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  1. 100d

    Summons- constant press etc

    So summons is kinda finicky. Especially at “go to target” Here’s my questions. 1.Do you have continuous press on or off? 2. How do you use summons? 3. Are there settings that you have found work best?
  2. terraform

    Smart summon accident and liability

    Was in an empty parking lot and seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out smart summon. My Y was parked in reverse in a space and I was about 150 feet away. It started out smooth, driving itself forward and leaving the space. Then it had to make a left-handed U-turn to go around a small...

    Fun story that means nothing.

    I used to own a Lucid Air GT but I don't any longer. (Long story.) Anyway, I bought my Tesla Model S LR about three weeks ago. I love the car. I'm sure anyone here who's had their Tesla for any period of time knows that it takes a while to get to understand the car and its features, and I'm...
  4. L

    Anyone else having problems with Summon not backing the car out of the garage?

    I have seen some intermittent posts about this but wanted to see if anyone has found a good solution. I park my 2022 Model S in my home garage. I do this manually. If I open the garage door, step into the driveway (does not seem to matter where or by what distance) and I press the reverse...
  5. C

    Model 3 Performance Autopilot Question

    Hello, I just took delivery of a new 2022 Model 3 Performance and love the car but noticed a few major features missing that were present on other Teslas I’ve been in. Firstly, navigate on autopilot isn’t an option when starting a navigation route and doesn’t become available on major...
  6. CoffeKow

    Smart Summon Drove My Model Y Into A Tree - July 2021

    Video footage of Smart Summon crash here: I purchased the Full Self-Driving capability via subscription for my 2021 Tesla Model Y on Saturday, July 17, 2021. On Sunday, July 18, 2021 at approximately 12:40pm while activating the Smart Summon feature in a private residential parking lot, the...
  7. L

    Smart Summon in the UK

    I'm awaiting delivery for my M3LR and noticed in the last week or two the "Smart Summon" feature has changed so it is no longer "Upcoming" in the Enhanced Autopilot group on the order page. Does anybody have any up-to-date information on this and how the features compare to the USA? Presumably...
  8. C

    Boombox question .... please help!

    I have custom sounds saved properly and they all show up in boombox and can be previewed however when I change the summon sound to anything it auto reverts back to "currently playing" every time. How can I select a different sound for it which is saved and plays each time?
  9. Seth2020

    Connection interrupted. Summon will resume when connection is restored

    When I try to use summon in my garage at home, using the app, it will start, then abort (without moving the car) saying: > Connection interrupted. Summon will resume when connection is restored When I use summon anywhere else (outside my garage), it works fine. I get that the one obvious...
  10. islandbayy

    Enhanced Summon wont go more then 5-10 ft

    I havent used Enhanced Summon much, as it's been more of a parlor trick that is of questionable functionality (Especially after it almost ran my son over...). Now that weather is getting colder, I've started using it in emptier lots. Or such as at the grocery store, load groceries and have the...
  11. BadWolf

    How often do you use Smart Summon in public?

    Is it successful? I have used it to go into and out of the garage but never in an actual public parking lot.
  12. Master Chief

    Getting my Model X into a parking space

    For the record, I am vertically challenged, so my head does not bump the top glass in my MX. Having said that, I find it a bit challenging to line up the car between the lines in a parking lot. I usually end up much closer to the right line than the left. The side cameras are of NO help and even...
  13. B

    RCTA question

    How does Tesla back out of a parking space when Summon is used if it can’t detect rear cross traffic?
  14. Z

    Auto park scrapped rear bumper on curb

    I suspect this was caused by the combination of auto park, air suspension and summon. The story: I backed my car half way into an uncovered parking spot. I’ve been only using auto park in my home garage so I thought I’d try auto park to get comfortable using it in public parking spaces. Not...
  15. FalconFour

    Summon locked out with invalid "Waiting for improved phone location accuracy"

    Today I went to try Summon. I went to the Tesla app, and hesitantly (with a groan, anticipating stupid issues as usual) opened the Summon page. It stuck at "Waiting for improved phone location accuracy". I go to Google Maps. Grey dot. Blue dot with big circle. Blue dot with little circle. Blue...
  16. P

    Summon never works 1st time

    I can only get Summon to work on the 2nd attempt. I usually turn Climate on to connect to the car, and then I use enhanced Summon, and it will show it's Warming Up, but when I try to back up the car it shows Summon is not available. When I try a 2nd time it usually works. This seemed to...
  17. john19951

    How do you fit a BAC into a SBG

    How do I fit an M3 (=Big American Car) into my SBG (small British garage). I've seen a few videos on YT from the US demonstrating how to reverse an M3 into the typical huge double american garage. Some of these videos also add a few obstacles for fun. But I can't find any video where the...
  18. Art VandeIay

