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  1. Snowdog

    Poll: How do you feel about Grill-less front end styling?

    There are lot of people posting alternate grill designs. I would like to get a view of how many people really don't like it. I think it is just something new and distinct. Tesla should stick with it, and eventually it could be as iconic as the Porsche 911 front end. They definitely shouldn't...
  2. igotzzoom

    Will the Model 3 Look Like Early Model S Prototype?

    Hi All. If some of you remember the early Model S prototypes, they had a somewhat leaner, tighter look than the production Model S. I'm wondering if the Model 3 will look like the early Model S prototypes. I certainly wouldn't mind. :smile: To jog your memory:
  3. igotzzoom

    Should the "T" be more prominent on the Model 3?

    I'm sure there will be some similarity to the Model S, but I'm hoping the Model 3 will be a little bolder and more daring. One thing I'd like to see is a slightly larger and more prominent "T" at the front of the car. Do you think we'll see that when the concept is revealed next spring, or do...
  4. H

    Will Model X styling be dated by the time it arrives?

    I know the production design has yet to be unveiled, but how much do you think it will change? Should Tesla lead the next styling phase or play it safe? Hyundai seem to have introduced the "free form wave" design that some others have moved towards. Just look at a Ford Escape. It changed...
  5. igotzzoom

    New Gen-III Renderings Request -Theo Chin, Others?

    I think it's time for a new round of Gen-III renderings. I went back through the forum, and found Theo Chin's 5-door hatch Gen-III renderings. Very handsome, but I think it will take more of a fastback form. BTW, I was a big fan of Chin's stunning Model S wagon rendering. What we know so far...