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tax break

  1. S

    Can I get tax rebate with Model Y RWD 7 seater?

    Hi everyone, searching around the interwebs for an hour trying to find an answer, no luck so hoping for an answer from someone who knows a lot more than me. I have a family of 6 and a dog and need a big car. We want to get a Tesla for a number of reasons but are looking at a van again for two...
  2. R

    California tax benefit for trade-in - what's the %?

    Trying to decide on whether I trade in my 2012 ModelS (when I take delivery of the Y) or just sell it to Carmax or something. I've also seen the discussions on Tesla potentially matching Carmax offers for trade-in value so I'll be attempting that. But wanted to make sure I understand the tax...
  3. MelaniainLA

    Model X IRS 100% Deduction “Hummer Loophole” - 2018 Edition

    I’m creating a new thread on this issue since the old thread was about 2017 rules and got confusing. Since there’s been some confusion around this and I just typed the following up for someone else in a PM, thought I’d clarify the new rules under the Trump Tax Law that would enable up to 100%...
  4. plasmo

    Is there (still?) a tax credit if you install 14-50 charger in your home?

    I read that this might have ended, but does anyone know if there is a tax credit if you were to install a 14-50 charger outlet in your home? I will be installing two 14-50 outlets in my garage from my fuse box in the basement, which will cost around $2300 and was wondering if anyone got a tax...
  5. C

    EV Sales/Registration/etc tax

    From a tax perspective , i would like to know how much people in each state pay. Basically the amount other than what you pay TESLA. * State sales tax/ excise etc any kinda amount you pay while registering your car. * Taxes when buying used ev. * Taxes when buying from a private party. * Are...
  6. mspohr

    CA bill to allow factory pick up w/o sales tax

    End of California tax? California charges sales tax on all cars delivered in California. This has been an impediment to people who want to pick up their cars in Ca and register them in other states. It looks like now there is a bill before the California Assembly to fix this situation. This...
  7. SwedishAdvocate

    California grants Tesla $34.7 million tax break to boost production - Dec 17, 2013

    Unless I’m missing something; this is one tax break that I can get behind :wink: : Additional (?): California grants Tesla $34.7 million tax break to boost production - Autoblog - - - Updated - - - I meant to submit this to the News section, but apparently I managed to put it here...