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  1. Tam

    Stolen by CAN Injection in 90 seconds

    The video recorded how thieves were able to steal Lexus RX in 90 seconds by accessing the headlight through the wheel arch. Headlights are controlled by ECU (electronic control unit). From there, a thief can reprogram the ECU to unlock the door and drive away. Thus, it's called CAN Injection...
  2. asmith305

    Stolen J1772 Adapter

    I had my J1772 charging adapter stolen from my M3 yesterday while charging at a public station at the Domain in Austin, TX. I'm pretty shocked by this because two security features failed during this incident in my opinion. I was under the impression that the adapter would always be locked in...
  3. RNHurt

    What do you do if your Tesla is stolen?

    Is there some sort of a checklist? Someone had a checklist for accepting a new Tesla and I thought it might be useful to think about how to handle a theft in the same way. I use my phone as my key and more than once I've thought about someone grabbing my phone (say, at the gym) and driving...
  4. mikeB87

    What are your options if your Tesla M3 gets stolen? And features I would like to see.

    Features I would love to see: -> Remotely turn on PIN to Drive from your phone -> Force the car to park from your phone. I know their's security concerns here. Even though Tesla's are on a list of least stolen cars. I wouldn't mind having even more peace of mind with a few extra features. :)
  5. S

    Salvaged tesla update

    Hello Tesla owners I am new to this forum so greatings. I bought a salvage tesla from an auto auction in the usa ... i live in jordan ... the car was shipped here and when i received it i found out that the battery was stolen from the car... i started looking for a new battery here and i...
  6. .jg.

    Video of a Model S being stolen in the UK

    Video of a Model S being stolen in the UK, a few days ago. Passive Entry was enabled and Pin to Drive was not enabled.
  7. Reeler

    How much would you pay for new fobs so your car cannot be easily stolen?

    Your Model S can be stolen with a few hundred dollars of off-the-shelf equipment if you didn't buy in the last few months. Cars sold before June 2018 have this vulnerability, but not any Model X so Tesla has had the solution available for a few years without bothering to update things on the...
  8. J

    Tesla Nose Cone Stolen!

    Last night, 4/28/17, we were parked in downtown Springfield Missouri. When we got back to the car, someone had stolen the nose cone! Has anyone ever had something like this happen???
  9. Tam

    Two Tesla Model S cars were recently stolen in Europe and it’s puzzling the owners

    Two Tesla Model S cars were recently stolen in Europe and it’s puzzling the owners The FOBs were not in those cars. It could be a weak password where thieves could crack the cellphone app. Owners could not locate their cars with GPS tracking so the feature must have been tampered by the...