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stop signs

  1. C

    FSD Doesn't actually stop at stopsigns

    Please let me know if this is only my car or just standard behaviour. This is referring to situations when the car is NOT "creeping forward for visibility" Whenever the car approaches a stop sign, it will always very abruptly slow down about a car length or so from the stopsign continue...
  2. n.one.one

    Stop sign problem with TACC - stops before traffic is visible

    While I see many good things about stopping at stop signs under TACC and Autosteer I've experienced one very serious problem and it will be interesting to see how this gets solved. I regularly approach a stop sign at a T intersection and the cars coming from the left and right don't have a stop...
  3. Padelford

    Just saw a stop sign in my driver display!

    AP 2.0 on 2019.12.5. The sign showed up at the very last moment while on autopilot - I was trying to let the car react to a T-intersection, and I hit the brakes when I realized it wasn’t stopping itself for the intersection. No traffic light, just stop signs.
  4. fasteddie7

    New "hold" feature on ap1 and the future

    I had the opportunity to experience the new "hold" feature on my ap1 S while waiting at an exceptionally long light, and it got me thinking: considering the mobile eye cameras can recognize stop signs and I believe the color red, along with gps data, perhaps the new hold feature will be used...
  5. 787steve

    Stop signs and Red Lights

    Ok, I'm a newbie. In fact, delivery in two days. One thing I don't quite understand is why the autopilot suite does not brake for stop signs and traffic lights. The cam should pick them up. The only theory I can come up with is a possible problem from such items oriented in a confusing way...