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  1. C

    Is there a website or app to plan a trip based on cheapest supercharging rates?

    I know superchargers in at least California have different rates based on times of day. But the times for stations often vary. Is there a website or app that can help you plan a trip to save costs?
  2. S

    Supercharger - North Providence, RI

    The planned Tesla Supercharger at Neon Marketplace - 1874 Mineral Spring Avenue North Providence, Rhode Island just received final approval and construction should start in the coming weeks! Very excited...
  3. C

    Enabling Supercharging on salvage Tesla Model X

    Hello, Does anyone have a contact for someone that can enable supercharging on a 2017 Tesla Model X. The car has been Tesla Certified and Autopilot is still enabled. I would also like the car to get all the latest updates (not sure if it currently is getting that or not). I am in the Los...
  4. L

    Supercharger stations Trans Canada Hwy

    Purchased model x 100 spring 2019. Love it! Local driving in mid Ontario north of Barrie is easy esp toward GTA.(greater Toronto area) Heading towards NorthBay or Sault Ste Marie remains very difficult due to lack of charging infrastructure. Leaving Temagami at 520 pm, 3:45 hr drive is now to...
  5. H

    Electric Scooters at Supercharger Stations

    Ever stop to charge during a roadtrip and want to do a little sightseeing while you're there? Most likely, if your food/shopping destination is more than a 10 minute walk your not going to hoof it. I recently considered buying an electric scooter to keep in the trunk for this purpose but then...
  6. Cdis94

    Supercharger - Cincinnati, OH (Marburg Ave.)

    A coworker said they saw a new supercharger going up in Cincinnati (Specifically Oakley east of Norwood) and I didn't believe them until I went to see for myself. It's not on the website for a "coming soon" location, there's absolutely no mention of it, but like the Supercharger in Dent (North...
  7. LLWS

    Supercharger - Strasburg, VA

    I just noticed at Supercharger.info we're getting a SuC at 119 Hite Ln in Strasburg, VA. I wasn't aware that one was coming, but in my opinion Tesla made an excellent placement for this Suc. It's at the west end of 66 and right off 81 for those making the North/South run. If you're South heading...