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  1. SEKS

    P90D subframe cracked / rear toe links issue PLEASE HELP

    Hello all, My late 2015 MS P90D, 100.000KM, AP1 Air suspension Tesla, has a very weird issue, that was simply there one day. My wive drives the car as well, but neither of us ever had an accident. The car is standing on staggered 21” Turbines with pretty new Michelin PS4 Acoustic (good profile...
  2. priest777

    Rear Seats (subframe?) squeaks - unbearable

    Hey guys, I've been to the service center once, they tried several things which solved the issue for 10 minutes and it came back. Eventually now i feel the noise got even stronger... Attaching a vid. In my honest opinion this is related to the rear subfrane (metal squeak not plastic) and...
  3. B

    Rough start with new Tesla.... need advice

    So I took delivery of my car last Nov... love it I love the car how it drives everything... but ive had so many issues with the tires/wheels... first it was a nail... then another nail... then a big issue... I hit a curb to avoid a car coming into my lane on a 2 lane road going maybe...
  4. andystj

    Frame Failure called "Normal Wear and Tear" by Tesla Service

    I posted this an hour ago under theModel S Technical / Mechanical Issues'] Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues[/URL] #3117, but a general post about the service experience seems appropriate in light of Tesla's decision to not look at this from an engineering standpoint but rather to just deny...