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steering wheel feedback

  1. K

    Steering wheel split vinyl

    I've had my Model Y for about a month now, and recently discovered a small split in the underside of the vinyl of my steering wheel. I have a scheduled mobile repair estimated at $653.38. The technician will determine at the time of the appointment whether this is covered under warranty. Has...
  2. T

    Fat steering wheel hurts my hands

    As a Hand Surgeon, I’m very sensitive to how things feel. My M3 has a much fatter steering wheel than my other 2 ICE cars, leaving my fingers more sore after a day of commuting. Anyone have this experience? How hard is it to change it to a thinner one?
  3. B

    Wishlist...Adaptive steering settings?

    I am not sure where to post this. I wish there was a way to set specific steering wheel feel at certain speeds. Example Soft<25mph Standard (25-65mph) sport >65mph This could be saved for individual driver profiles. Would be a soft way of having adaptive steering feel. Additionally...
  4. Raindog1

    Model 3 vibration through the steering wheel. Any help appreciated.

    I've had my car for a few months now and it has been flawless until recently. I'm getting a vibration through the steering wheel. It doesn't seem to happen under different conditions such as, on acceleration, on re-gen braking or braking in general. It feels like its coming from the passenger...