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  1. N

    Model 3 Registration Help

    Hi, I bought an inventory car back in March and therefore it was considered used. Recently received the registration/ tags and they are only good until Oct of this year. This is one year from the original sale of the car but I technically am not the first owner. But when reviewing my sales...
  2. A

    Not sticking HOV stickers

    I have the HOV sticker for CA in the glove box for a while. I could not have heart to put them on the shiny bumper. What would happen if cop pulls you and show him? Did anybody experience something similar ? Secondly when the toll roads say HOV only during some busy time, is it OK to drive if...
  3. E

    Vehicle sale and license plate question - Georgia

    I just sold my car (in Georgia, and to a friend) that the Model 3 replaced and was wondering - 1. Would any of you fellow Georgians know whether you can transfer a STANDARD license plate to the buyer (individual, not dealer) when you sell your car? I found a form (T-237) that authorizes the...
  4. NoMoGas

    FINALLY an answer to the front plate problem, Hide that plate

    I, like many of you REFUSE to drill ugly holes in the front of my car (when it arrives), and frankly the ugly plate is an eyesore. I have been searching and searching and FINALLY found an answer http://www.hidetheplate.com With this you could either flip the switch when stopped/parked and/or...