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  1. RareEarth

    Tesla Store Canberra

    It is located on Bunda St, just across from Canberra Centre. Not listed on the website yet. Seems to be still in the fitout phase although there is a white Model 3 inside.
  2. L3X1

    Oklahoma City Gallery and Svc Center OPEN

    1125 N Broadway in Automobile Alley in the building of the old Volvo Dealer! Its finally here!!! https://twitter.com/OKCTalk/status/1360226791701565441?s=20
  3. P

    Tesla Online Shop Order Fulfillments

    Hello , this is my first entry in this forum and my very first EV! Took delivery of Model 3 couple weeks back. I wasn't aware it didn't come with Nema 14-50 anymore so ordered one ahead of time. I have been waiting 2 weeks and havent gotten it yet, although I received a tracking number for FexEx...
  4. dalec

    St Leonards sales now shut on Saturday

    FYI, I went to the St Leonards showroom in Sydney yesterday. My main reason to visit was to test out supercharging on my new Model S. I'm taking a road trip and wanted to be sure it all worked flawlessly (it did). But I was also going to buy a CCS charge adapter while I was there. The store info...
  5. T

    Sherway Gardens Store now open - July 20th

    Just an FYI since I haven't seen anything posted. The Sherway Gardens store opened on Friday (July 20th) complete with a red Model 3 in the showroom. Traffic through the store was busy, but it was a short wait to get a good look at the Model 3.
  6. T

    Sherway Gardens Store

    Just saw that Sherway Gardens will be opening up a store this summer. It's near to the Chapters/Indigo and Food Court. Nice match to the Superchargers.
  7. Chuq

    New store - Las Vegas (W Sahara Ave)

    I just saw this news article but couldn't find an existing thread about it! Tesla opens new 26K square-foot Las Vegas showroom I'm guessing the old location will be a dedicated service centre?
  8. S

    Possible new Tesla store/SvC on Long Island - Smithtown/Nesconset area

    Came upon this article from Tuesday, 1/16, about a new location for a Tesla location in New York on Long Island. Given the mention that "the facility would generate solid waste typically associated with 'auto sales and repairs' minus motor oil" would appear to be a store and service center...
  9. K

    New bill would allow 15 additional NY Tesla Stores

    A new bill would allow 15 additional Tesla stores to be built in New York state. It stipulates that at least 5 of the stores must be Upstate and include repair/service facilities. Upstate NY is terribly underserved right now since all 5 of the currently allowed NY Tesla stores are in the...
  10. Chuq


    Scrolled back a long way but couldn't find a thread! It looks like Lisbon will soon get a Tesla store: 11 Rua Professor Henrique Barros 2685-338 Prior Velho Google Maps
  11. Maarten

    Nieuwe vestigingen van Tesla BE/NE/EU

    Leek mij goed om hier een nieuw draadje voor te maken. Deel hier alle harde en zachte info, speculaties en roddels over nieuwe vestigingen/stores (voorstel is wel om het binnen Europa te houden), zodat een ieder op de hoogte is van de laatste info hierover! :cool:
  12. D

    Tesla Buena Park Officially Open (CPO location)

    I have not seen many post regarding the new Buena Park location, so just wanted let the community know that it has officially opened. With sales, service, delivery and CPO vehicles on hand, this is the first location of its kind. They have assembled an extraordinary team that I have the pleasure...
  13. ronmerkord

    Model X on video in Tesla stores

    I was just in one of our local Tesla stores yesterday, and noticed that their streaming video now includes scenes of a Model X, including a quick shot of the back seats with the hatch open. I'm not sure if the shots are of the old version or new, since it was pretty quick. There was also a...