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summon ap

  1. R

    Summons concerns regarding Arrow 10x15x7 "car port"

    I bought my M3LR in 2018 and it's been parked outside in Texas since then, subject to birds and trees dropping crap on it, excessively intense sunlight and the occasional threat of baseball sized hail that required me to hunt for a neighbor's unused covered parking. I've tried multiple kinds of...
  2. SlyWombat

    Summon Oddity

    Have not been having much success with smart summon. 90% of the time it has not worked. In addition, even if you run out to the car and stop the summon, it behaves odd once you start driving. I have had a chime once you get 100m and the doors present and the interior lights come on (while...
  3. A

    Is Summon still a thing?!

    2016 model s 60d HW2/AP2 all the bells and whistles I don't have summon feature on my Tesla IPhone app, and I'm not sure it still works on the key fob?! Has it been deactivated w all the fuss on getting AP rolled out? Anyone can let me know if it's still active or where I can get quick lesson...
  4. GlmnAlyAirCar

    When will summon do this?

    Yes, summon is in beta and it has been so for over a year. In the past year, only very minor improvements have been made. This image, taken from teslamotors.com on March 30, 2015, certainly seems to imply that summon should be able to do much more than it does currently. From day 1, I have been...