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state inspection

  1. J

    State inspection in Charlottesville ( Cville )

    Preferred places to get state inspection on your Tesla in Charlottesville, VA?
  2. SeanM

    VA State Safety Inspection. (At Tesla shop or Gas Station??)

    Hello, After almost a year of enjoying my Model-3, it's up for the State inspection. The small sticker on the windshield says that it's up for next inspection... do I take it to Tesla shop (how much does it cost) or just get it done at any gas station where they have State inspectors? Anyone...
  3. W

    State Inspection in Houston

    For anyone needing to get the state inspection for their Tesla, I highly recommend this place; Inspector Quick 2830 E Sam Houston Pkwy S Pasadena, TX 77503 281-487-3459 I have used them for over 20 years ('85 MR2, '95 Supra, '15 MS P85D) and they really are 'QUICK'. I'm in and out in about 5...
  4. singleview

    PA Annual State Safety Inspection Sticker??

    Hi there! New owner of a Model S, living here in Pittsburgh. Just transferred my vanity plate from my older car to the MS. My older car (an ICE car) had two stickers on the front windshield : (1) an annual emission sticker, and (2) an annual state safety inspection sticker. Anyone reading...
  5. jskenney

    How do Maine Inspections work with the Model S?

    Just curious, I was up in Maine last week and had to help the folks with their car (subaru) inspection, I was not expecting such a thorough processes. How does Maine check the S? I look forward to driving my S60 their someday after there are SC's in Portland/Bangor.