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  1. J

    Popping Noise with new Soundqubed Subwoofer

    Just recently installed a Soundqubed 8’ in the stock subwoofer box, w/ the stock amp for my 22 MS. There is a popping sound coming from the sub when the bass hits. It’s not all bass notes, but only certain bass notes that causes the popping noise. Do I have a bad sub, or installation. Any...
  2. eXntrc

    Model 3 Sound Project

    Model 3 Sound Project After months of effort, days of writing, and countless hours researching, I'm finally ready to share the Model 3 Sound Project. From the project overview: These posts are my way of documenting my journey, a journey I didn't make alone. I'd like to thank all of the...
  3. G

    Subwoofer in 1.0 with JVC audio

    Anyone with experience putting in a sub woofer. What unit did you use. Where was it put. thanks glenn
  4. A

    Towel inside the car??

    The back trunk lining was coming loose on my M3. As I went to tuck it back under the rubber I looked inside to see the amp and subwoofer - but then I also saw a small yellow towel packed inside yet space. Confused, I opened the lining on the other side and saw a yellow towel stuffed in that...
  5. r0bgj

    Subwoofers anyone?!

    Does anyone on here have aftermarket subwoofers installed? I'm a big bass head and audiophile. Just got my MS and one of my first ad ons will be an audio upgrade. I'm looking forward to some subs in this. HOwever i want something bigger than the NVX i see so many talking about. Anyone here have...