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  1. S

    Available Torklift Stealth EcoHitch receiver adapter - Looking to Sell/Trade/Buy

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Torklift Stealth EcoHitch receiver adapter - Looking to Sell/Trade/Buy. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Torklift Stealth EcoHitch receiver adapter - Looking to Sell/Trade/Buy

    For trade Torklift Stealth EcoHitch receiver adapter - Looking to Sell/Trade/Buy

    So I recently purchased a Torklift Stealth EcoHitch for my MS from an awesome member of TMC. However, for my purposes, I need a 2" receiver. The seller included a 1 1/4" receiver adapter and a 2" adapter (but the 2" is for an older variant hitch with a smaller mounting...) Neither of the...
  3. S

    Model 3 with Model X/Y Hitch

    Hi, would anyone be familiar enough with the Model X/Y hitch rack on a Model 3 with the Stealth Hitch? Would the two work together well on a Model 3?
  4. V

    Paint Protection Film How To Tutorials. Questions....? Ask Away!

    First and foremost I'm a Tesla owner. 😁 Hey everyone, I've made quite a few video's that I've posted on YouTube about installing PPF on Tesla's as well as how to remove the cameras and tail lights. If you are looking for a do it yourself tutorial or would like to see what to expect from a...
  5. Troglodytes

    $69,420 - Tampa - '20 Model Y LR - Blue/White, FSD, 20", 13K miles, Homelink, Tow Hitch, Full Body Stealth PPF, & more extras!

    This car has been babied. Non-smoker, clean interior, garage kept, charged to 100% exactly twice for longer or overnight road trips, rest of time limited to a max charge of 70%, only hand-washed, still in original warranty period. Super charged for exactly $2.43 of power just to test it out...
  6. robo_robb

    2019 Model 3 Performance (South Jersey)

    I'm selling my 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance. 56,700 miles. Car has basic autopilot. No accidents. Title In hand. It also comes with a spare tire, trunk mat, and sun shades for every window. This car has the superior RADAR and camera hardware for autopilot, unlike later model years. This is a...
  7. S

    Kavaca Matte/Stealth PPF on Deep Blue MY

    I've been looking at PPF for my new Model Y in Deep Blue Metallic. Found a local shop that offers a great warranty on Kavaca film. They'll fix up any pieces of the PPF that have cuts/nicks in them once per year. I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on a full install of Kavaca PPF. After reading...
  8. D

    Range of 2020 Model Y Stealth Performance

    I have a 2020 Stealth Performance Model Y (18XXX) and for a long time now my max range has CLEARLY been 280 miles despite the range being advertised at the time as 315 miles (assuming 100% charge, EPA estimate) Is anyone aware of Tesla using software to limit the range of these cars? I know...
  9. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Tesla Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra Paint Protection Film - Vancouver ClearBra

    As always, hello fellow Tesla Vancouverites... Wanted to make a post about our Xpel STEALTH satin matte clear bra paint protection film PPF service offering through Vancouver ClearBra at 336 West 7th Ave Vancouver BC Canada. Xpel STEALTH is a translucent clear bra that will keep your Tesla the...
  10. T

    PPF with Automatic Car Wash

    Just had my Model Y wrapped with Xpel Stealth and am curious to see if anyone else uses automatic car washes regularly with PPF installed? Thanks
  11. B

    2018 model 3 stealth performance FSD

    2018 model 3 stealth performance for sale. Pics coming soon... Dark blue with FSD paid, premium unlimited connectivity included, front end ppf, ceramic coat, homelink, fsd hw 3.0 35k miles Looking for 51k, willing to go a bit lower for a cash buyer that can meet in the Cincinnati area this week.
  12. E

    WTB - Stealth Model 3

    My stealth model 3 got totaled by a buddy and I'm looking for another one that isn't price gouging. Would prefer autopilot or FSD but not picky if it's priced right. Will be paid out by insurance by the end of the week. Willing to get a plane ticket anywhere in the continental US if the price is...
  13. MoreAgain

