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  1. Loco_Nomad

    Expired TSportLine Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Model X [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing TSportLine Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Model X. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. D

    $230 Tesla Credit for Wall Connector or Mobile Connector asking $180

    Selling this discount code. Worth 230 dollar discount. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. Tesery

    Tesery Tesla Caliper Cover

    Tesla owners are always looking for ways to enhance the appearance of their vehicles. One way to do this is by adding caliper covers to their brake system. Tesla caliper covers not only improve the overall look of the car but also provide protection to the brake system. In this article, we will...
  4. 96tammy96

    2022 Model X reservation for sale 7/6-9/2022

    My Tesla Model X is ready to take delivery 6 months earlier than expected. I am not ready to take delivery and willing to transfer my reservation to someone who is. Please let me know if you’re interested.
  5. S

    Supercharger - North Providence, RI

    The planned Tesla Supercharger at Neon Marketplace - 1874 Mineral Spring Avenue North Providence, Rhode Island just received final approval and construction should start in the coming weeks! Very excited...
  6. M


    Hello everyone one. This thing just happened since last night, while im driving -my 2017 tesla s75- Just after a while the Reader suddenly isn’t showing any thing on my dash,when i put the car in park and shift into D the reader will read the road again and after a while of driving again it...
  7. T

    Got my X

  8. N

    Model 3 traction control fault

    I put new tires on my car yesterday and now my car will not exceed 40 mph due to traction control cutting power. Does anyone else have an issue like this? i got a diagnostic ran and there’s no issue with the wheel sensors or anything else like that along with an alignment for the tread...
  9. W

    2020 Model 3 Perf w FSD 5500 miles

    Fors sales is my 2020 M3P with 5,600 miles, one owner..me, no accidents and FSD (currently a 12k option). It also has full front ppf protection and window tint on side and back windows. Midnight Silver metallic with blk interior. Warranty good until June 2024.
  10. M

    White Model 3 with Maxton V2 splitter?

    Hi to everyone! I received my new White Model 3 and I instantly fell in love with it! I would love to see how it would look with a Maxton V2 spoiler, but I can’t find pictures of it, only in black! If you have a white model 3 with this splitter, can you please send me some photos of it from...
  11. W

    New Interior Trim

    Hello ALL!! I am a new member to the TMC. I recently purchased a new 2021 Model 3 SR+. My cars b-day is 04/15/2021 so somehow I got the newest of the new version of the Model 3 since it was delivered on 04/16/2021. I do not know if anyone has seen the brand new interior for "black interior"...
  12. R

    Thinking of buying a Tesla?

    I’m new to the Tesla world. I was thinking of buying a s model but really want to try x or y. I looking for the best bang for my buck without draining myself dry. I know rang is one option I’m really looking for. Im looking at used as well as new. What would be the best option? Any advice would...
  13. MoreAgain

    Moving from LR RWD to Stealth Performance - First track experience

    Recently traded in my 2018 LR RWD Tesla Model 3 for a 2019 Stealth Performance version. This was my first time on track in a Performance and my first time trying Track Mode. I tried a few different settings on Track Mode, but need to spend more time with it. I took it relatively easy to get a...
  14. T

    EAP was removed [ car purchased third party ]

    Purchased a used Tesla with EAP. Features were amazing! Then Tesla completed my ownsership transfer and removed EAP. Contacted Tesla support and Tesla stated that yes it was indeed removed but due to policy they cannot add EAP back and I would need to purchase FSD package which is 10k. Wth...The...
  15. TRMS

    No loaners? Tesla offered me Uber during Covid!

    My car has a crack in the top roof, Tesla texted me "loaners are few & far between". Service center couldn't help either, but they will send me in an Uber during Covid!! Didn't even offer to get me a car rental, regardless if I pay. Didn't give me the option. Maserati didn't do this, Mercedes...
  16. R

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 -CPO $37.5K Chicago

    This Model S P85 car has the following: - Blue metallic paint - Performance motor (0-60mph, 4.2sec) - 21" turbine wheels - Tan performance interior - Carbon fiber decor - Carbon fiber spoiler - Unlimited free supercharging for the life of the car - Tech package - Premium Dolby sound - Smart air...
  17. Y

    2016 Red Tesla Model S 75D 54,000

    I am selling my 2016 Tesla model S 75D, AWD, Vehicle is in excellent condition, it has autopilot, 21” rims and brand new tires. The car is still under Tesla factory warranty with 43,000 miles and free lifetime supercharger. The interior is black leather seats, 17” navigation screen, glass...
  18. D

    Charging Station and Other Questions - Master's Student Data Gathering

    Hi all TMC Members; My name is Derek Oppedisano and I'm a Master's student studying at the University of British Columbia in Clean Energy Engineering. For one of our research projects, me and two classmates are looking at renewable energy infrastructure within North America, to eventually...
  19. H

    Tesla’s impact on the auto industry.

