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  1. OtriFowd

    Vendor ACents and Fullshade on Limited-time Offer, Saving You up to $65!!!

    OtriFowd is celebrating its one-year anniversary! 🎉 It has been an incredible journey, and we couldn't have done it without your fantastic support. We've always strived to provide you with top-quality Tesla accessories, and we're not stopping anytime soon. To mark this special occasion, we're...
  2. U

    Sold SOLD: MY Covercraft UVS100 Sun Shade

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing For Sale: MY Covercraft UVS100 Sun Shade. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. SOLD: MY Covercraft UVS100 Sun Shade

    For sale SOLD: MY Covercraft UVS100 Sun Shade

    SOLD: Brand New Covercraft UVS100 Sun Shade in White. Cash or Zelle. Local meetup available in SoCal Irvine / HB area or nearby.
  4. J

    OEM front sunshade

    Purchased sunshades for the sunroof and rear window from Tesla online store in April and car was delivered today. They come with clips but no information on how to use them. And the front shade appears significantly larger than the sunroof window. Can’t find instructions anywhere. Anyone...

    Vendor BASENOR Custom Tesla Sunshade

    Summer is here and the temperature is rising. Even if the air conditioner is turned on, it can still get very hot and the harsh sunlight can be bothersome. Even though Tesla claims its glass blocks 99% of UV rays, this still often leaves Tesla owners suffering from the heat, especially if you...
  6. encinoman

    Model S Sunshade

    In great shape. Made by Heatshield specifically to fit Model S. $45 new. Will sell for $20 Located in Los Angeles.
  7. P

    FS: Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade Purchased new from Tesmanian (version 1) and decided to go a different direction. It is unopened in the shipping package as received from the manufacturer. Made with lightweight mesh fabric with a collapsible rigid frame Durable and effectively reduces heat...
  8. AKTech.it

    Basenor Sunshade for Model Y - super helpful! Reduced temps 20 degrees!

    Sunshade for Model Y (and also for 3) - Super Helpful especially in Texas! Highly recommended - here's my review. Pros: Light weight Easy to install Easy to remove Two options - mesh and opaque Keeps the cabin significantly cooler when driving and parked for few hours Cons: Sagging issues...
  9. Californiates

    Model 3 OEM sunshades rear and front

    Rear 60 Front 50 Or 100 for both. like new.
  10. Knightowl

    WTB used rear liftgate screen shade

    Looking for an extra model S rear hatch sunshade to use in the back for the kiddos, going to double up on shades back there to help with solar heating for longer trips. Brand new I know they are $80 but thought I would check here to see if anyone had one they were done with or otherwise didn't...
  11. GolanB

    Driving with Sunshades (Top and Rear) - Keeping the Wife Happy

    Has anyone had experience driving with Sunshades (top and rear) and can comment on whether or not the reduced visibility is an issue? I've got what might be a universal issue while driving with my wife, who hates the A/C! She's totally fine without A/C in tropical weather, and I'm much more...
  12. M

    Sun shades for rear door/side windows?

    Does anybody have a solution for sun shades for the rear passenger door/side windows? My previous car (audi q7) had dark tint and built in sun shades in the doors from the factory which kept the sun out of my infant son's eyes while sleeping in the back. Because of the sloping dimensions of...
  13. D

    Sun Shades for Model S

    Model S - Evannex Heat Shield Sun Shades for Front Windshield, Rear Windshield, Front Driver and Passenger Windows New - Never Used $100 shipping included within the continental US
  14. L

    Clips for Model S Fixed Glass Roof Sunshade

    Hi, Does anyone know where the clips for the Model S Fixed Glass Roof Sunshade can be purchased? Thanks for your help, Lindy
  15. ForeverFree

    Model S Rear Hatch Sunshade -- Like New, $55 OBO

    $90 new in Tesla Store. Please reply or PM if interested.
  16. ForeverFree

    Model S Pano Roof Sunshade -- Like New, $95 OBO

    $150 new in Tesla Store. Please reply or PM, if interested.
  17. Stavesacre21

    Model X parts, extension cord and adapters for sale

    Sold our Model X and now we're cleaning house. PM or reply here if interested. Items are first come/first serve 50' Extension Cord - SOOW 10/3, safely handles 24 continuous amps, 14-50 Female to 14-60/14-50/14-30 male, weighs only 15 lbs - *TESLA USE ONLY - NOT FOR RV USE - AMPS MUST BE SET...
  18. Emvdl

    Best Model S sunshade

    its summer again and hot. I am so confused with all these sunshades with same names. Anyone know if the EVannex and the Heatshield brand is different? There is also the heathers heat shield. Are all these the same?
  19. P

    Speculation: Why No Solid Roof Spotted on RC's - Glass Roof is Also Solid Roof via Solar Sunshade

    Speculation - The glass roof... is the solid roof! Just throw a "solar sunshade" under it. Remember how Model X owners were given deploy-able sunshades? https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/modelx_sunshade_installation.pdf Tesla could combine a sunshade with the same thin solar...
  20. MTBHXC

    Evannex HeatSheild Complete Sunshade Kit

    Barely used, covers every window in Model S including Pano glass. Asking $160 shipped. Sunshades: Tesla Model S
  21. G

    Model X Sunshade

    Brand new unopened model x sunshade.