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summon garage

  1. O

    Really tight garage entrance

    My Garage door is 7ft, wider on the inside so doors will open ok, will my m3 on order summon through such a narrow entrance
  2. P

    Boosting LTE Signal in the UK

    I am an M3 owner with a typical English garage, which is only just wide enough to fit the M3 and therefore getting out of the car relies on driving very close to the passenger side of the garage - which means I run a valet service for my less confident partner. I do have enhanced autopilot and...
  3. R

    Can "Summon" Pease Help Me?

    I got my Model 3 last week. I have no driveway up to my garage -- it's right on the street -- and it's a fairly busy street on a curve so it makes backing out difficult -- well, scary for me. So this is my actual question: If I summon my car to back out of the garage into the street, and if...
  4. Seth2020

    Connection interrupted. Summon will resume when connection is restored

    When I try to use summon in my garage at home, using the app, it will start, then abort (without moving the car) saying: > Connection interrupted. Summon will resume when connection is restored When I use summon anywhere else (outside my garage), it works fine. I get that the one obvious...
  5. BenBethel

    Model X Reverse Summon w/FSD into my Garage - what does it see?

    I use reverse summon and summon to get my 2020 Model X Long Range Plus w/FSD - my garage has about 6" of clearance on each side, but often it wants to steer right or left and crash into my garage... this also happened with my previous 2016 Model X P100DL+ with FSD... ARGH. I've had it totally...
  6. M

    Takes multiple times to get summons to work

    Anyone else with this problem? Any solution? Most of the time when I use summon to back out of my tight garage, it will start and stop- sometimes will start moving and sometimes just the flashing lights. It usually takes 3 tries to get it out. Doesn’t matter which software update- has been...
  7. C141medic

    2019.8.3 and summon

    Since I’ve updated to this new FW my car doesn’t want to go into the garage. I have the settings at tight, 40 feet summon distance, and require continuous press to use. It seems when it’s getting close (about 4 feet away) it turns the wheel one way or the other as if wants to hit the garage...
  8. fablau

    Summon before exiting vehicle doesn't work.

    Hello everyone, just got my new Model 3 two days ago, and I am having problems to have the "summon before exiting vehicle" feature to work. Summon works perfectly if I control it from my phone, but if I want it to start before exiting the vehicle by double-pushing the button on the right lever...

    Garage Door left open... sometimes?

    Not a new problem, and likely how I sequence things when I park in the garage, but about 25% of the time the homelink command isn't sent and I drive off with my door open. Maybe it's how I park - I close my Garage sometimes from the car and other times from the wall. Am I putting the car out of...
  10. D

    Ask Alexa (Amazon Echo) to Summon my 3?

    Does anyone know if you can use Amazon Alexa to invoke the Summon feature (back the car out /put it away)?
  11. MikeyS

    Trying to Understand Summon + Homelink

    Hi all, Just got a S75D and trying to figure out the subtleties of summon + homelink. The question I have is about what determines whether or not the car tries to close the garage door after pulling in and parking. Like many folks, I have a relatively tight fit in the garage, and...
  12. J

    Summon and garage level

    Summon does not completely work in my garage because of the elevation difference. There is a 1.4" lip from the driveway to the garage floor (up). When summon hits this going forward it sometimes stops when the front wheels hit the lip. It never clears the back wheels. I had considered...
  13. BigHempin

    What color or pattern should I paint my floor to assist summon?

    Hello All! In anticipation of my new Model X arriving, I am cleaning, reorganizing, and repainting my garage. I am considering painting the floor and it got me thinking about the summon feature and what, if any, effect color or pattern might have on the summon feature. I plan to park the car in...
  14. Electricfan

    Summon out of garage, did NOT open door! Bump!

    I unplugged my car this morning and on a whim decided to use "summon" to bring it out of the garage. Its a beautiful 70 degree day, sunny, so why not celebrate the greatest car in the world? Did not go as planned!!! I stood outside in front of my garage door, summoned the car, and the next...