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  1. B

    (AUS) 2024 M3 order FEB-APRIL waiting room

    Hello everyone, I placed my order on the 10th of JAN. No update so far. Just checking if anyone have received any update for the FEB-APRIL orders.
  2. P

    Mobile Connector at Miranda Tesla store?

    Hi, I'm picking up our new Model Y RWD at Tesla in Miranda, NSW next week. Does anyone know if they normally have UMCs in stock there, or should I order one online? Thanks, Patrik
  3. Maximillan

    Melbourne to Sydney via Destination Charger in a MY RWD

    Last year we visited my in-laws in Melbourne in our Model 3, and some of you will remember that I documented that trip here. I obviously didn't behave myself in 2022, and as punishment I was again forced to visit my in-laws in Melbourne. This time we did it in the Model Y RWD, and I decided to...
  4. J

    EV chargers in Sydney increasing??

    Good morning all, Hope this post is not to long and i can seek some good clarification. With the new partnerships such as Evie - AMPOL / HUNGRY JACKS and the NSW incentives - how soon do you think we will start seeing the big roll out of fast chargers? I regularly check most apps - chargefox...
  5. D

    Tesla Parramatta

    New store? On the Tesla website and recent post on Facebook suggesting the same.
  6. M

    Bodyshop repairers in Sydney

    Help, any recs for tesla repairers in Sydney? Anyone had experience with the tesla approved ones Scientific repairs and Exclusive body werks?
  7. M

    XPEL Boss Gloss @ ADS

    Just picked her back up after getting the full XPEL treatment at Australian Detail Services, look how damn glossy she is - wicked! Can’t recommend Ryan & ADS enough, astounding finish.
  8. P

    Tesla Flash Mob Sydney

    I live in Sydney and I was wondering if other Tesla owners would like to join me on a Flash Mob drive from Bondi to Watson’s bay and back around to Rose Bay! A huge convoy of Tesla’s driving through the Range Rover, Audi and Merc riddled capital of Sydney! Those gas cars really have to go! I...
  9. dalec

    St Leonards sales now shut on Saturday

    FYI, I went to the St Leonards showroom in Sydney yesterday. My main reason to visit was to test out supercharging on my new Model S. I'm taking a road trip and wanted to be sure it all worked flawlessly (it did). But I was also going to buy a CCS charge adapter while I was there. The store info...
  10. AnzacValentine

    Recommended brake calipers painters in Sydney

    Apologies if this topic has been covered before. I'd like recommendations of local Sydney businesses that offer brake caliper painting services. I'd like to paint my brake calipers red. Is this recommended? Interested in those who have done this and their experiences.
  11. D

    Tesla tiny house display event Sydney AU

    Planing to get out to Sydney olympic park to ser the tiny house display. Oct 27-29. Has a powerwall 2 and solar set up, being towed behind a MX. Cant tell from the pics if it has Tesla glass roof tiles or not? Tesla Tiny House: Sydney Home Show
  12. R

    Rent Tesla Aug 4-6 2017 in Sydney

    Hi Everyone, I'm from Singapore, ordered a Model 3 and just eagerly waiting for Tesla to officially arrive in Singapore. I am travelling to Sydney and would love to rent a Tesla at a reasonable price. It'll make a great memory for my wife and 2 twin infant boys. We will need child seats too...
  13. Shock-On-T

    Wanted to buy: HPWC charger in Sydney

    Hi guys I know there's a sales section but it's all US stuff. I'm wanting to buy a 2nd HPWC wall charger if anyone has one they don't need. Sydney area preferably, but I'm happy to do a road trip to pick up.
  14. B

    Recommended Sydney Installers for Dash Cam

    Anyone able to recommend a dash cam installer in Sydney for a Model X? I see the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH is pretty popular, and after watching US videos could probably self-install, but I'd prefer to pay someone to do it professionally so the cables get cleanly embedded in the windshield trunking...
  15. T

    Overnight (24hr) test drive Sydney

    First post for long time lurker, prospective owner... I went in to look at model X in St Leonards recently after a couple of visits to look at MS and a short test drive once. Had chatted to the staff previously and this time when I mentioned wanting a slightly longer test drive of a 75 I was...
  16. Shock-On-T

    Sydney Supercharger Speed

    What peak charging speeds to people get at the St Leonards supercharger? in my facelift MS 70D (locked 75) I never seem to get above 92kW, regardless of state-of-charge or temperature. Is this normal? I'd love to know peak charging rates for other cars at this supercharger. Please share!
  17. I

    Brand New HPWC for sale Sydney

    Hi I'm aware of the "parts for sale" thread on the main forums, but I assumed that Australian sales would be swamped on that US-centric forum. So mods, move this if it seems differently to you. I have a brand new, in unopened box Wall Connector (TESLA PN: 1050067-01-E) for sale in Sydney. Aussie...
  18. EinSV

    Sydney/San Francisco Tesla Swap?

