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station wagon

  1. SwedishAdvocate

    The Tezon – A Volvo Amazon body on a Model S chassi

    This is a bit more than 'just' a conversion... Anyways... There still doesn't exist one single decent production EV Station wagon on this planet(!) The only ones that do exist are a few custom builds. And once this one is finished there will be one more EV Station wagon unicorn... The guy...
  2. igotzzoom

    X-Tomi Design Renders Tesla Model 3 Coupe, Crosswagon & Sportwagon

    Yes please. http://insideevs.com/x-tomi-design-renders-tesla-model-3-coupe-crosswagon-sportwagon/
  3. SwedishAdvocate

    Volkswagen Passat GTE plug-in hybrid

    Image credit: VW Additional sources: Volkswagen charges up new Passat GTE for the trip to Paris - Autoblog VW Passat GTE plug-in hybrid makes 141 mpg | gizmag (Will also be available as a sedan.) :rolleyes:
  4. SwedishAdvocate

    Who prefers a Model 3 station wagon?

    I want a Model 3 station wagon. And my current career arch will enable me to buy one for cash if Tesla puts a Model 3 station wagon into production. What do you want? Edit: Poll is public and open indefinitely.