    Hi there, I’m a 3rd year Journalism student from Liverpool John Moores University, and I’m currently working on a car magazine as part of my final year project before I graduate. I’m currently working on a piece about what impact Tesla has had on the auto industry since the Tesla Roadster was...
  20. A

    Net Neutrality

    There's soon to be a vote on retaining Pai as FCC Chairman. We need this NOT to happen. Why are issues surrounding Net Neutrality important for Tesla and its partner companies? Technology. Technology. Technology. Translation, software coding none of it is useful without the internet. Which...
  21. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    Circumspect. Cool word. Certainly a term Tesla seems to be employing when asked to comment on developing it's own Autopilot chip in partnership with AMD. From what I can sketch out, and there are few confirmed details, the electric car manufacturer wants to bring the technology (aka artificial...
  22. A

    To Create and Innovate are Synonymous

    In order to reap the full benefits of sustainability we must sow seed of responsibility. None can dismiss the devastation recent major storms have left behind in Texas Florida Puerto Rico and other Carribbean isles along their path. Less covered by mainstream media was the 7.1 magnitude...
  23. A

    SpaceX Tesla Reel Time

    So I send my pre MBA STEM credits ladened resume to SpaceX for a very entry level numbers related role. As sort of an experiment. Truth be told tenacious imaginative and persistent I may be. Still believe in Universal law. To receive courtesy of a lift up you should show ability to meet your...
  24. A

    Tesla Must Be the "Volvo" brand of Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers

    The House has unanimously given a GO to measure which could see fully autonomous vehicles on U.S. roads without restrictions. Obvious regulations on licensing registration will vary state to state but there will be far fewer limits, if any, on the number of driverless cars a manufacturer can...
  25. pjfranks1509

    Twitter Response from Elon Musk

    Did you ever have an idea about a favorite product that you wanted to share with the powers that be at a large company? Well last Friday evening I did just that! I sent out a tweet to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla suggesting a feature that would be extremely helpful for my Model S. To my surprise...
  26. A

    Autonomous Key

    So many buyers of Tesla models, particularly 3, are opting out of the fully integrated autopilot software option. Mind you it includes pre installation of full autonomous features operational at some future point. But not yet. These car buyers are saying they'll pass. Maybe that's wise based...
  27. A

    Integration at it's Finest

    I've a personal law predicated upon principle when donating things to charity. If I can't or don't want to use or wear it why would anyone else. Clear line differentiates what gets a new owner and junk marked for reincarnation. Recycling is a beautiful thing. What does that got to do with Tesla...
  28. A

    Tesla Fulfilling it's Primary Mission: Harnessing the Sun as Sustainable Clean Energy Source

    If you exist in the Modern Age then you're hearing hybrids, now completely regenerated electric cars or EVs, are classified as yesterday's next big thing. What's happening now on digiverse news horizon are fully autonomous vehicles. Run solely by alternative energy. What's more to love about...
  29. A

    Tesla - Single Charge Keeps Going & Going...

    See a lot of chatting on U.S. forums about how long and far a single charge will take you in a Tesla. Thing about Europeans and cars. They tend to shut up about it. Their theme: "Just drive." Indeed. Record Mondiale Autonomia Tesla – Tesla World Range Record – Tesla Owners Italia
  30. A

    A.I.ophobic? Elon Musk Says, "Yeah" We Should Be

    I, for one, do not fear change nor the imminent advancement of modern technology. Actually a world without good coffee is quite a bit more horrifying an existence. Yet, Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk shared at a recent broad discussion at the National Governors Conference his more than a...
  31. A


    Sharing introduction experience from my Linkedin blog. Hoping to become among first pioneers test pilot legally blind drivers allowed on road in Tesla self driver technology equipped model. The red one, of course. While some are yet skeptical about safety and as we know it's hard letting go of...
  32. 4

    Model 3 11000 EUR discount

    I am from Romania and I have reserved the model 3 in the first day as do many Romanians. We have a very good discount on electric vehicles (~11k) but because Tesla doesn't bother signing in to allowed manufacturers list so we can't get the discount. There is any other country having this...
  33. W

    Crazy Tesla Model S Stories...

    www.tesladriver.blogspot.com #1 - The Decision I have always liked cars. From my first ride in a go-kart at the outdoor Richmond Go-Kart track as a kid to the jalopy cars I owned in highschool, I have loved to buy, ride in, fix and customize cars. Once I started working and was able to buy...
  34. C

    Wrapped the car painted the rims

    I didn't want to paint the car in case I didn't like it and also I hear the car loses value so I did a 3M black satin wrap, I didn't want to change the ride of the car or spend $4,000 on new rims and tires so I just had my rims painted, I tinted all but the front window and now I'm just waiting...

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