    Summon direction button location in app

    This may be one of the trivial threads around here... But I was just wondering how does Tesla determine the position of the dumb Summon direction buttons within the app? I've seen them separated by the little car render (the forward button on the front of the car and reverse button on the back...
  19. D

    Summon stopped RIGHT before crash

    Now that a lot of parking lots aren't so busy I've been getting experience with the Summon feature. There was only 1 car between me and my Model 3. Good thing I was watching closely because my car, clearly from the attached photo, had no intentions of stopping before impact (hmmm...would it...
  20. A

    Auto-Summon failing (UK) with 'Key fob needs to be in range of car'

    Hi, I have tried auto-summon on very occasions and every time, it starts (the lights come on) and then the app says that 'they key fob must be in range of the car. AutoSummon aborted' I have also tied using keyless access from the app, but the result is the same. I can not see any...
  21. Jomak

    FSD, Summon far away...like Disney

    Has anyone tried the summon feature of FSD at Disney or Six flags? Specifically when you are really far away and the car might have to go down one-way directions to get to you...would it know not to go down the wrong way and find you?
  22. MS-Alec

    PLEASE HELP/EXPLAIN - new 2017 MS (MCU1, AP2.5) owner, AP issue

    Can someone please explain what I have to do in order to get the Summon and NoA back? I took delivery of the 2017 Model S a week ago. Purchased from 3rd party dealer. He sent me a picture (attached ) from the AP screen which clearly shows both - NoA and Summon options. When I picked the car up...
  23. S

    Help, Summon Standby is Emptying Battery

    So I parked my model s 100d with 50% remaining at the airport and left for with plans to return in 8 days. I noticed that idle drain is a frightening 6% a day (~5kwh). I usually get about 1-2% a day of drain but that went way up when summon standby is on. If this keeps up, my battery would be at...
  24. P

    Summon Questions

    New Owner. Loved it so far. Can you steer summon? Our garage is a little small for two cars but not bad If I park mark on the left and kind of close then there is room for why wife to get out of my Tesla or her car. However when I tried Summon it positions the car in the middle of the space...
  25. SlyWombat

    Summon Oddity

    Have not been having much success with smart summon. 90% of the time it has not worked. In addition, even if you run out to the car and stop the summon, it behaves odd once you start driving. I have had a chime once you get 100m and the doors present and the interior lights come on (while...
  26. superbaka

    MASTER THREAD: all Smart Summon-related posts go here

    Well, this was my first try.. it came a few inches from the other car with no sign of stopping, and the front wheels were still turned. The good news is that it stops instantly when you let go. Also confused why it needed to make a 3-point turn. v32.11
  27. L

    Smart Summon Collision - Any Advice?

    Hello, I'm usually very careful with my FSD Model 3. Recently during a test of Smart Summon, the car was supposed to make a turn, but then changed it's mind and went to full speed (about 10km/h) towards a gate. I released the button but with the speed the car was travelling it still collided...
  28. H

    Command to start Summon before exiting vehicle no longer works for non-HW3 cars?

    I have 2019 M3 FSD Firmware 2019.40.2.1 1. Summon Continuous Press is disabled 2. Close all doors and trunks. 3. double press the Park button on the gear stalk. And...nothing What do I miss ??
  29. one true morty

    Digging out of snow using Summon

    We got over 2 feet of snow and I do not have a garage (yet). We had parked in the driveway bumper to bumper w/ my neighbors and my husband's truck. After several hours of shoveling I decided to try to pull my car out to avoid having to shovel from the sides. It kept failing after an inch so we...
  30. B

    Double Tap Right Stalk Button for Summon no longer works

    Double Tap Right Stalk Button for Summon no longer works. Merging of Model 3 code? Thus losing the function in Model S? or bug? 2019.36.2.1 Model S 100D
  31. Armee_1

    Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes

    I am more convinced then ever that smart summon is using Open Street Maps (OSM) for parking lot mapping. This has been posted before but I want to share my results. I had 2 local parking lots that smart summon was awful at. It made horrible routing decisions. I read online that Tesla might be...
  32. Tony_YYZ

    Continuous Press Summon in Canada?

    I use standard Summon pretty much every day. Over the last week or so, I've been greeted with the option in my Tesla app that does not require continuous press for the car to move. As far as I know, this option is not available in Canada and the switch is greyed out in the MCU. The strange...
  33. G

    Summon initiated when climate icon used

    I had an odd experience with my car this afternoon and was wondering if anyone had something similar happen. I was parked at work and as I usually do I touch the climate icon (the fan) to begin cooling off my car before heading home. I came out of work to find my car backed out of its space...
  34. aerodyne

    Halloween summon ideas...

