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  1. E

    Multiple Warning Symbols on Model 3 Display

    Morning all, I’m new to the forum, I’m hoping someone can set my mind at ease or point me in the right direction… Last night I was driving home and got a warning on the display relating to steering assistance. It stated that greater steering force may be required. Following that, I got a load...
  2. W

    Power steering vibration on Model Y

    Is anyone else getting vibration on the steering on a Model Y? I picked up our car in September 2022 and recently the power steering became jittery and was no longer smooth. I booked the car in to be looked at but got a call the day before saying it was a known software issue on Model Ys with...
  3. J

    Turned steering while parked near kerb, heard a grind

    Hi, I was parked very close to the kerb and I turned the steering to drive away. I heard a grinding sound which is presumably the sound of the tyre pushing against the kerb, and there was some kerb rash. This has happened a couple of times now. Should I get my Model Y inspected for damage to...
  4. U

    Plaid front wheels break traction in tight turn into garage

    My 2022 Plaid slips the outside front wheels on tight turns at low speeds (1-15 MPH). The same thing happens when reversing in the same direction. As a result, there is a clear tire prints into the garage. Any other Plaid or newer Model S owners having the same experience? My suspicion is...
  5. G

    Mechanics in Amsterdam

    I have a Raven Model S with some suspension/steering issues and I’m looking for a reputable repair shop around Amsterdam to fix it. Any recommendations?
  6. C

    Wobble at low speed, vibration at high speed.

    I decided to start a new thread since most of the similar threads were old. I have a 2008 Model X 100d that I recently purchased. Overall, I love the vehicle, but there is a concerning issue which recently started that I was hoping for some guidance on. In short, when driving at low speeds...
  7. T

    Hit fairly large trench, bottomed out

    Was showing a friend autopilot at night on a road w/out streetlights, when we ran into this massive trench in the road. Looked like 5 ft of asphalt was sectioned out across the whole lane for construction or some bullcrap, but there was no warning whatsoever 🤬. We were going about 30 mph which...
  8. D

    '21 Plaid Model S | Creaking/Grinding Sound When Stopped + Brake Activated

    Hi y'all. Long time lurker here, and now glad to finally be a part of this community. I consider myself a lucky one out of the bunch, given that my Plaid (Oct 21 delivery) hasn't given me any major issues... until now, seemingly. This post will be detailed, and I hope it will either a)...

    22 MYP: Update broke my steering wheel telescoping?

    Last night I updated my car to the latest software that was available (2022.4.5.4). When I got into the car today, I realized the steering felt really off, and the wheel was too far away and not comfortable. I pulled over to adjust the settings and realized the telescoping no longer works. It...
  10. M

    M3 no power steering ONLY when on the ground

    I've bought a M3 2019 that went off-road and damaged a control arm on left front wheel (it was replaced). After the damage, the power steering worked just fine until one moment where it would cut off power steering at some angle of turning and showed the following code: "ui_a020" - no power...
  11. M

    Yoke steering for model 3 / Y Perforated leather and glossy CF

    Used for less than 2 weeks. Button modules and harness included. You will need to relocate lower module and air bag from your original wheel. Easy 5-10 min installation. OEM Tesla core. $475 shipped to lower 48
  12. V

    Multiple errors on Screen

  13. AlanSubie4Life

    FSD Steering Characteristics Discussion

    Moving this discussion from the Elon FSD tweets thread...this is a discussion about the behavior of the steering in FSD Beta (at the moment 10.4). My summary is that it jerks around a lot unnecessarily and the preceding discussion in the other thread was about whether or not this was a bug...
  14. C

    Corrective Steering applied off road detected

    My model Y keeps giving me the "Corrective steering applied, off road detected" (or something very similar) error/alarm. I am going less than 25mph, in parking lots, or on residential streets when this happens. I don't feel anything in the steering. It usually scares the crap out of me and I...
  15. Yanquetino

    POLL: Make yoke or steering wheel an option?

    We've seen that owners have polarized opinions about the yoke in the refreshed Model S Plaid. Should Tesla give owners the option of choosing a yoke or a steering wheel when ordering car —like it already does with paint colors, dark or white interior, battery size, wheel sizes, FSD, etc?
  16. G

    DIY Steering Rack Replacement 2016 Model S

    Just had my power steering fail on my 2016 Model S 85D. Car is now out of warranty and Tesla remote diagnostics suggest that a steering rack replacement may be required. Part alone with be £3,000. Following the Tesla recall and Steering Rack motor bolt replacement I had the clicking/popping...
  17. dskid

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    We have a 2019 X 100D (pre-Raven). It’s developed a strange issue that Tesla has not been able to diagnose. When driving straight, the car will randomly “tug” to the left or the right. You can feel the tension on the wheel and it’s as if the car is fighting you. It can always be overcome, but...
  18. ijoe13

    2021 Model 3 Steering Column Side to Side Movement

    I’ve had my Model 3 for a couple of months and noticed that the steering column seems to have a slight left-right movement to its. It’s small, but definitely noticeable. No matter how in/out or up/down I set the wheel, it’s still evident. I had Tesla service look at it but they said they had to...
  19. S

    Steering is almost stuck and very hard like rotating heavy farm machinery all of a sudden

    2016 Model S 75D I had really scary experience today evening. After charging, I tried to pull the car out of charger parking spot, I could not steer. Confused and checked under front wheel if anything was stuck. Nothing !. Then I tried to forcefully steer, I could, but it was very hard like...
  20. islandbayy

    Steering U-Joint Lower Shaft Issue and my Solution so far.

