ABetterrouteplanner is completely different then the Tesla planer. My usual route with an ICE would have gone through Dothan AL where of course the supercharger is (coming soon). Could usually make it 6 hours with stops. I...
  22. T

    Premium Connectivity Model 3 SR+

    I’ve notice that Tesla now charge £9.99 pm for premium connectivity
  23. B

    Tesla Model 3 SR+ with 100 mile round trip commute

    Hi All, So I recently placed an order for a Model 3 SR+ which at the time of ordering has an estimated range of 250 miles. I drive 100 miles a day round trip, 50 miles to work and 50 miles home which is roughly 15 miles back roads and 35 miles highway (65-70mph). My wife and I have a bigger SUV...
  24. rogbmurray

    SR+ Rear Seat Heaters Available $300 Upgrade

    Well this is new in the app for my SR+. What do you think, worth it?
  25. M

    SR+ Heated Rear Seats Paid Upgrade live: $300

    Screw rear heated seats, bring on the Fog Lights Upgrade please!
  26. melbrayporkpie

    Which floor mats?

    I presume this one if for fellow SR+ chaps. What floor mats are you guys buying for your 3? Any recommendations would be fantastic!
  27. tarndt

    Unplugged M3 SR+ overnight in -35C temperatures

    My first post, and apologies in advance if this is a dumb question, but I've been searching for weeks trying to find an answer and have continually come up short. My wife works shift-work at a hospital and I'm curious what her experience would be like if she took the M3 for a night shift in say...
  28. Y

    2019 SR+ w/FSD for sale $41k

    Hello, I am selling my relatively newer model 3. color: white. Mileage: 10,100. Standard range plus with FSD. Already has the AP3. Not sure if the supercharger miles are transferable but theres 5,300 free miles remaining. Located in San Jose, CA. I still have the loan on it so it may...
  29. SnowLeopard

    Verbruik Tesla Model 3 SR+

    Er bestaat van elk type Tesla ondertussen een draadje, maar tot mijn verbazing zag ik dat van de SR+ die er niet was. (Of ik heb niet goed genoeg gekeken, maar ik zie het niet) Dan maar de aftrap. Na 25.937 km sinds eind juni 2019 zit ik op 157 Wh/km. Daarbij rijd ik gemiddeld per dag 140 km...
  30. F

    No delivery before February/March

    I ordered Dec 20, SR+, 19inch, Midnight Silver, Montreal(Canada) contacted the closest service center for information a week later and was told not to expect delivery before March and maybe February If i'm lucky. Anyone here had similar expected delivery(2-3 Months later) and ended up getting...
  31. I

    Driving Across Canada via the New TransCanada Highway!

    hi all, i'm planning a trip across canada in celebration of the new canadian superchargers! if it all works out, i'll probably be sharing my experience in video form. it's probably a silly idea, especially during winter, but i've been known to do silly things. any tips? will i be the first to...
  32. M

    M3SR+ (build 15 Jun'19) mapped to SR (220 miles range) and came with HW2.5

    1. M3SR+ build and delivered during mid Jun'19 but came with HW2.5 We intentionally waited till end of May'19 for placing the order (with unexpected $400 increase in price) so that will get HW3, but only realized it when my car didn't recognize traffic cones after the latest updates...
  33. K

    Model 3 SR+ Rear heated seat OTA update

    According to this article, the SR+ will be getting an OTA update to activate the rear heated seats... Tesla Model 3 SR+ owners to get heated rear seats through OTA update What a bonus if this does happen!
  34. V

    White interior on SR+

    Hi all. Can someone please explain to me in plain English, why cant we have white interior on SR+ model, if the same option already exists on the performance model? I'm not asking for something that it does not exists in Australia. And it's also available almost elsewhere in the world. Is it...
  35. D

    FAKE Miles SR+?

