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  1. F

    Edit Past Charging Locations

    Hello! First-time Tesla owner here (day 6) and still familiarizing myself with the features of the software. is it possible to edit the location of past charging sessions for app statistics? I charged at home a couple of times before setting my home location in the navigation settings, so...
  2. N

    TeslaAssist Android App

    Hey, so I've been working on an Android app related to Tesla vehicles ever since I got my Model 3. Originally I was planning to just keep track of my Model 3's state periodically, but the app evolved into something more. Now it can do that, shows trends, exports the tracked data, awards...
  3. M

    You have the most advanced car in the world. Take advantage of it.

    Hi everyone, My name is Marc Pujol and I have developed Teslastics (https://teslastics.com), a platform to track and analyze your Tesla. Once you create an account and link your car, it will capture every single drive and charge. You will be able to access them and see their details in charts...
  4. Tiger

    Number of registered Tesla's (and other EVs) on the map

    Tried to google one with no luck, however, is there such a map, based on public registration data? @Troy ?
  5. Y

    Model 3 Energy Usage Tracker

    Model 3 energy usage data Created this Model 3 Energy usage survey hoping that it might help some people see how much energy they are using relative to others. Also particularly curious how much more energy AWD uses than RWD with real world data factoring in things like location / AC. I will...
  6. Lex_MIT

    Visualization of Tesla Vehicle Deliveries: Past, Present, and Future

    I made a visualization of Tesla vehicle deliveries from 2008 to today, and projecting out to 2020. If ramp up continues, total should hit 1 million vehicles by Nov 20, 2019. Plus, the following is a plot showing the total number of delivered vehicles, segmented by Autopilot hardware...
  7. A

    Service Center Statistics TV

    When I was in to the Service Center in Dedham, MA I noticed a Statistics TV that was “live” streaming statistics from around the world. It included a few things like the most used supercharger station today, how much CO2 saved total, and how many cars produced. I can’t seem to find a website...
  8. Wiki

    Wiki Tesla Supercharger Stats

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