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  1. D

    Model Y Black to White Seats swap after Purchase

    I really really want to upgrade my Model Y’s Black Seats to White Seats. Open to seat SWAP with someone’s White Seats in SoCal area or finding an alternate way to get original Tesla White Seats with minimal impact on pocket. Went for Black because of the obvious maintenance issues, but can’t...
  2. S

    Looking for a seat mod to achieve my dream version of the model X

    Does anyone know of an available modification or swap for the passenger pilot seats in the model X plaid where they will gain the ability to fold flat? The six seer is perfect in my opinion as it has the middle aisle, but I hate the fact that the seats cannot fold flat for the most cargo storage...
  3. L

    Looking to trade my NEW 21" Uberturbines for 20" Inductions (San Jose)

    I'm picking up my MYP in a few days and was looking to see if anyone wanted to swap or trade their 20" Induction Wheels + Tires for my 21" Uberturbines + Tires before I put too many miles on it. Your wheels / tires preferably have low miles and no damage. Located in San Jose.
  4. B

    WTT my OEM M3 19in Sport wheels for your 18in Aero wheels (2018-2020) - New York

    I just picked up a 2018 Model 3 LR RWD with 19in sport wheels. The rear tires are brand new, and while I don't know the miles travelled on the front pair, they look almost as new. I'm looking to swap them for 18in Aero wheels with hub caps. Any model year will work. Thank you!
  5. moto_marco

    19" STANCE SF03 wheels on 2022 MYP - first look

    My Uberturbine swap for rotary forged wheels by Stance. 24lb. 19x8.5 with Michelin Pilot Sport AS, 255/45/-19s all four corners. Couldn't be happier with the results.
  6. T

    Looking to takeover Model 3 or Model Y Lease - (San Francisco / Bay Area)

    Hi Everyone! Interested in taking over a lease of a Model 3 or Model Y ASAP. In the SF Bay area. Let me know if you have any leads or if there's better place to check for Tesla lease swaps.
  7. C

    Model 3 Standard Range For Sale San Diego

    Details for my Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range are: Pearl White Paint, 18’’ Aero Wheels, Black Premium Interior, Autopilot. Ordered 5 months ago, estimated delivery is October 20th. MSRP was $46,990 asking $1000 OBO to transfer this reservation. Please PM me or comment your email if...
  8. B

    Model 3 Reservation For Sale San Diego: M3SR

    Hi, I have a reservation for a Model 3 Standard Range that I am no longer taking delivery of as I have decided to get a different Tesla. Estimated delivery is October 19th-November 23rd in San Diego. I ordered it over 6 months ago. No VIN assigned yet but should be coming very soon as I am...
  9. RichardC

    Toronto Area Model Y Wheel / Tire Swap - 21" Uberturbine Wheels / Tires for New 19" Gemini Wheels / Tires

    Toronto, ON, Canada - Upgrade your new Model Y to 21 inch Uberturbine Performance wheels and Pirelli P Zero tires. My wife is looking for a less "sporty" ride and wants to put the 19 inch summer wheels on our Performance Y. As may be seen in the pictures, the wheels are immaculate (no damage or...
  10. J

    MY wheel swap (My Inductions for your Uberturbines) (San Diego)

    Looking to swap my freshly powder coated (satin black, but look even nicer than from factory) 20” induction wheels. No bends, scratches, perfect condition. Center caps included. They are mounted on brand new Michelin Pilot All Season 4 tires. Will sell my set for $2800 or prefer a straight...
  11. C

    Swap MYLR White for Grey?

    About to get VIN for my MYLR White / White w 20” Induction Wheels. Hoping to swap for the exact same in grey (Metallic Silver). Anyone up for it??? Thank you!
  12. L

    Tesla Vacation Swap - Would anyone like to go to Europe?

    Google tells me that this has been suggested before, so I want to give it a try too: My family (2 adults, 2 kids) are considering a vacation in the US next summer. I was wondereing if anyone would like to swap cars (and house if you want to) with us. We live in a nice four bedroom house in a...
  13. P

    21” Uberturbines from MYP swap rears for fronts in Bay Area CA?