    I will start with a few...put spaceman suit or skeleton in your Tesla, and summon it up and down your driveway as the trick or treaters approach...
  35. Walpan

    Petty deletion of Summon option by Tesla

    I just purchased the new Model S Raven Long Range. I had a MS 75D previously. After getting the car home I noticed that my phone app no longer had the summon feature. I called tech support and they have advised me that the Summon feature is now only available if you purchase the Full Custom...
  36. I

    Edinburgh SR+ pickup, minor body issues, impressions and other thoughts

    Hey all. A brief account of my experience picking up in Edinburgh on Saturday. There were 5 cars in our group. We got time with a demo car. We were showed about and our apps were set up automagically. Our cars were outside and were 'big revealed'. My white SR+ had no paint issues but did have...
  37. RB88

    Will Enhanced/Smart Summon work in an indoor underground garage?

    Curious if anyone in EAP knows if Smart Summon works without GPS? My condo parking space is really tight and requires some awkward manouvering and I’m always anxious doing it. Was wondering if summon would be able to do it for me and bring the car to me (just a few feet away). There is wifi/LTE...
  38. Vegaforce

    Tesla’s BAD Customer Service

    This is my first post of the forums. I am sorry if I sounded mad, but I am mad at Tesla’s lack of the basic customer service respect. I have been long a fan of Tesla. I have the Tesla Solar since 2016 (when they were SolarCity), and I bought my Model 3 LR non-AWD in October 2018 under the...
  39. Marmac

    Summon option went missing from app

    I have M3 purchased in 2018 with EAP so have had summon and I assume I should still have access to it. But the option just disappeared from my app. I had an update for the car software just a couple days ago and I can’t really say if summon was there or not before this update as I had been on...
  40. woodisgood

    Feature request: Recorded Summon

    This would be a nice addition to Enhanced/Smart Summon, and I could see it being a lot more useful in certain cases. It's basically Summon without monitoring - which we know is going to take a while - but with a recorded driving action. Use case: I'd love my car to be able to perform a...
  41. T

    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    So, given the news that V10 of the software is coming soon - some point this August - I'm wondering how much of the functionality will be there from the get-go in Canada? It's doubtful that any portion of FSD will be made available immediately because of regulatory approval, and that includes...
  42. I

    Summon - not working from app

    My Model S is 2016 model, so I have forward and backwards. Recently, when I have tested moving the car, via the app, it start by saying that it is connecting to the car. Then I press and hold forward or Back ut it fails consistently. On occasion it will fold in the wing mirrors but that's all...
  43. M3BlueGeorgia

    POLL: When will V10 be in wide release (Elon says hopefully August)

    "Tesla’s Version 10 (V10) firmware is on the horizon and will be released to owners starting as early as August, according to CEO Elon Musk. After the company’s Early Access Program results from V10 are assessed and addressed, a wide release of the firmware will follow. “Depends on how release...
  44. willow_hiller

    Tesla Software Version 10.0

    Hey all, I hadn't seen a discussion of this anywhere here so I thought I'd start a thread. Some recent tweets by Elon show that version 10 should be out by September, and will include a series of new features. "V10 will include several games & infotainment features, improved highway...
  45. M

    Takes multiple times to get summons to work

    Anyone else with this problem? Any solution? Most of the time when I use summon to back out of my tight garage, it will start and stop- sometimes will start moving and sometimes just the flashing lights. It usually takes 3 tries to get it out. Doesn’t matter which software update- has been...
  46. R

    Cannot Find Summon On The Tesla App

    Hi All, I have recently purchased Model 3 and I do couldn't find the summon feature on the app. Is it only available if you have fully self driving package? I have autopilot enabled
  47. UncaNed

    Summon not connecting

    Am I the only one who can can't get Summon to connect and continue working long enough to move my car in and out of my garage? What do I need to know to make it work? 2018 X75D
  48. B

    Is Enhanced Summon available in Canada?

    Hello TMC! Just ordered my Tesla 3 and have already benefited quite a bit from these forums in making my choices. So thanks. For those curious: 3D vs P3D - went with 3D since I'm coming from a Rogue and I'd probably be impressed with even a RWD. So I'll build up to the P3D :). Plus P3D scared...
  49. C

    Got the M3 LR FSD yesterday, but no Enhanced summon?

    Hi All, I'm really excited to get my car and I liked most of it. However, I don't think my car has enhanced summon. From the app I can just drive forward or reverse but It doesn't allow me to choose a point and navigate there. Does that mean my car has 2.5 HW? or the enhanced summon is not...
  50. A


    I didn't elect to purchase the auto driving option but used it occasionally during the trial period. The car is such a pleasure to drive, I elected not to purchase. I didn't realize that I was going to lose the summon feature when I lost autopilot. I have a tight garage and this feature is...