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  1. B

    When will showrooms see Model Y?

    What is typical timing for models to show up in the stores? Will they keep them to the waitlist only for a while, or will showrooms get Model Y soon, too? Anyone know how this went down in for the Model 3?
  2. Lasairfion


    Isn't it about time that Tesla innovated its sales model, like it has everything else about cars? Please check out Know You Know's latest In Depth video regarding an idea put forward about how Tesla should sell cars; and then take the time to Tweet Elon with #salesfleet. You never know: it...
  3. mociaf9

    New Service & Sales Center - Columbus, OH

    Tesla is currently working on opening a new Service and Sales Center location in Columbus, OH Address: 4099 Easton Loop W.; Columbus, OH 43219 Project: A new Tesla Service/Repair Center and Showroom with auto sales at Easton Town Center. Construction/Tenant Improvement has already started...
  4. Larry Chanin

    Tesla is seeking approval to place a store in The Gardens Mall

    Tesla is seeking approval to place a store in The Gardens Mall Larry
  5. Maarten

    Nieuwe vestigingen van Tesla BE/NE/EU

    Leek mij goed om hier een nieuw draadje voor te maken. Deel hier alle harde en zachte info, speculaties en roddels over nieuwe vestigingen/stores (voorstel is wel om het binnen Europa te houden), zodat een ieder op de hoogte is van de laatste info hierover! :cool:
  6. J

    Fast Company story: How Tesla Is Changing The Way We Buy Cars

    Hi everyone, I'm a writer at Fast Company magazine, and I recently published a story about how Tesla is challenging states' dealership laws by selling its cars directly to consumers. (I also test-drove the Model S P90D here in New York, with autopilot, to show why Tesla needs to be able to...
  7. Benz

    "Trouble in Missouri"

    "Trouble in Missouri" Link: http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/trouble-missouri
  8. L

    No More Topanga Mall Charging

    I pulled in today to the Westfield Topanga Mall to do some holiday shopping and to charge my Model S, only to find that Tesla is no longer allowing their customers to charge at their location. Preferred parking and charging has been available since the store first opened, but now they claim...