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  1. C

    How to get summons to open Garage door with MyQ

    With Homeline I would use summons to back my car out of my garage. I would summons the car to back out of the garage and it would use homelink to open the garage door. Now I have MyQ and when I do the same thing I cannot get summons to open the garage door. Does anyone one know how to get...
  2. S

    Summons question 2018 Model X

    I do not use summons very often. However, last night it was rain so heavy and I was a little ways from the car. It was parked in a cul-de sac. I was at the house at the end of the cul-de sac and the car was parked with is rear facing me. So, I thought I would see if it would just make a turn in...
  3. W

    Summons and Autopark

    I have not gotten delivery notice yet. I have a question. In an earlier vid from Tesla they showed autopark/summons where the guy stopped the car (say at a mall) exited and the car would autonomously go find a place to park. When the guy returned to where the car dropped him off, via smartphone...
  4. Papafox

    Three recent autopilot/cruise control accidents

    Some media stories have been implying that Tesla's autopilot is at fault for three recent accidents involving summons, autopilot, or traffic aware cruise control (TACC). Although the software likely worked as written in all these cases, different conclusions can be reached for each incident...