    Moving from LR RWD to Stealth Performance - First track experience

    Recently traded in my 2018 LR RWD Tesla Model 3 for a 2019 Stealth Performance version. This was my first time on track in a Performance and my first time trying Track Mode. I tried a few different settings on Track Mode, but need to spend more time with it. I took it relatively easy to get a...
  14. Q

    Stealth Hitch

    Hi All, For sale is the combo package (rack and towing) from Stealth Hitches $837 - Tesla Model 3 Hitch Combo (Rack + Towing) 2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE COMBO PACKAGE? Hitch beam (bolt up design) Stainless steel latching mechanism w/ integral lock 4 – way connector with...
  15. Red Rocket IV

    2020 Model 3 Stealth Performance

    2020 Model 3 Stealth Performance White Ext Black Int 19” sport wheels with carbon center caps 9916 miles Asking $52k $10k + in added performance and protection Xpel Ultimate full body PPF GTechniq Ceramic coated Xpel Prime XR 30% tint all windows Tesla Sunroof and rear window screen Mountain...
  16. 2017S&XLftBhnd

    UP Dual Rate Lowering Springs

    Received my Unplugged Performance DUAL RATE LINEAR LOWERING SPRING set earlier this week and just got them installed on my Stealth Performance Y, so far they are totally worth it. Dropped tire to trim distance around 1.75-2 inches. Ride is much smoother, no whole car jolt over bumps, driving...
  17. 5pointconroe

    Vendor Matte Clear Bra And Ceramic Coating - 1 Year Review

    Here is a 1 year review of the owner driving his own Tesla Model X with services provided by his own company. 5 Point / Ceramic Pro Woodlands has a location in Woodlands, TX and work on Tesla's Daily! Installing matte clear bra on your vehicle makes you stand out from the crowd and gives your...
  18. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor Matte Clear Bra And Ceramic Coating - 1 Year Review

    Here is a 1 year review of the owner driving his own Tesla Model X with services provided by his own company. 5 Point Auto Spa / Ceramic Pro San Diego has locations in Carlsbad and San Diego and work on Tesla's Daily. Installing matte clear bra on your vehicle makes you stand out from the crowd...
  19. T

    PPF Installers in Nashville?

    I'm currently doing some research on PPF installers in the greater Nashville area. After speaking with every company listed on the XPEL website, it seems that none of them remove trim and wrap every panel. The consistent message I got was that they will wrap where they can (e.g., frunk lid) but...
  20. antdun

    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    When I purchased my Model S 85 D just over a year ago one of the big concessions I made when purchasing it was giving up my ability to tow trailers or use my trailer hitch bike rack. I knew there was an aftermarket trailer hitch option, but I was a little scared to take my Tesla apart, and I...
  21. P

    2019 Canada P3D- 11,000 kms white black interior. Stealth

    autopilot with HDW 3.0 - No FSD All Wheel Drive - dual motor 500 km Range 19" wheels 1 owner Never driven in snow or salt Garaged since day one in private garage Front paint protection film No accidents - Clean Carfax provided for buyer. Gst will be added to sales price as vehicle is owned by my...
  22. 2017S&XLftBhnd

    Stealth Performance VIN Assignment Waiting Room

    Now that the website no longer offers the Stealth Performance model, how many like I are still awaiting a VIN assignment for your Stealth??
  23. XPEL

    Vendor STEALTH PPF Interior Protection

    By now you have probably heard of paint protection film for the exterior of your Tesla. But did you know that you can have PPF applied to the inside of your Tesla on the piano black surfaces? Those piano black surfaces tend to get swirled, scratched, bumped, and bruised. The XPEL PPF will cover...
  24. ElectricIAC


    After getting offered/matched a VIN with a small compromise (seats not white) LR AWD: MSM/Black/20” we were pumped to take delivery in early April. Unbeknownst to us, the match was taken away without explanation or notice and after setting the Mrs’ loose on Sales was offered an adjustment for...
  25. J

    Can I Still Buy a Stealth Model 3 (P3D-)?