    My Model Y Performance delivery date is in late Oct/early Nov.. Anyone interested in swapping my rears 21x10.5” for your fronts 21x9.5” with the factory tires? We can both square up our wheels and save on tires and this way so we can both rotate periodically.. win win. Local swap only in...
  14. Glenn T

    3 for Y Swap Inuiry

    The LR3 is too low for my wife, so for the interim, before the 4680 launches, looking to get a used or new Y. If anyone wants to swap their Y for my 2018, I will be happy to compensate the difference. Not picky: SR, LR, or P. Pictures attached. No accidents, just daily wear. Replaced the tires...
  15. RPYT

    Swapped 19" Gemini stock for 19" Gemini Satin black

    The reason I chose on getting the 19" Gemini wheels is because I didn't want to spend an extra $2000 on wheels that didn't look as good as aftermarket ones. I've also seen photos and YouTube videos of owners plastidipping or getting them powder coated. I've weighed my options to see if my time...
  16. S

    Drop the 20" Uberturbines for 19"ers?

    Good folks, I just joined the forums and have been reading all the delightful tidbits for hours! Thank you. A question: I recently ordered a T3P and am expecting delivery mid-end March. I'm in the silicon valley, south bay area in CA. I really skeptical about the 20" wheels and want to drop...
  17. M

    WTB Tesla Model 3 White Interior

    Looking to purchase a full white interior without door panels. I have a full black interior that I am willing to trade or will purchase a white interior outright (maybe your car is a total loss and you’d like to recoup funds or from a salvage car) May consider T Sportline Uber White Synthetic...
  18. M

    Swapping out door panels

    Has anyone here ever swapped out their door panels? I'm wondering how easy/difficult this might be. I'm awaiting delivery of my MSM LR with white interior and I like everything about the white except for the white door panels. I wish there was an option to choose the black alcantara door...
  19. G

    From A Ford Raptor to Tri-Motor Cybertruck - Anyone Else?

    I’m Swapping My 2019 Raptor for a Tri-motor Cybertruck, anyone else doing the same?
  20. C

    Mcu swap

    Has anyone in the uk had the Mcu1 switched to Mcu2 in their model s by Tesla. I have requested it on the app.
  21. chazzzzy

    Swap my brand new Gemini wheels for your 21’’ Überturbine wheels?

    I just took delivery of my Model Y on Friday and was wondering if anyone in the Los Angeles area wanted to swap my 19” Gemini wheels & tires that are in perfect condition with your 21’’ Überturbine wheels? Putting it out there as a lot of people taking delivery of the Performance Ys are not...
  22. N

    Looking to Trade GLS450 <> Model X

    Hi, I'm looking to trade my 2019 Mercedes GLS450 for a 2019-2020 model X GLS450: $91.5K MSRP 6400 miles no accident, never smoke in, no pets, hand washed from day 1, massage seats Looking for model x with <10K miles, full auto, 6 or 7 seat config, willing to top up depending on the spec/trim
  23. T

    Swap 20" performance silver wheels for your 20" grey wheels - Vancouver, BC

    Anyone interested in 20" performance wheels in silver? Looking to swap for the grey 20" performance wheels. Let me know if interested!
  24. T

    Interest in a M3 swap?

    This may sounds crazy, but I'm interested in swapping my 2018 LR RW FSD Midnight Silver Model 3 w/ 19" Sport Rims for either a blue or black (white trim would be a plus). It's got about 35,000km and always hand dried and touchless washed. It's my baby, but I've got a Model Y on order and my wife...
  25. E

    Would like to swap white dashboard for wood

    Hello! I am set to receive my Tesla Model 3 the second week of December 2019 in Santa Barbara and would like to swap my white dashboard for the standard wood one. Any advice on how to find someone to do the swap? Thanks!
  26. A

    20" Gray Performance Wheels Trade ( in Belgium or Nederlands)

    Hi guys, as i got my P3D+ this week with silver performance 20’’ wheels and summer tyres, and also bought silver sport wheels 19’’ with winter tyres and installed them same day on the car I have 4 new silver performance wheels with summer with new summer tyres (12km) in my garage. If someone...
  27. Lexikon

    Model 3 Performance velgenruil topic

    Go! :D
  28. AquaMan

    Anyone in Sacramento want to trade up to 19" wheels "free"?

    Today I got the call that my car is ready. Unfortunately, I ordered with 18" wheels and it shipped with 19" sport wheels. They're not going to charge me the $1,500 difference. Essentially I'm getting a free upgrade... But I don't want the upgrade. Since I'm buying it for commercial purposes...
  29. M

    Any way to change front seats on the Model S?