    Hi all, I will be visiting Australia for the first time in the second half of November (flying into Sydney) and wondered if anyone who might be in Northern California in that timeframe might be interested in a Tesla swap. I live about 15 minutes from the SF airport so logistics should be...
  19. Tubbers

    Motorworld sydney features tesla Friday and Saturday 2/3 dec

    Not sure if there is a thread on this already, but was planning on going to the Motorworld sydney show this weekend. There are tesla events Friday ("performance day") and a self drive opportunity on Saturday (I guess most owners got the email) More info at: Friday 2 Dec Performance Day -...
  20. Shock-On-T

    Sydney to Orange and back

    Overnighting in Orange. Anyone know EV friendly accommodation in Orange where I can use my UMC? Was also planning to top up at Scenic World in the Blue Mountains each way. Does anyone know if their destination chargers are locked at night?
  21. A

    Is Model X Purchase Price Negotiable?

    Hi folks, I'm about to place an order on the new Model X. With all the options on on-road costs added up it slightly exceeds my comfort level of spend on the car. Any of you have negotiated with Tesla Australia and have been successful in negotiating the total price down, even a little? I would...
  22. C

    smash repairer recommendations in sydney?

    Hi guys, A concrete wall failed to give way and ran into the side of my Tesla, and now I have a scrape/dent that I want to get fixed up. Has anyone had a good experience (or bad experience) with smash repairers in Sydney? I know Tesla recommends Exclusive Body Werks in Granville, but it's a...
  23. Homer

    Family road trip - Sydney to Gold Coast

    So after the Simpson family's successful trip to Thredbo in the Model S a few months ago, I'm thinking of doing a run up to the Gold Coast in the school holidays in a few weeks. I don't have dual chargers nor any of the showground-charging-equipment (and I don't particularly like the idea of...
  24. M

    Sydney Service Center and my CHAdeMO adapter.

    Here's the back story. Imported a 90D into New Zealand. Ordered the CHAdeMO adapter with the car which was in the boot when it arrived in NZ. Tried to use the CHAdeMO adapter at 3 different locations with different makes of DC fast chargers (Veefil, Delta, ABB). Every time I tried to use the...
  25. meloccom

    Sydney Store Opening June 30, 2016

    So normally I miss out on invitations from Tesla so was pleasantly surprised to get one today without prompting. Has anyone else got an invite?
  26. Homer

    Last minute Sydney to Canberra...should I stop at Goulburn?

    We've just decided to go visit our friends in Canberra and managed to book a two-bedroom at Hotel Realm at the last minute tonight. We don't love this hotel - it already seemed fairly tired when we stayed not long after it opened - but it has a Tesla destination charger so that is enough for us...
  27. Homer

    Car Cleaner, Sydney

    Does anybody have a car cleaner they would recommend in Sydney? I need to get "The Homer" cleaned and I've run out of excuses to take her into Tesla for minor fixes and scam a free clean at the same time.
  28. Homer

    Is driving from Sydney to (nearly) Newcastle and back possible?

    Next weekend we have a thing on at Caves Beach, just south of Newcastle. EVTripPlanner shows 402 rated kilometres and total energy of 75 kWh. So on that basis "The Homer" should be able to make it. But it would be the longest trip I've taken on a single charge and it won't be possible to charge...
  29. baileywang

    Sydney auto electrician recommendation

    hey guys Anyone in Sydney come across an auto sparky that can install some aftermarket products, ie the lit up emblems by Evannex?
  30. Slava

    Borrow a Telsa Model S 2-4 May in Sydney

    I'm in need for some help from helpful Tesla owners. We've actually started the first car rental company to provide Teslas in Sydney and Canberra. Full website is just a couple of days away. What happened is... Ironically enough, our very first client damaged the car and although it's insured...
  31. C

    Question about Supercharger coverage from Sydney

    I'm interested in getting a model S in syd, already have one in hong kong, but i just wanna know hows the coverage of the supercharge station in here so far?
  32. N

    Car width in Sydney?

    I'm curious if any Model S owners in Sydney find the car's width large enough to avoid driving in certain areas or car parks? I'm considering a Model X which is even wider again and worried that car parks are going to make taking it out a pretty frustrating (or potentially paint scraping ...)...
  33. S'toon

    First residential Tesla Powerwall installed in Sydney suburb

    Full article at: http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/design/first-residential-tesla-powerwall-installed-in-sydney-suburb/news-story/01f781cf4e4350950e6d90464a095bc6
  34. I

    Sydney-Tamworth fast chargers??

    I've seen a good thread for Syd-Brisbane, but are there any fast (-ish) charging opportunities on the New England? The Newcastle SCharger can't come fast enough!!
  35. C

    Mobile wheel repair in Sydney?

