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streaming problems

  1. M

    Individual songs warped playback speed?

    Hi everyone, my M3 recently started playing certain songs ‘weirdly’ - as if they’re sped up a bit and the bass levels have been turned down. Two examples I can think of are “Sweater Weather” and “Afraid” by The Neighborhood. The beat is a bit too fast, and the vocals are too high-pitched. I’ve...
  2. RNHurt

    Has everyone's streaming audio been spotty lately or is it just me?

    One of the most loved features of my MY is the streaming audio. I love being able to think about a song and then request it! Lately (the past couple of weeks) I've been getting a lot of pauses and failure to play a song. With the latest firmware upgrade it's even starting to skip to the next...
  3. Kappelan

    Music isn't streaming for a week

    My internet radio is not streaming for maybe a week already. It is showing all the channels and everything but just not working. Spotify, Netflix, Youtube are fine. Haven't try to reboot the system yet but not sure that it would be any help. Anyone with similar problem?
  4. Tstachler

    Loss of Streaming & Internet after Software Updates

    For the past year after every update, my LTE connection goes down for several days. Does anyone else experience this issue and is there a work around to reset it (other than the hard reboot the dealer mentions which doesn't work). I have tried pushing both buttons on the steering wheel for the...