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  1. BillRadio

    When to Charge? Not at Night.

    A recent study about EV charging from Stanford University says we're doing it wrong. Most of us without our own solar are charging at night, but if an increasing number of EV's charge then, that eventually becomes the new "on-peak" period. Of course, we're charging at night because we're at home...
  2. B

    MYLR Limited Use Best Practice Charging

    I recently received my Model Y and wonder what the best practice would be for maximizing battery life and distance on top of the 20-80 / non-fast charging I've read about. Plus the most recent changes in supercharger prices has made it that it's cheaper to charge there rather than charging at...
  3. M

    Home podpoint and off peak scheduling

    Hi All, Apologies if this is a repeat post, I did so a search but couldn't find quite the right issue. I've got a home podpoint installed (regretting not going for the Tesla charger but too late now!). For the last month or so the podpoint has been configured incorrectly and only delivering...
  4. D

    scheduled charging

    So, I'm trying to schedule my new model S so that it will charge anytime I plug it in except for a blackout window between 4-9PM. I set Enable Scheduled Charging for 9:00PM but it still starts charging as soon as I plug it in. I'm guessing I need to use Off-Peak Charge instead? How can I set it...
  5. jkirkwood001

    TMC investors poll

    Oftentimes in the Roundtable thread, people coyly suggest how many shares they own, or at least how many they recently purchased ("Just picked up 50 more chairs on the dip!!"). Others give opinions evidently based on years of investing experience. I'm always curious about the experience behind...
  6. F

    Reliability Survey of the 'Nose Cone Model S' (2012-2016)

    Hi everyone, I am Fabien and currently drive a 2020 VW E-UP (I live in France). It's a hell of a car but need something bigger and will use the E-UP as a second car. I drove a 2012 Model S last summer in California and it I have been obsessed with it every since. However, reading forums and...
  7. Probllama

    Would You Buy a Model 3 Again Today?

    Want to keep this as simple as possible, yes or no please. It doesn't have to be the same configuration as your current Model 3, just simply whether you would buy another Model 3 or not. If your needs have changed and you would prefer a different type of vehicle (ICE or SUV etc) but you liked...
  8. Troy

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    Hi, everybody. Here are the links for this project: Google form to add or edit your data Google sheet to view all entries How to filter and sort: Youtube video You can reach me on Twitter too if you have any questions or feedback about this project.
  9. L

    Survey : Is Tesla considered a luxury brand ?

    Hello everyone, I am a student in International Trade in luxury goods and under my studies I have to carry out a survey for consumers, and we chose Tesla. I would like to ask to the members of this forum if they wish, to answer our survey on the perception of the brand Tesla by the general...
  10. MiamiEV

    Model X Chrome Delete black or body color?

    OK, I am about to have my chrome deleted but I look at other photos on this forum and see black door handles. I am leaning toward having the handles painted to match the body vs. black. I was wondering what everyone else thought about this. Side note, I was rear-ended so the car is having some...
  11. M

    Road Transport Services Survey

    Hi everyone, I’m a MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy student at the University of Leeds. I am conducting research on consumer preferences towards current and future modes of road transport services for my master's dissertation, in collaboration with Leeds University Business School...
  12. P

    Research: Will imposing tax on Tesla cars really improve air pollution?

    Tesla Vehicles do not emit any gaseous pollution on streets because they are battery-powered, unlike other conventional private cars which work on combustion engines. It is interesting to see that despite knowing the severity of the roadside pollution in different traffic-prone areas, the...
  13. S

    Driving Tesla Model S 85 on roads with bad surface with pits, bumps, almost invisible road markings

    Hey guys, we've tested today the autopilot's capabilities. And it works really good. However, I don't know anything about "off-road" capabilities of autopilot of the Model S. Here's the video ("it's on Russian, but in short all replies are summarized with one sentence "wow I'm excited that it...
  14. Daniellane

    Multi-Tesla Model 3 Households Survey

    Curious how many Model 3 owners also have an S or X.
  15. Lex_MIT

    Tesla Autopilot Survey (from MIT)

    My name is Lex Fridman. I'm leading an effort at MIT aimed at analyzing human behavior with respect to Autopilot by using computer vision to analyze 300,000+ miles and billions of video frames of real-world driving that we collect in Tesla vehicles. We're finding some very interesting and...
  16. M

    Tesla Master's Thesis Help

    Hello everyone! I would like to kindly ask everyone who is reading this to lend me their helping hand and fill out a survey for my Master's Thesis available on this link (click). The thesis is focused on the different design aspects of the Tesla Inc. and the survey is concentrated on Tesla as...
  17. M

    Quick Survey

    Hi, I'm a student researching Tesla as a subject for the Extended Essay and to conduct some primary research, I'd extremely appreciate it if you could answer my survey. It won't take long and will go a long way for me to be successful in my Essay. Here is the link: Quick Survey about Tesla...
  18. T

    Survey: VI-DAS – The next generation of automated vehicles (European project)

    Hello everyone. We are looking for respondents to take part in our survey. We are part of the European project VI-DAS (Vision Inspired Driver Assistance Systems), which aims to advance the design of the next generation of automated vehicles. Fully automated vehicles are still in the future...
  19. Clprenz

    Tesla Owners Survey Results!

    The Results are in! Check out my post here: Survey Results Let Me know what you think!
  20. Clprenz

    Model X Owner Survey

    Hey everyone, I posted this on the Model S forums, but I haven't received any responses from Model X owners, so I thought I would pop this over here :) Thanks in advance! Three years ago I conducted Model S owners surveys and received well over 300 responses that provided interesting data...
  21. ZachShahan

    EV Owner/Lessee Survey

    Would love it if some of you chimed in here: EV Owner Lessee Survey A little more context here: EV Owner Lessee Survey (Complete It, Yo!) | CleanTechnica
  22. Clprenz

    Owner/Buyer Model S Survey

    Last year I did a very similar survey for owners. The questions were spread throughout many pages and were lengthy. I have decided to put together a 2.0 version. ALL INFORMATION RECEIVED IS ANONYMOUS, questions that may make you feel uncomfortable such as; age or income, are optional. I will...
  23. T

    Battery Charging Behavior

    Does anyone know of any information or surveys that have been done on charging behavior of Tesla owners, e.g. if they charge every night or only when the battery is low? Would charging behavior have any effect on battery charge retention? Thanks!
  24. Babylonfive

    Has anyone received a Maritz Research Customer Satisfaction Survey?

    I just want to know if this is something going out to everyone or if I've been selected. I'm happy to provide honest but positive feedback, but wondered if anyone else has gotten one, now or in the past.
  25. Clprenz

    Model S owner Survey

    Hello, I posted this on the Tesla forum last week. Here is a link To the Surveys Survey Tesla Model S Survey Cost of your options, View on Tesla clprenz Tesla survey Help Me create what buyers of the Model S Look Like. The results thus far are amazing!