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  1. B

    TACC (cruise control) error message on a nice day

    When I just engage cruise control (TACC) with one pull on the control stalk a message is displayed on the left screen that reads "Autopilot speed limited due to poor visibility". It does this on a perfectly nice day. I have checked the cameras and they are spotless and all working fine. The...
  2. mspohr

    Why are TACC, AP (and ?FSD) so bad?

    Just recently took another long drive in my 2022 Model S LR and tried out TACC and AP again. (I didn't purchase FSD since it's not ready for prime time). Still serious problems: - Multiple phantom braking episodes on deserted straight roads (single and double lane) - Multiple "Collision warning"...
  3. Frizzle Fry

    Anyone else having trouble with Traffic-Aware Cruise Control?

    I'm currently driving across Canada in light winter conditions and have had to fight with cruise control a lot more than I'd like. When you activate cruise control you are also engaging Autopilot even if you don't have the Full Self Driving package. And because Autopilot depends on the car's...
  4. Cwmwd

    TACC and AP on new roads

    About 6 weeks ago a new bypass was opened up here and once the novelty of cruising over fields and rivers on the satellite view wore off I started wondering when the new layout would be "integrated" into the mapping system. By now Google have added the road to their maps (but obviously not to...
  5. danaleighton

    PSA: Don't hold your stalk up too long to disengage TACC and find yourself in Neutral

    PSA: if you're using the stalk to exit traffic aware cruise control/autopilot, holding it up for about two seconds will not engage regenerative braking, instead shifting to Neutral. Over the last few weeks, I noticed an odd thing happening: Occasionally, not always, when I would use the shift...
  6. G

    TACC/Autosteer/NOA Detecting Things That Don't Exist

    Recently took delivery of a 2022 Model Y Long Range. I have noticed when using TACC/Autosteer/NOA that the software will frequently detect something in front of the vehicle even on completely empty roads. I've put >1500km on the car and have noticed it on every type of road I've used it on. On...
  7. G

    Remove autopilot from car configuration

    Hi, Is it possible to remove autopilot from the cars software configuration so traffic aware cruise control is replaced with “ordinary” cruise control? The roads i drive on is not suitable for TACC and phantom braking is occurring so often that I can not use it. Therefore i want to permanently...
  8. V

    TACC suddenly not stopping for red lights? Worked fine for 213km...

    Just picked up first Tesla yesterday, 2021 model 3 SR+ (No FSD). Also my very first EV. I've been really enjoying the car and experimenting with TACC. I love the feature, it stops at red lights, stops in traffic, and accelerates properly. Both days absolutely clear weather. I drove 217km total...
  9. TjckTock

    What causes slow acceleration in AP/TACC?

    Been driving the car for over a year now and still cannot figure out why, sometimes, it accelerates painfully slowly when traffic starts moving on a green light. Not a big issue, just have to manually goose it a bit and then slowly release the pedal to let AP take back over. However, I was...
  10. BennyMountfort

    Manual Model 3

    Right, so if you’re ever having a moment missing a manual you can get at least the feeling of a manual with Tesla’s great Autopilot. It’s as easy as engaging TACC and sitting behind a manual car in front of you. At a set of lights the Tesla will rocket off behind the manual car only to brake...
  11. M

    FYI - TACC/AutoPilot after outage

    2018 Model 3 AWD, FSD, HW3, 36.10 Notice system was apparently resetting itself after a drive this am. Speed dropped to 15 on a 35 and did not change even after seeing the 35mph sign, it displayed the sign on screen. After a few miles it began working again. Red light, projected red line on...
  12. A

    GPS Stuck and No Visuals on Instrument Cluster

    im on an X 2020 with 2020.20.12. first week is ok. on my second week with this update, my GPS is stuck, instrument cluster only shows my car with radar. no more visualizations, stop lights, lane markings, etc. AP works, TACC works... but without visuals... only radar showing the proximity to...
  13. n.one.one

    Stop sign problem with TACC - stops before traffic is visible

    While I see many good things about stopping at stop signs under TACC and Autosteer I've experienced one very serious problem and it will be interesting to see how this gets solved. I regularly approach a stop sign at a T intersection and the cars coming from the left and right don't have a stop...
  14. H

    TACC /AP neutered in Europe?

    Just reserved an MX and I am curious which of the more advanced FSD features are active in Europe, and in my case, Norway. Specifically: Summon, Recognizing speed limit signs as posted (Not from outdated map database), stop at STOP signs and traffic lights etc. Also, what happens and a unsigned...
  15. K

    Poll: TACC vs. Normal Cruise Control

    TACC and Autopilot will probably never come out of Beta because of legal issues. That being said, they still need some work, so Beta is probably the best way to describe it. What's your opinion?
  16. H

    TACC Behaving Very Poorly a/o Latest Update (2019.40.2.1)

    It was never as good as a human driver, but the latest update seems to have regressed - either that or there's actually something wrong... Now, when I engage TACC in traffic - freeway/highway or local roads - the car behaves as if it has a tremor, constantly adjusting its speed, suddenly...
  17. Cogarch

