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  1. I

    1TB Tesla Solid State Drive - Mod S 2016 pre

    Tesla now have a 1TB solid state drive suitable for ALL models. I have MCU1 8gb which Tesla deems healthy. It says it I.proves gaming g speeds etc. All I want is better use of screen, Internet, which is non existent. Is this likely to help?
  2. R

    Formatting SSD for Steam limits dashcam/sentry partition to 64GB

    When formatting an SSD drive for use with Steam, the only option presented by the UI is to have the sentry/dashcam partition sized at 64GB. I could find no way to resize the dashcam partition since the steam partition is placed right after it, and is encrypted and cannot be moved or resized...
  3. W

    Replacing USB stick w/ SSD issue

    I purchased a Samsung SSD T7 2TB drive to replace the USB stick and my Tesla Y is not able to read it. The recording button/icon shows unavailable. I can format it from my Y, but still record button/icon is always unavailable. Most of the help I've found online was for a Samsung T7 500GB...
  4. L

    Using SATA SSD for Dashcam/Sentry

    Has anyone here ever tested out Using an Internal SATA SSD via USB to SATA III adapter (for dashcam/sentry)? It seems to me that, in theory, this should be the ultimate solution for performance, durability and resistance to extreme temperatures. I can only find one person (has a tiny 98 views...
  5. Max_G

    TeslaDrive for Sentry and music. What about video?

    I bought a Samsung Portable SSD T7 500GB to replace the 128GB stick that came with my new M3LR, to a) have more space for sentry and also put some music on it. I read on this forum on how to set-up other media, format and name it. That process is clear. Here what the 128GB stick looks like...
  6. D

    Issues with T5 Samsung portable SSD device

    I have been trying unsuccessfully, to format, create TeslaCam folder and test recording/playback. I've tried a couple different ways to format to FAT32. It will appear to be successful, I'll check properties in Windows File Explorer and it will appear to be successful. Then I create the TeslaCam...
  7. 6t8stang

    Tesla Roadie 128GB

    Original Tesla Roadie with 128GB Sandisk memory card. Bought from another member here a few months ago - works great. Software is up to date and memory has been cleared. $90 shipped to Continental US.
  8. R5 Red Five

    Teslacam - SSD Feature

    Hi All, New to the site, I have a M3P in red with white interior. First post so if this is already known...sorry!! I wanted to reduce the USB usage after buying a 500GB SSD drive, I did wonder if you could use the same drive for both? So using basic windows tools I partioned the drive to have...
  9. O

    Samsung 500gb SSD case

    I made a simple case for my SSD Telsa-Cam. I just posted the SLT on Thingiverse.com. Sandisk SSD_500gb by Ohiojoe
  10. T

    SSD help

    I have a standard range model 3 on order here in the UK and I’m sorting a few things before it arrives ie mats USB hub SSD drive etc. It’s regards the SSD drive that I would like some advice. I plan to partition the drive to enable me to have my music stored and my dashcam footage. I know I...
  11. M

    Dashcam - Setup and more -- Ring capabilities?

    So after we setup the Dashcam and was 'lucky' enough to witness and capture this accident, we were discussing the benefits of the Dashcam and the Model 3's other cameras-- 8 outside, 1 inside. We LOVE our Ring and it really does make a difference in our home monitoring and telling UPS to put...