    My understanding was the Stealth was always an "off-menu" item that you needed to request from your SA. However, Tesla's website has now seemingly enabled buyers this option directly by allowing one to purchase a Performance Model 3 WITHOUT the extras (no larger brake calipers, no 20" wheels...
  26. I

    Hello from California

    Hello from California Here is my Stealth Performance Model 3 which I named Soulless
  27. R

    Choose my Tesla: Comparing True Cost of Ownership

    Okay well today is the day, well tomorrow is when I buy so I decide today. This is a follow up post to one I created yesterday and got some much appreciated feedback from the community here. I really do appreciate it and will also monitor those. I wanted to update some numbers, streamline...
  28. P

    Switching from LR AWD to P3D- for faster delivery?

    Hi guys. I'm pretty new to the idea of the Stealth Performance Model 3, but looking around at the order tracking thread & the waiting room threads, it sounds like people get matched with VINs pretty quickly for them. I have a LR AWD ordered 11/27 and no VIN yet. I'm kind of out in the middle of...
  29. O

    Help me track down a stealth

    I was supposed to get a stinger gt1... That was the car. I watched hours of videos, read tons of articles, it was it! It was the one! Then, I drove the tesla. As an mx5 nd rf owner, an iron883 rider, I didn't expect the quiet gadget car to win me over. But it did. So, in a very...
  30. W

    2018 P3D Stealth + FSD Blk/Blk 7K miles $51K

    I'm thinking of selling my Performance Model 3 Stealth with the 18 inch wheels. It has 3.2 seconds 0-60 and track mode, but with 18 inch wheels for better clearance and winter handling. It is the 2018 model with full self driving. A new model with this configuration will cost you $57,000...
  31. AusDetail

    Vendor Matte converted M3

    Need help standing out? Contact us today.
  32. XPEL

    Vendor Myth Busting Teslas Most Talked About Flaw!

    Kim from Like Tesla took her Model 3 and Model X to AP3 (Atlanta Precision Paint Protection) for an XPEL PPF check up. During her visit, Kim and Tiaan go in depth on Tesla paint quality and if there is truth to the myth that Tesla paint is unusually defective. In the video you'll also learn if...
  33. H

    Black or MSM Stealth Wrapped M3?

    Tesla Model 3 - Midnight Silver Metallic - Stealth PPF - OCDetailing - BayAreaDetails.com Tesla Model 3 - Solid Black - XPEL Stealth - OCDetailing - BayAreaDetails.com
  34. rossa

    “That’s a wrap, folks”

    Channeling some Spielberg...
  35. Joseph Torbati

    Vendor Lord Vader your vehicle has arrived!

    When Lord Vader needed a ground transport for storm troopers we knew what to do!! Being such a Star Wars fan I was honored to be trusted with this task. And judging by the fact that he did not crush my trachea using the force we got it right! I give to you the OCDetailing "Storm Trooper!" This...
  36. K

    Attn: Matte Wrapped Tesla Owners - Any Regrets?

    Hello! I'm debating doing a full wrap on my MX when it arrives and I LOVE the look of the Matte XPel Stealth wrap. I'm also going to powder coat my rims matte black (exterior car color is dark blue). I also love the look of the shiny car style without the matte. My question to anyone who has a...
  37. JoshM

    Model S - Deep Blue Metallic w/Stealth Wrap

    Hi, I'm new here. I assume many of you also frequent /r/teslamotors and this post may be redundant. But I thought I'd share with everyone anyway. I recently got my S (12/13) and dropped it off at Exotic Vehicle Wraps in Dulles, Virginia the following morning. They applied xPel Stealth to the...
  38. lucy

    Should I stealth wrap over my deep metallic blue MS?

    I plan to wrap, and love the satin/matte look, but fear it will darken the color until the car just looks black. This will be the first time I wrap a car, what should I do?