    TACC target speed spontaneously changes

    I have in the past had problems with sudden deceleration caused by my accidentally brushing the RH scroll wheel determining TACC target speed. That was disconcerting enough but at least there was an obvious reason for it. Last night however towards the end of a 300 mile drive, much of it in...
  18. T

    Firmware 10 is launched

    The highly anticipated firmware update 10 is now announced ready for wide release. List of features below. My only wonder is that there is a complete absence of improvements to auto pilot related stuff. My naive hope was that this upgrade would focus on making the driving experience with TACC...
  19. D

    AP and TACC

    Hi all Can anyone tell me where AP (autosteer) and TACC are supposed to be used, and/or where they work well. I know that AP is only supposed to be used on "highways". From what I have read, I think that would be motorways and dual carriageways over here. Can anyone confirm? What about TACC...
  20. F

    TACC programming error or feature?

    I love that when I engage TACC at say 30mph when the speed limit is 45, the system commands a cruise speed of 45. That's great. I also love that I can set a speed limit warning offset to +5, so that I can drive manually at about the speed limit without being constantly badgered by chimes when I...
  21. T

    Question about TACC

    My Standard Plus is being delivered next week, and with all the changes in feature sets I'm a little confused about TACC. Ultimately I just want to know, am I getting it? The current manual indicates that it's only available either with FSD or "Enhanced Autopilot". I was given the option to...
  22. D

    My thoughts on TACC 2019.8.5

    I was quite pleased when I realized I could use TACC on my city streets safely. It was fun to simply set my max speed, activate TACC, and let the car worry about keeping up with the traffic within the speed limit without constantly having to check the speedometer; especially once I discovered...
  23. Gerk

    AP1: AP vs TACC vs different days

    I don't know if this has been beat to death here or not as I didn't see much from a casual search so apologies in advance ... Has anyone noticed differences in driving dynamics between TACC and AP in the same situations? I've noticed it quite a lot lately. TACC has been more aggressive for...
  24. BPSoCal

    Seriously Tesla, TACC sucks now

    I didn’t use to have a problem with the way TACC accelerated and braked before the 2019.5.15 software update. Ever since, it’s jerky AF, with the energy graph on, you can see how it swings wildly from accel to decel - so much so that it makes me queasy. I used to drive on TACC 90% of my...
  25. W

    TACC override +5/-

    Does anybody have insight on this? I love the fact that TACC, determined by geocoded speed limit, can be overridden. I am shocked just how lackadaisically some jurisdictions code their streets and highways. So I believe there are two principal reasons for overriding: 1) The speed limit is...
  26. Kentrock1

    Is TACC 100 percent reliable?

    I don't think so. Shouldn't the car automatically come to a stop behind another stopped car every time if TACC is engaged. There's definitely been times when I had to break myself when coming up to a line of stopped cars. I'm sure others have had to. Especially when coming around a bend. Just...
  27. Leopold Stotch

    Autopilot through construction!

    Autopilot did really well, have a look! Let me know what you think. Started a YouTube channel, videos will get better with time as I learn to edit.
  28. Wharton

    Autopilot Engaged and Override

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Yesterday my Tesla Model 3 (2018 version) proceeded to accelerate while the brake pedal was depressed going through an intersection at 20 miles and hour (accelerated to 45) causing an uncontrollable maneuver and vehicle control loss. The vehicle failed to...
  29. FalconFour

    TACC/Autopilot overreacts to cars changing lanes (not cutting-off)

    Scenario: Model 3 LR/RWD. Freeway traffic, going full speed but comfortably stacked/spaced to each other. TACC set to 70, car doing 68, spacing set to "6". A car in the lane to the right signals to change lanes, matches speed, and fits nicely into the "6" spaced gap between me and the next car...
  30. T

    Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC) should be standard free of cost - Let's vote and make Elon Hear

    Folks, Even though I'm a Tesla fan and happy to pay $5K for EAP, not many seems to be interested or can afford to stretch. Based on the forum survey's nearly 1/3 is not purchasing EAP due to steep cost. Tesla has to listen to the customers to not only improve the "fit and finish", poor customer...
  31. jkennebeck

    AP1 question

    From the manual: "In right hand traffic, engaging the right turn signal when driving in the right-most lane within 164 feet (50 meters) of an exit (on a controlled access road only, such as a highway or freeway), causes Traffic-Aware Cruise Control to assume you are exiting. As a result...
  32. SomeJoe7777

    TACC - Set to Current Speed?

    Ran into a dilemma this morning that appears to be a fairly large design problem. Surface street, normal speed limit 45 MPH. Approaching school zone, speed limit 25 MPH when the yellow lights are flashing (they were). I like to set TACC in school zones like this to prevent me from going above...
  33. R

    Should I add EAP option?

    Hi Everyone, I just ordered a model S 75D on Sunday. I am debating if I should add the EAP option. I have a long commute on highway and there are lots of stop and go traffic on the highway. For folks live in bay area, I am talking about HWY 680 at Easy Bay. If I add the EAP option, I will only...
  34. B

    Adjusting TACC speed with new stalk

    Does anyone know how to adjust speed up and down while using TACC with the new stalk that combines PNRD and AP?
  35. B

    Autosteer disabled after 3hrs?