    Ok, so I am a bit concerned this morning after spending the day with the battery charged to daily driving which looks like 90%. I started the day with 211 miles range but I drove no more than 70 miles total in the city. When I got home I was down to 95 miles of range. WTF???? As I was driving...
  36. G

    Winter Tyres vs Wheels

    Hi there, I got my M3 SR+ end of September, am delighted, and have started reading all about winter tyres; As others, never had to have winter tyres, always drove all-season on an AWD car. So now I've decided I need some, mostly as we plan to drive to the Alps in the winter. But not clear to me...
  37. S

    Spotify and streaming data SR+

    Hi all, I did a forum search and couldn’t quite get the answer but apologies if I missed it. I’m in the queue for a SR+ but according to Tesla website streaming/data is for the full premium interior only. Does the Standard range plus in the UK include any data and does it let you stream Spotify...
  38. I

    Edinburgh SR+ pickup, minor body issues, impressions and other thoughts

    Hey all. A brief account of my experience picking up in Edinburgh on Saturday. There were 5 cars in our group. We got time with a demo car. We were showed about and our apps were set up automagically. Our cars were outside and were 'big revealed'. My white SR+ had no paint issues but did have...
  39. B

    SR+ Premium Connectivity idea

    In light of the information that v10 will allow SR+ to use Netflix while parked and on WiFi, will we start to see car WiFi's become more legitimate...
  40. K

    SR+ Day 1 Pickup and first impressions

    We picked up our Model 3 SR+ metallic blue from Brisbane Fortitude Valley today. We arrived a bit early (15 mins) and ‘Sparky’ was just being moved to the delivery area. Yes we decided on ‘Sparky’ as her name. Before looking over her we opened the Tesla app, sparky was already linked to our...
  41. J3ThePainless

    partial premium software unlocks

    So I have the SR+ model and would love to pay to remove some of the software locks on my car such as getting satellite maps, and Spotify in my car. This is a wonderful opportunity for tesla to take more of my money without having to do any work. dose anyone know if they will ever offer...
  42. H

    Unable to Consistently Connect with Phone

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up my SR+ and was trying to play around with the app and check out what it can do. However, I've noticed that the app after about 25ish minutes will no longer be able to connect to the car and eventually errors out with a "Vehicle Connection Error". This isn't a...
  43. Z

    Tips needed for my Model 3 SR+

    Hey guys! My first post here. I am about to order my Model 3 SR+ but still have a few questions about the car in Canadian (Ottawa) Winter. First I would love to know how the car performs in snow for it been an RWD (currently driving an AWD Tiguan). Second, I know I definitely need winter tires...
  44. J

    Vraag over model 3 SR+ Lease via Alphabet

    Ik mag vanaf 1 oktober een elektrische leaseauto bestellen via Alphabet, echter bij bestellingen na 30 september kan Tesla geen levering in 2019 meer garanderen wat voor mij wel een voorwaarde is door het bijtellingspercentage van 4%. Helaas wil mijn werkgever niet meewerken aan het eerder...
  45. MountainPass

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 SR+ Dyno Test. Faster than LR RWD?

    The day we picked up our new SR+, we had a little fun on the highway and noticed the cars seemed dead even, with the SR+ possibly being faster at higher speeds. Since we have an in-house dyno, what else is there to do than get it loaded up and see for ourselves! Here is a graph from the...
  46. Danny1410

    Model 3 SR+ vs Model S P85

    Vandaag ging ik met mijn Model 3 SR+ naar SC Amsterdam voor een klein lak foutje. Zat er al sinds aflevering maar blijkbaar moet dus een deel gespoten worden dus auto mocht ik achter laten en kreeg een Model S P85 mee (geen Dual). Ik vermoed uit 2014. Ik plaats hier een paar van mijn...
  47. C

    M3 SR+ or LR AWD

    Hi folks, I am looking to order a Model 3 and looking to get your advice on SR+ RWD vs LR AWD. My round trip commute is 45 miles. Wife's car is a minivan that I plan to use for long trips. In my understanding the charging for LR is 50% faster than that for SR+ when used with superchargers. Are...
  48. A

    SR+ Consumption and using ABRP

    I have been a SR+ owner for just under a month ~2500 mi including a ~700 mi road trip. While the Tesla routing works great and the energy graphs are surprisingly accurate it doesn't provide any planning capability for a longer trip (with breaks etc), also the SR+ is not an option that is...
  49. C

    Prospective buyers- still SR+ or LR AWD?

    Hi everyone, I have been on the sidelines waiting to jump into this Tesla madness. I had my mind set on the basic colour (whatever it was at the time) for SR+ in order to get the federal $5000 rebate. However, the LR AWD has now come down by $3000 as well (and pearl white paint is now free...
  50. S

    Tesla Nav vs Waze in Toronto: Opinions wanted please!

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting a Model 3 SR+. Can people from Toronto please share their experiences with Tesla Nav vs Waze? It really concerns me that the SR+ maps don't show live traffic data (I like to be able to see it because sometimes I will take alternate routes based on the red and...