    Lesser known issue that is more common in the snow belt area is the Lower Steering I-Shaft U-Joint. Problem is that it is more exposed to the elements, and subject to Water, Snow, Salt, Sand, Dirt, and anything else that can be kicked up by the drivers side tire while driving. What ends up...
  21. S

    Model X 75D undrivable after alerts

    Hi, first time posting here and I apologize for incoming sob story but finding myself with limited recourse to solve my situation and hoping someone knows a way to help. I received my Model X 75D June 2018 and instantly fell in love. I stretched my budget a bit (or more) but found every bit of...
  22. Gwgan

    Model X power steering bolts NHTSA Recall

    NHTSA Recall Code 20V-062 certain Model X 2015-1016 bolts holding power steering unit can corrode and break. This was settled on early Model S some time ago. I received a letter about this in early April and the best guess at that time was that the parts would be available in Late Summer 2020...
  23. jobiggs24

    Creaking - Driver's Side Front Wheel Well

    There's a creaking sound when I push down on the front of the car or when driving at slow speeds or turning the steering wheel. Service center said lower control arms would fix it but it didn't. Hoping someone here can help me out. The sound is quite embarrassing.. 2013 S85. Just had drive unit...
  24. jobiggs24

    Creaking from Driver's Side Front Wheel Well

    There's a creaking sound when I push down on the front of the car or when driving at slow speeds or turning the steering wheel. Service center said lower control arms would fix it but it didn't. Hoping someone here can help me out. Hesitant to go back to service center because I have Openpilot...
  25. X

    Removing Steering Rod

    I have a bent steering rod on model S 2017 75D. Trying to replace it. Found one that is part of a whole steering assembly. I cannot remove the rod (red cloud in picture). tried to twist the piece that holds it (yellow highlighted) but would not turn. Any ideas how to remove? Thanks Bill
  26. Avendit

    Alignment issue or something else?

    Hi all, Just had my '3 back from tesla for its second visit to look at the wheel alignment. on delivery it was very dead around the mid point and the steering wheel wasn't centered. Got it back and the wheel was centered and the steering felt much more responsive, but something still wasn't...
  27. CMc1

    UK Model 3 gone tits

    Extended steering wheel using left scroll wheel and it continued to extend to max, with no input. Had to use driver profile switch to make it retract in. Scroll wheel became unresponsive. Followed by these error messages appearing when selecting drive. Tesla support rebooted car remotely...
  28. S

    2018 Model S Doing Lane Correction with AP Disengaged?

    I noticed something 'strange' recently with my 2018 Model S 75D (AP v9) - while driving home, on side streets, it felt like my alignment was a bit off, and the car was 'pulling' slightly (in this case, to the left (median lane) whenever I would allow the wheels to cross over the actual lane...
  29. B

    Wishlist...Adaptive steering settings?

    I am not sure where to post this. I wish there was a way to set specific steering wheel feel at certain speeds. Example Soft<25mph Standard (25-65mph) sport >65mph This could be saved for individual driver profiles. Would be a soft way of having adaptive steering feel. Additionally...
  30. UncaNed

    Is it possible to activate heated steering wheel on 2018 S and X?

    If I have non-PUP 2018 Model X, can I get the steering wheel heat somehow?
  31. Raindog1

    Model 3 vibration through the steering wheel. Any help appreciated.

    I've had my car for a few months now and it has been flawless until recently. I'm getting a vibration through the steering wheel. It doesn't seem to happen under different conditions such as, on acceleration, on re-gen braking or braking in general. It feels like its coming from the passenger...
  32. selfbp

    Some woman hit my car. Anyone experienced in the rack and pinion?

    Well a woman hit my parked car- front left wheel Saturday and I came back to some damage to my XPEL wrap but thankfully no permanent visible damage. I'm almost 100% that it was just her SUV's tire that smacked me. My concern is that I was not there to view the incident and now my alignment is...
  33. G

    Steering squeaking at low speeds

    Hey TMC. I’ve had my model 3 for a week now and it’s beven great! Now that I’m not taking advantage of the awesome acceleration at every oppurtunity, I’ve noticed a squeak in the steering. It happens at low speeds 1-5mph and only when the steering wheel crosses the center point(where the...
  34. M

    Constant creaking/croaking sound when brakes are applied. Audio included.