    Hi guys, Has anyone used wheel repair company in Sydney that they can recommend (preferable mobile)? I've got a 15cm gash on my dark grey rims, and want someone who can match the colour perfectly. p.s. Anyone thinking of going to Taronga Zoo... avoid the multistorey car park if possible. It...
  36. lennier

    Goulburn to Sydney advice

    Hi all, We're heading up to Sydney next week and I'm looking for some advice from those knowledgeable about the routes from Goulburn to Sydney. My current plan is to head off the Hume at Goulburn and drive over to the coast, then up to Sydney by the coast road through Wollongong. No particular...
  37. omniwolf

    Sydney to Adelaide (without Melbourne)

    Hi all, I have my 70D coming in Feb (hopefully!), and my wife has already proposed we try and drive to Adelaide in the thing. Of course i'm keen, but this will be my first big trip, and even if the car comes on time i'll only have had a couple of weeks in it at most, so looking for some...
  38. J

    Wanting to rent a Tesla in Sydney, Australia starting the 14th for two weeks

    Anyone know where i can rent a Tesla for two weeks in Aussie land? There is a place in Auckland NZ but they charge $150.00 an hour. Probably nothing else available but I just thought I would ask if anyone knows of a much better deal.
  39. WhiteStar

    Sydney to Port Macquarie & beyond in a P85D

    My first long drive, to Port Macquarie and on to Byron. A few things really stood out: 1. Sydney to Port Macquarie in a P85D is a stretch until the Superchargers are operational. It was lucky I charged up at the Stockland Glendale Chargepoint. In the 2 hours I spent there, I added...
  40. Blue heaven

    Melbourne-Sydney electric bus Australia and New Zealand

    All-electric bus unveiled in Melbourne, heading to Sydney on one charge | One Step Off The Grid For those on the road between Melbourne and Sydney tomorrow (Sat 31-10) keep a look out for the trial of this Electric bus with a potential 1004 km range.
  41. M

    Adelaide to Sydney?

    Anyone thought this one through? One day there will be superchargers everywhere but right now the need for ingenuity adds to the fun and challenge.
  42. omniwolf

    I'm from Sydney, thinking of buying it in ACT to save on stamp duty + CTP

    Hi all, Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm sure I can find a friend willing to lend me their address in ACT, and then I can buy the car in ACT and save about $6k in stamp duty and CTP, as the ACT is better in this regards for environmentally friendly vehicles. I'm assuming the charger...
  43. P

    Sydney to the snow before Goulborn SC- charging suggestions?

    P85D arriving very soon, and the snow is calling- but no SC enroute (yet!). I don't want to stop overnight at Hotel Realm or anywhere else: any suggestions on where I can charge and still drive from Sydney to Jindabyne in an evening?
  44. M

    Distance driving - Brisbane to Sydney

    I'm a new owner and planning this trip but having 'anxiety' over the Brisbane to Port Macquarie leg (intending to stop at The Observatory and charge overnight). The first leg is 550km and there are no Tesla chargers along the way. My question is if anyone is using J1772 converters - there are...
  45. R

    Visiting Sydney

    Hi Everyone, I'm from South Africa and I will be visiting Australia(Sydney) from July 16 2015 for about 3 weeks. :smile: Unfortunately Tesla do not have any stores in RSA so I have not had the pleasure of seeing or riding in a physical Model S as yet, so I plan to visit the Tesla Store in...
  46. Kayto

    Destination Chargers in Australia

    Tesla partners with places such as hotels and clubs to install charging points for customers to use. It seems to be a mutually beneficial relationship. They're known as "destination chargers". The actually connector is the same HPWC (High Power Wall Connector) you would have at home (not...
  47. TRON

    Rafael de Mestre talk at AEVA in Sydney April 7th!

    Hello together, I'm in Autralia to present the around the world race with a Tesla Roadster 2012 and with a Model S on 2016! Maybe you heared about the 80edays.com race. Everyone who is interested is welcome to join :) Location Sydney April 7th on 7:30 p.m...
  48. TesAus

    Sydney-Newcastle meet up Sunday April 19

    Now that many of us have our cars (and the number is growing) I wanted to resurrect the idea of a meet up of owners in Sydney/Newcastle areas. To make it easy for people coming from both directions this would suggest a location on the Central Coast somewhere (under 100kms from either end...
  49. P

    Experience with electricians in Sydney

    Tesla AU has recommended a couple of sparkies. Who have those in Sydney used to install their home charging? What have they needed to do? What's the price? How have you found the experience?
  50. J

    Sydney Tesla Meetup? Crash the Party? "Cavallino Cars and Coffee" 1st March 2015

    8am to 10am @ ADDRESS Corner McCarrs Creek Road & Yulong Avenue TERREY HILLS NSW 2084 Phone 02 9450 1777 I thought some of us Tesla Owners can crash the petrol party... Anyway, I am going to go there for a nice day with the kids If I am the only Tesla Owner there I might have a chance to win...