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  1. D

    Expired Tesla Model 3 X-treme Taillights - 4pin plug (2021+) - Left Hand Drive - AMD Ryzen [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tesla Model 3 X-treme Taillights - 4pin plug (2021+) - Left Hand Drive - AMD Ryzen. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 4

    Small amount of condensation in all taillights today. 2023 LR

    It has been cold here and today it warmed up And I noticed a small amount of condensation in every one of my taillights. I tried to search on here for if this is normal or if I need to get it checked out. But I found conflicting answers. So any advice would be helpful.
  3. D

    Tesla Model S Tailight strip toegestaan?

    Goedemiddag, Wij hebben op internet verschillende mods voor de Tesla Model S’en gezien en iets kwam voorbij wat de Tesla echt uniek maakt. Het gaat om een tail light strip op de achterkant wat een heel upgraded gevoel geeft. Maar vraag mij af of dit legaal is op de Nederlandse weg en of de APK...
  4. nilesborg

    2022 "Refreshed" "Refresh" Model S Headlights, Taillights Charge Port, Plaid Badge in the Flesh

    Was at the Tesla dealership the other day - saw a few Model S refresh refreshes sporting the new headlight and taillight designs, in case anyone hasn't seen them IRL yet and wants to take a closer look! Photo dump below... 2021 refresh owners, whatcha all think; are we jealous or like whatevs...
  5. petershi24

    Model S 2022 New Taillight Will NOT Retrofit - Just Confirmed Today :(

    My 22 Plaid went in for service today and the service adviser said the refreshed taillight cannot be retrofitted because the whole quarter panel is different. RIP Why this Elon guy is doing this to me :(
  6. N

    Model S Rear Driver Side Taillight For Sale

    Hello everyone. I have a 2017 P100D and am selling the driver side taillight. The light works perfectly but it does have a single deep scratch. I am located in Orange County, CA and only willing to do local pickups. Let me know if you are interested. Asking $195. The part number is...
  7. El joe

    My First Mobile Service Experience

    TL;DR: I’m amazed at how great the experience was! I bought a used, still under-warranty 2018 Model 3 LR AWD this past October after lurking on these forums for months, watching every possible YouTube video I could, reading as much as I possibly could about the car and so forth. And the one...
  8. DutchTM3

    What type of connector used for tail lights

    Hi, I am looking at installing a trailer harness. Rather than splicing or piercing the little wires that end up in the connector of the tail lights, I would like to get my hands on a set of similar male and female connectors (well, two sets actually, one for the driver side taillight and one...