    Help identifying constant creaking croaking sound when brakes are applied. Audio included It's been 30 days since we took delivery of the 75 model. Everything else is great, but within 3 weeks I started hearing a rubbery creaking/croaking sound every time I... 1) Turn the wheel depressing the...
  35. S

    Extra vibration through steering wheel.

    Picked up my TM3 RWD last weekend. One thing I've noticed is some kind of extra vibration through the steering wheel over bumps. Almost like it's connected to something that is reverberating like a spring. I normally wouldn't think much of it, but I rented a model 3 several months ago and I...
  36. E

    Anyone Notice a Random Steering Vibrate?

    So I’ve notice on my M3 that there’s a random steering wheel vibrate, often when accelerating or decelerating between 35-50 mph. It almost feels like those cars that have the steering wheel warning when you’re going over a lane, or even feels like driving over a bunch of small bumps....it always...

    Disengaging EAP Explored - Anyone else try these things?

    On Freeway, turning, if you steer into the turn during EAP, it seems that my torque on the wheel + car steering force was exceeding turning limit and disengages EAP. Sometimes you won't feel it disengaging if your force equals the force on the turn (balanced). So besides the chime, control is...
  38. T

    How does the autopilot turn the steering shaft?

    Hi guys! I'm in the market for a new vehicle and I've been looking into teslas and seeing some videos. I'm just curious, title says it all thanks!
  39. H

    Model S veers to the right

    I have noticed that the car has been veering to the right I took it to discount tire they did a full tire alignment and balance. After I called Tesla informing them that it didn't fix anything i just brought the car in a few weeks ago and a service advisor in which he test drove the car which...
  40. C

    Car Needs Service - Steering Assist Reduced

    My M3 only drive 1500+ mile, i got my first alert on the morning. the monitor shows Car Needs Service - Steering Assist Reduced tried the reboot, went out and back in. come back to the car a few hours later, and it still shows on next day. driving is fine, no strange feel i can tell. but still...
  41. O

    Custom Steering Wheels

    I am window shopping on some Model 3 upgrades, but thoughts on custom steering wheels: go with real carbon fiber or open pore wood? If I go with carbon fiber, I would preferably have a matching dashboard. The wood looks smoother than the Model 3 dashboard.
  42. Kandiru

    Jerky Steering

    2015 S85D steering suddenly jerky this morning. I pulled out of the garage and the wheel was cogwheeling like a parkinsonian's distal biceps tendon, ie shuddering, giving opposing input, to the point that I had to fight it to turn. Continuing the drive it seemed the power steering had a mind of...
  43. ToddRLockwood

    Possible updated steering system on 2018 Model S?

    Last weekend, I went to a Tesla test drive event and drove a new Model S 100D (likely Dec 2017 production). The one difference I noticed when compared to my 2016 90D (post-refresh) is that the steering seemed to offer more feedback from the road, and it also had a considerably more pronounced...
  44. N

    Suggested Change to Steering Profile/Program Model S/X

    I suggest adding an additional Steering Mode Program called "VARIABLE ASSIST" where in the steering program is SPORT when at highway speeds and is COMFORT at parking lot speeds. Currently our choices are Comfort, Standard, Sport. Variable assist power steering is not new and seems like it...
  45. M

    Does AutoPilot (AP) Do This On Your Model S

    Just curious to know if anyone out there thinks, as I do, that the Lane Correction is not as smooth as it should be (software version 2017.44). Now I love using AutoPilot on California freeways. Just one thing bugs me. When driving on an absolutely straight section of the highway, and not...
  46. Old Wyseguy

    V 8.0 Autopilot

    I've recently gotten the Ver. 8.0 update and fully expected the autopilot feature to be more responsive than it is. In straight line driving in traffic I found it (for the most part) reduces speed earlier and smoother when approaching stopped traffic and that was impressive. However, tonight on...
  47. jellybeans

    Very Stiff Steering Wheel Issue

    Hey All, A few weeks ago when I was pulling out of a Trader Joe's parking lot in a tight turn and my steering wheel locked up. The car was powered, everything was on except that the steering wheel was very stiff, as if powered steering turned off. Turning the wheel required a tremendous amount...
  48. dhelmly

    Why no pictures of the dash and front console layout?

    Am I missing a thread somewhere? No pictures of the dash and front console on website or picts from last night? Looks more or less the same as Model S? At CES the steering wheel had advanced touch controls like a small iPod screen. Did these make it into production? - my guess is no.
  49. Electricfan

    Autopilot a fraud? The linked author bets Elon he'll eat a hat if it changes lanes!

    I sold my Model S to buy a new one specifically because of the "auto pilot" feature, and Elon's promise that soon (June or July) software will enable the auto-steering function of the car. I will not be too upset if the car only keeps its lane and does not automatically change lanes and pass...
  50. M

    Steering Mode

    Which steering mode do you use most often and why?

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