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  1. N

    Repair Negligence or Coincidence?

    Hi Tesla family! Let me begin by apologizing if this is being posted in the wrong location (please reach out if there is a better location for me to post). I could really use some advice on how to proceed with a Tesla repair nightmare: Back in May, my wife was in a minor accident with her 2012...
  2. W

    Available Model Y Trunk Storage Bins with Lids

    I have a set of brand new trunk bins found on Tesla's shop. I found out the hard way that these DO NOT fit in MY23, hence why I'm selling them. I believe they fit in the earlier 2022's and all of the years before that. I'm also open to trading for ones that do fit. Asking $70. Located in...
  3. M

    Winter tires and storage Model 3

    Hi Everyone! I just got my Tesla model 3 and wondering if there are any recommendations on where to get winter tires + install + storage (preferably Scarborough, Markham area). I've been reading that I need to bring my own lifting jack and tpms sensor if I brought it to a third party...
  4. Q

    Model Y 2022 Hidden Armrest Storage Box

    I ordered this armrest box along with some new floor mats from Taptes just because it seemed cool. It installed with some 2 sided tape and only took about a minute to put in. It looks clean and utilizes the unusable space well. Works great for us to keep some spare change in for emergencies...
  5. J

    Is M3 Big Enough?

    Really want a MY but I might be a bit priced out of that. So considering a M3. I have three basically grown kids (two live with mom the other, college grad, lives with me right now) and rarely more than 2 of them in the car at the same time. Also have a black lab that is in the car a lot...
  6. rokitnerd

    aero cover storage options?

    I intend to take the aero covers off of my Gemini wheels pretty much immediately and would love a safe way to store the aero covers for when I need them. What is the best storage option?
  7. skyline

    Vendor Skyline Model 3/Y USB Hub & Console Insert

    We are proud to release yet another unique and innovative product – the Skyline Console Insert with USB Hub! This fits all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with the first generation console (all cars until the upcoming interior refresh). The insert is offered in two configurations to meet your...
  8. skyline

    Vendor Skyline Introduces the Best Accessory for Model Y & 3 Interior!

    We are proud to release yet another unique and innovative product – the Skyline Console Insert with USB Hub! This fits all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles! The insert is offered in two configurations to meet your specific needs: cup holder or storage tray. Check out the video to see it...
  9. 5Wheeler

    where to find seat back storage net for NextGen seats

    Just bought a used 2014 P85D with NextGen seats. I saw one of my co-worker's 2015 90D has some sort of storage net installed on the back of the two front seats. He said it's aftermarket and it's a screw in but looks very well integrated. I looked online but wasn't able to find it anywhere. The...
  10. HectorATX

    Model Y Outdoor Car Cover Tesla Brand

    I bought the $300 outdoor cover from Tesla because I don't have a garage. I have a huge oak tree hovering over the car. And before you report me to PETA, I love all animals. All of them. But these ****ing birds are laughing at my fake owl. I think the fake owl now comforts them. Since it...
  11. CertLive

    Lockdown State Of Charge

    So unfortunately but then inevitable shutdown of the UK is now in effect. So like many of us the Model 3 needs some downtime. I will garage mine but am thinking to attach the slow charger that came with it, plug it in and store it at 70%. Think this is a good preference for a few weeks? Or is it...
  12. F

    Intended usage of cutout in rear trunk

    Left side of rear trunk. What is this space for? I’m new to cars. Windshield washer fluid container does not fit in here. (Where do I put that?)
  13. S

    Creative interior space

    I’ve been trying to think of the best use of space/storage in the cabin. Have you come up with creative ideas? Seen a few things on amazon but am interested to seen what the community has come up with. Some examples 1. The footwell walls along the center console would work with dollar store...
  14. GolanB

    Cargo Container - Thule, Yakima, Other?

    I went ahead and ordered the Tesla Roof Rack today, and my next order of business is to find a solid Cargo Container to mount to it. Has anyone had any luck mounting Thule, or Yakima storage containers to the roof of their Model 3 - using the Tesla Roof Rack System? - I realize that these...
  15. Brando

    JB Straubel - CTO - Chief Technology Officer - talks

    CERAWEEK - Technology Keynote Tesla Reimagines the Century-old Power Grid - JB Straubel JB STRAUBEL - INNOVATION LIKE TESLA @ CO-OP THINK
  16. skyline

    Vendor Finally a place for sunglasses in Model 3!

    Hello TMC! At Skyline, we have been hard at work designing and testing cool new accessories for the Tesla community! Last year, we introduced our Case-friendly Phone Dock for Model 3, and the feedback has been clear: Model 3 owners love it! Customers who have reviewed their purchase have...
  17. justinchu77

    What usb drive GB do you use for dash cam?

