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  1. Silicon Desert

    Where is Starman Roadster ?

    I'm not sure this is the best forum to place this post, but maybe. It's been just a little over 3 years now since Starman got launched into space, so might be a good time to see where he is. Yea, I have seen a couple of web sites that give statistics on the space Roadster and its location, but I...
  2. vbaker

    Fastest Docking Time

    Have you tried this: SPACEX - ISS Docking Simulator My first attempt I successfully docked - after more than an hour. Several more attempts and I made it in ~15 minutes. BTW: disapointed the roadster has the roof on and you cannot see Starman. But the ISS is exquisitely detailed.
  3. RoadsterWarrior

    Need Starman/Earth photo to blow up banner sized for Greenwich Village Halloween Day Parade!

    Hey! 30 of my friends & I are dressing up in Astronaut costumes & driving my Tesla Roadster at the front of October 31 Greenwich Village Halloween Day Parade. I need to get a Starman/Earth/Tesla photo I can blow up into banners for people to carry. Anyone have one? 2. Want to join us? All...
  4. Rumi11

    Awesome Must Watch Fan Tribute Video to Elon Musk

    This was just so cool, I had to share!