    We're on a trip right now to Vermont. My wife was driving and right around the 3hr mark she disabled autosteer to get around a semi. Immediatley after that maneuver, the gray steering icon went away and kept saying "Autosteer temporarily unavailable." TACC continued to work. Figuring she just...
  36. S

    Traffic-Aware Cruise Control Standard?

    Is Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC) standard now, or does it require the Enhanced Autopilot package? I can't find anything on Tesla's ordering page that mentioned TACC.
  37. T

    Autopilot 2.0 is dangerous

    Hi everyone, So I understand that AP 2.0 is still "beta" which is kind of frustrating to begin with because I purchased my AP 2.0 Model S in December and its almost May and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel when a fully rolled out version will become available. Anyway now that I...
  38. O

    Feature wish for Traffic-Aware Cruise Control

    I wish to have more options in TACC to choose larger distances to car in front. The currently largest setting is 7, which gives between 2 and 3 seconds' leeway. While this may well be more than enough for Tesla's reaction time, it's much too close for driver to relax and for front end of Tesla...
  39. TesTaipei

    Any other country missing Navigation, TACC, homelink, music services and autopilot?

    Hello, first off, I really like my tesla. I love how it drives. I love how smart it is. And I love the company's vision. I am however extremely frustrated by tesla taiwan and the clear lack of care for the 100+ owners in taiwan. Tesla started delivering model s in January in taiwan. Three...
  40. B

    TACC stopped working

    Greetings. Hw2. 7.5.28. This is the FW version on car delivery 2 weeks ago. Have been enjoying TACC. Freeways, and local roads. A couple days ago we got "Cruise not Avalable" when attempting to engage. And indeed, no greyed out speed setting visible. This seems a permanent state. No TACC...
  41. D

    TACC on AP2 experience

    Hi folks, Just wanted to share an experience with TACC on AP2 car on 17.5.28. I've just started using it on my daily commute on a fairly slow (40mph) but well travelled road with lots of traffic, TACC has been quite good at keeping pace, stop and go, and detecting lane changing cars in front of...
  42. Haxster

    AP2 TACC Shortcomings

    As a new user of TACC, I must say that I'm not impressed. It may be OK for light traffic on a highway, but for heavier Bay Area freeway driving or on city streets, it will, at the least, take some getting used to. Here's why: 1. I'm used to backing off the throttle or starting to brake when I...
  43. Haxster

    Sorry officer, I wasn't speeding. It was my 17.3.2

    Officer: What do you mean? You were going 35 in a 25 mile zone. Driver: I set my Tesla with the latest cruise control update to go the speed limit. I set the car in the 35 MPH zone. Officer: Yes, but when you entered the 25 MPH zone, your car didn't slow down. Driver: Oh. Sorry about that...
  44. ev-now

    TACC disable - dependent on Internet/Maps?

    My wife was driving yesterday and TACC suddenly disabled. Just before it disabled the map stopped updating properly - half ot the screen was block tiles, not detail. Map stayed 'frozen' for a couple of miles then refreshed properly - exactly the same time as TACC came back. I cannot see why...
  45. B

    TACC - No Line Markings - Country Victoria

    On my trip to Warrnambool yesterday, I came across a section of road which had been recently re-sealed and as yet no line markings. As per normal for me, I use TACC and autopilot whenever I can. I noticed that the car continued to track in the centre of my side of the road, even while...
  46. rhumbliner

    All or Nothing TACC

    Driving from Las Vegas to Jackson, WY I encountered a typical mix of wintry road conditions. It wasn't long before the nosecone iced over to the point where the forward sensors no longer functioned. So, of course AP and TACC were disabled and that's when I first realized that without TACC...
  47. disillusioned

    8.0 TACC on exit ramps no longer adjusts speed

    7.1 introduced a feature that, if you were in the far right lane and had your right blinker on, TACC would slow you down coming up an off-ramp. This was really nice because you could let the car slow you down without having to do a TACC disable/control takeover that felt less graceful. That...
  48. GasKilla

    Trash blowing across freeway put my car into emergency braking

    I was in moderate traffic (car in front of me was several car lengths ahead of me, not locked on in blue) with TACC and AP engaged when my car started braking and flashed the red collision car graphic. I was very confused because the car in front of me wasn't braking and was quite far away...
  49. GasKilla

    My MS thought a 45mph road was 5mph and tried to reduce my speed to 10mph

    I was using autopilot on a road I travel daily, in the right hand lane on a three lane (each side 3 lanes 6 total) highway. I was very confused as to why my car was slowing down with no cars in front of me, that's when I noticed the dash said 5mph speed limit and auto steer was limited to 10mph...
  50. MarkS22

    Autopilot Accelerator Suggestion and AEB "Save" (Dashcam Example)

    This is a bit of a PSA for people who use Autopilot often. See the dashcam video here (I kept it private until Tesla was able to review the logs and confirm what happened): From the description: IMPORTANT: This was user error and NOT an Autopilot malfunction and AEB did activate as intended...

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