    I'm thinking seriously about buying my first Tesla and excited about the idea. However I have a bad back and pretty wide rear end and the wings on the seats cramp me and create some back pain that I can't live with. I read on a Model 3 thread that there are there are different generations of...
  30. _abridged

    Swapping white dash for wood dash (Atlanta area)

    Interested if anyone in the general vicinity wants to swap their wood dash with my white dash. I've always liked the wood one over the white one, but I wanted the white seats so I was stuck with the white dash. We can drive and meet half way to exchange if you live far.
  31. J

    SoCal LA/OC wood dash/ white dash Swap

    Does anyone want to swap their white dash for a wood dash? I’m in the LA/OC area and would be willing to meet up for the swap.
  32. G

    Your Roadster Temp Trade w/ My 2017 Model S 75D

    I am looking for someone to temporarily trade my 2017 S 75D for a Roadster. Something like 1-4 weeks. I am in Fort Lauderdale, but would be willing to drive to you or meet in the middle. For anyone interested why -- I currently have my S, the fiance's RAV4, and a 1999 Miata I love. The fiance...
  33. V

    Swapping white dash for wood dash. Anyone interested?

    I have a dual motor LR TM3 ordered with white interior that should be here (Palm Springs, CA) by November 2018. I love the wood dash that comes with the black interior and am wondering if any black interior owners would be willing to make the swap with me for my white one at no cost to you. I...
  34. fasteddie7

    Hw1 to Hw2 "transplant"

    Elon has said in several occasions that outfitting Hw1 cars with Hw2 hardware would be like spinal transplant surgery and be costly and near impossible. I remember a while back it was discussed that the car could be separated from the battery for a "battery swap" for a fully charged battery and...
  35. C

    House & Tesla swap - Florida to Copenhagen, Denmark?

    Dear all fellow tesla owners I hope this post is within the rules. We are a danish family of four living in Copenhagen, Denmark with our Tesla Model S 70D parked around the corner in a private parking with 16amp charging facility. We are looking for someone who would like to swap house/appt...
  36. O

    Lease Assumption - 2014 Loaded S P85D

    I have a 2014 (late Dec) S P85D in near perfect condition, not a scratch, loaded ($134,000 MSRP) with all options except for the rear facing seats, and carbon interior. I'm looking for someone that is interested in assuming the balance of my lease. I have 15 months left, The payment is $742+ tax...
  37. R

    Looking to Swap a Lease on Model S 90D ASAP!

    Looking to upgrade to P90DL ASAP so I'm looking for someone to take over my current lease. 2016 Model S 90D All-Wheel Drive Range Upgrade Red Multi-Coat Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 21" Grey Turbine Wheels Black Next Generation Seats Carbon Fiber Décor Black Alcantara Headliner Supercharger...
  38. R

    Swapping wheels: 1 or 2 jack stands?

    I should be getting my winter set (wheels+tires) today, and my jackpoint jack stands later this week, which means I should be ready for the swap at the end of the week. The jack stands come in pairs, which begs the question: when doing the wheel swap job, what's safest, using one or two jack...
  39. F

    Beach for free + Tesla charging

    Cheers! Are you free for a great, warm, breezy adventure? I am looking for someone with the flexibility and desire to live at our Marco Island, FL house (Vrbo.com/114322 for pics) while we stay at his/her near-MIT home. 1 month min 3.5 month maximum, very, very soon: Sept 1- Dec 15. To...
  40. dauger

    Tesla Stands by its Battery Pack Warranty

    Wednesday my beautiful P85 Model S became disabled, requiring a tow to Tesla Service. But by noon Thursday Tesla restored it. And therein lies a tale. On my way back home from a longer-than-usual day trip, thoroughly enjoying the Tesla driving experience, I stopped around 2 pm at a...
  41. SeminoleFSU

    I have 21" silver turbines, would love to trade with someone who has grey 21" silver

    Just like the title says, I have the silver turbines, but I think grey turbines would look better with my black car. Anybody have grey 21's that wished were silver??? :cool: If so, feel free to PM me.. we could meet at a tire place and have them swap us out maybe? I'm in Atlanta... My rims...
  42. H

    Supercharger - Hawthorne, CA - Tesla Design Center (CLOSED TO PUBLIC 19 Jul 2021, 8 V2 + 2 V3 stalls)

    Look at this picture, is this new construction battery swap?