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storage solutions

  1. T

    Second Row storage

    Hello, I am new to the forum. Haven't found anything related so new post. I have a 2023 MX LR 5 seater ultra red in order. Waiting for VIN. I see there are no storage options in the second row other than 2 retractable cup holders. What are some good accessories that can be used in the absence of...
  2. L

    Long term storage

    Hi Forum - I am leaving town for 3 months and do not have a garage to store and plug in my Tesla 3 so looking for another solution. I live in Potomac, MD. Can it go that long unplugged? Is there a storage lot I can pay to use? Is there a trusted, bonded service provider that can come and get it...
  3. Q

    Using Battery Maintainer on 12V battery when in storage

    A general manager at Tesla service recommended employing a battery maintainer when my car is in storage for 3 months. I picked up a Schumacher 1.5 A but wondered if A) Amp is enough B) If I need a lithium retainer (vs standard AGM deep-cycle). The car will be in a garage in dessert end of August...
  4. CarsonGallo

    Seat Back Organizers for Tesla Model X

    Looking for good high quality Seat Back Organizers for my 2018 Tesla Model X 5 Seater. Been through all of these threads and so far nothing good for Model X's. Anyone come across anything good since these threads. Seat back organizers for Model X? : teslamotors Where to put kiddie crap in X...
  5. hmmm

    FS: Carina's Handmade Alcantara Tesla Tray - $85 shipped

    The oldtimers on here know that this is the tray that started it all. Hand made in Norway as a side gig by a lady named Carina. These are specifically designed to fit under the MCU for the pre-center console MSs as well as MXs. This one is designed for LHD cars. What I love about it: - It...
  6. mspohr

    Grid News

    Lots of development happening around microgrids. Here's an interesting project. Miramar Microgrid to Demonstrate Reliable Power from Landfill Gases Resources within the Miramar microgrid 1.3 MW solar photovoltaics 3.2 MW landfill gas 6.45 MW diesel and natural gas power plant 1.6 MW HVAC...