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  1. K

    Wiki UK Superchargers - What3Words

    Hi All, I am hoping to take advantage of the geographic spread and collective knowledge of this forum if i may please. I am trying to compile a list of What3Words locations of Tesla Superchargers, I did a search of the forums to see if something already existed but my search did not bring...
  2. J

    LFP Battery SuC Rates

    Hi all, Given all the news today about changes to build specs on the SR+, soon to be Model 3. I was wondering if anyone has any info on the SuC speeds for the LFP battery. I recall that the charge time for 20 - 80% is slower with the newer battery but would appreciate if someone could validate...
  3. simonsmidt

    SuC adopteren

    Zoals eerder vermeld in Supercharged magazine Issuu reader embeds pagina 59 en 60 zijn er enkele enthousiaste Tesla eigenaren die zorgen dat de SuCs schoon blijven door ze te "adopteren". Dit op initiatief van de Noor Sebastian Hunstad: @TeslaAdoptSC Ik zelf zorg bijvoorbeeld voor Wavre en...
  4. LukeUK

    3rd party chargers 2020

    I'm sure this has been a frequent topic over the years, but I've looked through the first few pages of this board and I can't see a similar topic that is up to date for 2020. Like a few people, I'm expecting delivery after the next boat arrives, so I'm now revisiting my previous research on...
  5. Johanvcr

    Actuele SUC laadtarieven

    Er zit een flink verschil in de laadtarieven bij de verschillende SUCs. Het kan daarom lonend zijn hier informatie uit te wisselen over de laadtarieven. Mijn laadsessies van juni: Gouda, vrijdag 09.00 0,28 ct Vuren donderdag 07.30 0,20 Zaltbommel maandag 18.00 0,20 Leiderdorp, zaterdag...
  6. Robipad

    Laadsnelheid SUC Model 3 V2 en V3

    Er bestaan vast veel laadcurve tools voor Tesla zowel voor mobiele applicaties als PC. Als beginnende gebruiker ben je echter niet op de hoogte wat er allemaal bestaat en wat goed bruikbaar en betrouwbaar is. Je wilt toch weten of jouw Tesla wel goed oplaadt en niet teveel ontlaadt? (Zie drain...
  7. B

    Supercharger issue - Croatia, Rugvica

    Croatia is tourist country and we encountering bigger issue than going to Mars ... Elon Musk Our supercharger is out of reach every day because your partner APIOS/OMV doesnt warn their guests with ICE cars that SuC is not parking, it is charging station for Tesla Cars. For whole month i am...
  8. PhoneMan

    Laadsnelheid Dordrecht

    De laadsnelheid in Dordrecht is bij mij al maanden erg laag, bij andere laadstations heb ik dit helemaal niet. Ik heb al verschillende malen contact met Tesla gehad maar de snelheid blijft laag. Zijn er meer mensen die hier last van hebben?
  9. S

    Györ, Hungary is on its way now?

    supercharge.info says it is on its way. on the posted position postet they already should have started with the SUC. Someone in Hungary or in Györ who can confirm this? Siggy
  10. pjw65

    Supercharger Europe - Problems, user report and see it online

    tesla.aine.ch - Supercharger Europe - Problems (overview for TESLA, mobile and desktop) is now online. You can enter ALL problems in Europe directly. Just click the pin and then click Status. You will be directed to a site (the correct SuC preselected and your own tffUserID (if entered before...
  11. O

    [Rumor]Tesla is reducing speed of Supercharging as your Tesla gets older

    As your Tesla gets older the maximum kW you experience while charging at the SuC will drop and charging take longer. Unofficially several Tesla employees have explained this as a limitation that has been implemented to protect the battery, but the details of the "algorithm" seem to be unknown...
  12. Arnaud44

    Ouvertures de SuperCharger en France

    En parcourant les réseaux sociaux, on ne compte plus les TMS qui rejoindront dans les prochaines semaines la région nantaise. Jusqu'à fin septembre, un supercharger était annoncé à Nantes pour l'année 2015. Nul doute que les nombreux acheteurs de Loire-Atlantique, séduits par les essais qu'ils...