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  1. C

    VCSEC_a222 tire pressure monitoring system fault

    So I’ve had my model 3 LR for about three months and my back left tire just gave me a VCSEC_a222 tire pressure monitoring system fault code poped up. I checked the tire and doesn’t seem like there’s a nail or something in it and checked the pressure and it’s at 38 via my physical pressure...
  2. J

    RCM2_a564 Front left safety restraint system fault

    Hi All, I see a lot of people already had issues "restraint system fault", some solved it by manipulating seats connectors... worst case scenario is to replace the complete seat (which would cost 3740€ here in Belgium !) so before paying for nothing, I'm trying to find what this RCM2_a564...
  3. B

    VCFRONT_a180 Electrical system power reduced

    2022 Model 3 Long Range (less than 4,000 miles) got bricked last week after supercharging. It's currently at the service center, but they've been "diagnosing" for a week now and they can't figure out what's wrong. Here is my perspective leading up to the error, bricking, and eventual tow to...
  4. AdamMacDon

    Model 3 SR+ Premium Sound System Upgrade Video

    Hi everyone, a few weeks ago I completed the premium sound system upgrade for my Model 3. I recorded a video detailing the steps, but unfortunately I couldn't record while I was doing the work since it was dark and I needed both hands most of the time. However, I go step by step and try to...
  5. B

    All fault light flashing on dashboard !

    Hello, I have a problem with my tesla model s p85 2013. all the fault indicators turn on and the car does what it wants watch on video. Does anyone know where the problem is? Thanks. *Unrelated video removed by moderator
  6. Gabzqc

    Nordic Brakes System for Model S

    Was browsing one of many blogs on Model S and Tesla that I follow, this chap from Norway has been upgraded to a special Nordic Brakes System free of charge... "Tesla Motors had developed a special cold climate braking system (also called Nordic brakes system), which is needed in Norway of...