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  1. MichaelP90DL

    The "Raven" Model S: Cool sticker.

    Found this on Amazon. Musk named the Raven Performance S and X for the X-Men character Mystique, aka Raven Darkholme. Comes in various sizes. :) The second image I shot at a local car club gathering today. My idea of funny.
  2. M

    Removing delivery sticker from windscreen

    Hi All, had my model 3 delivery a couple of weeks ago with the windscreen QR code sticker still in place. Delivery guy current get away fast enough and I see why now, I can't get the darn thing off! Any hints / tips? It's driving me nuts!
  3. FalconFour

    Bumper Sticker/Magnet "I'm probably not driving"

    For a while, I thought it'd be good to indicate that I'm on Autopilot. A blue light, maybe? "You're arguing with a computer"... After lots of thought, I ended up settling on this. It matches the same font and style as the notifications in the car, because why not? Also, one in white as it looks...
  4. FlyErik

    Putting plastic/vinyl UNDER your HOV stickers.....?

    I was trying to figure out a way NOT to destroy or damage the beautiful paint on my M3 and wondered what would happen if I took a thick ziploc baggie, cut the plastic SLIGHTLY smaller than each HOV sticker, and then applied it.... This might only leave an outline if I decide to remove the...
  5. S

    Calif. HOV stickers for cars applying 1st time for program (in 2019)

    Having recently taken delivery of my new Model 3, which will sometimes be used on the highway in the HOV lanes, I was wondering whether it made sense to apply now for the remaining time left in 2018 or wait for a new program sticker for 2019 and get a full year out of the new program. Found this...
  6. Bill D

    Florida HOV sticker placement?

    I just picked up my Florida HOV sticker so I can drive alone in HOV lanes. This seemed like a no-brainer for $7 per year. This big rectangular sticker has a peel-off backing that says "PLACE ON LOWER RIGHT CORNER OF VEHICLE REAR WINDOW", but the curved MS rear window doesn't really have a...
  7. TheAustin

    Various HOV Lane sticker application methods

    Like many people, I was horrified about the idea of placing NY State Clean Pass stickers on my Model S, even though it would let me use the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane of the Long Island Expressway by myself, whenever I wanted to. So, I came up with a solution that has worked out very well...