    The normal dash cam mode rewrites every 2GB I think? So I guess Sentry Mode is the one that's truly occupying. Anyway, lets hear it!
  18. P

    Shipping Model 3 to Hawaii

    Hi, New to the forum, couldn't find any topics on this- apologize if this has been covered. I'm getting stationed in Pearl Harbor and will be shipping my Model 3 LR AWD from Baltimore, MD to Honolulu, HI in July. I've been told that the shipping process takes approx 4-6 weeks from drop off to...
  19. CarsonGallo

    Seat Back Organizers for Tesla Model X

    Looking for good high quality Seat Back Organizers for my 2018 Tesla Model X 5 Seater. Been through all of these threads and so far nothing good for Model X's. Anyone come across anything good since these threads. Seat back organizers for Model X? : teslamotors Where to put kiddie crap in X...
  20. hmmm

    FS: Carina's Handmade Alcantara Tesla Tray - $85 shipped

    The oldtimers on here know that this is the tray that started it all. Hand made in Norway as a side gig by a lady named Carina. These are specifically designed to fit under the MCU for the pre-center console MSs as well as MXs. This one is designed for LHD cars. What I love about it: - It...
  21. jobiggs24

    Mobile Connector(UMC) Bag

    Just bought a used Model S and seller included the Mobile Connector but no bag. Can someone help me out? Located in NY 12208
  22. mspohr

    Natural gas, a bridge to nowhere?

    Clean energy is catching up to natural gas much faster than anyone thought Interesting discussion that energy market is changing much faster than predicted so that it will no longer be economic to build or operate natural gas plants.
  23. K

    Long term storage

    So I'm going to store my Model S for at least a year, probably two. I'll leave it in the garage, with a 50% charge rate, plugged in, perhaps with a cover on it. I was also planning on putting it on some of those circular-depression ramps - something like these, but not sure if that is sufficient...
  24. Triumphz28

    Rear Trunk Lower Storage Cover - OEM - Tesla Model S

    Rear Trunk Lower Storage Cover - OEM - Tesla Model S - black carpet - no tears, no stains, no issues. Pickup in Torrance, CA 90505 is preferred. Make me your best offer!
  25. Triumphz28

    Parcel Shelf - Tesla Model S - Excellent Condition - Pickup in Torrance, CA 90505

    Parcel Shelf - Tesla Model S - Excellent Condition Pickup in Torrance, CA 90505 (Southern California) Text: 310-9-6-1--2-3-one-nine Price: $150 firm I can text you pictures, having problems uploading images to this ad. Thanks. Text: 310-9-6-1--2-3-one-nine
  26. B

    Recommend Cargo Containment System (Weather Tech)

    I recommend the Cargo Containment System by Weather Tech. It keeps shopping bags, plants, etc from falling over and moving around. You probably need to get the Weather Tech Trunk liner for them to work right. I got both and am happy with them. No, I was not paid for this.
  27. TheTalkingMule

    Aquion Saltwater batteries for $200/kWh

    So Aquion makes saltwater hybrid batteries for residential and larger applications, but their 2.2 - 25kWh batteries retails for something like $420-520/kWh. Well today they claim they can get down to $200/kWh wholesale in as little as 2 years. Pretty sick to think about a 26kWh...
  28. Ormond

    Interior storage in Model X

    I'm embarrassed to admit that I forgot to look at the interior storage during my test drives. Are there front door pockets? Does the center console have storage? I'm considering a six seater.
  29. BobinBoulder

    Where do you put your change?

    Dumb question, but where do you throw all of that extra pocket change in your Model S? Doesn't seem to be a place for it in the console. The charger area would just slosh around and block the charger, and the cup holders.... Just no. Was thinking of buying a small leather box or something...
  30. jellybeans

    Dead Space In the Front Center Console

    Hey All, I got my new S 70 yesterday. While settling into my new car, what hit me the most was the surprising lack of storage space when compared to my old Passat: No front door storage. No arm-rest storage. (What's in there any way?) No seat-back pouch storage. No rear door storage. No rear...
  31. Father Bill

    Avantelle Drop In Rear Seat Console with Cup Holders

    As many have noted as nice as the MS is, it is lacking in some features. Most notably are the storage and cup holder situations. In the front seat I went with soflauthor's CCI and it has been wonderful. It matches my decor perfectly and has the storage and options that make it a home run. I have...
  32. wcalvin

    Door storage space needed

    Most cars that I have owned had a number of storage nooks that the driver could reach. The ones in the doors were big enough for a half-dozen magazines, though I usually used them for maps and trash. My Lexus also has a nice dropdown sunglass compartment in addition to one near the CD; it has a...