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  1. B

    My CyberTruck Wishlist: 10 things to improve towing

    So I’ve done a bit of towing with the CyberTruck and I’ve compiled 10 things I hope to be added to the CyberTruck in order to help improve the towing experience
  2. M

    Tesla Model 3 RCM SRS Module replacement / reset

    I have a Tesla Model 3 that got a minor read end, and I had to replace the pyro fuse and the seatbelt. That's all sorted now, but I'm still getting an error from the RCM module. I see many offering the service of programming by sending mine. My question is whether I can buy a new one and simply...
  3. Y

    Generic non Tesla Key fob options???

    So I'm not the only one that uses the car and often phone as key lags or doesn't seem to work until I pull out my phone and open the app and manually open it. I know there is a wallet credit card one but I'd rather put something on my key ring that isn't the shape of a car with a rubber band...
  4. B

    Rivian owner CyberTruck Review: Interview with Jon Rettinger

  5. B

    Can the CyberTruck replace a delivery truck?

    I decide to replace our delivery truck with the CyberTruck. Watch to see how it did.
  6. S

    Available 20" Signature SV104 Wheels Set

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 20" Signature SV104 Wheels Set. Please add to the discussion here.
  7. 20" Signature SV104 Wheels Set

    For sale 20" Signature SV104 Wheels Set

    Selling my like new Signature SV104s. Includes wheels, tires and OEM Tesla tpms sensors. Tires are 7/32 which are Michelin pilot 4s tires. Front wheels are 20x9.5 and rear wheels are 20x11. Will upload wheels specs in pictures. Fitment is perfect for a Model S. Local pickup would be great but...
    or best offer
  8. B

    CyberTruck towing a 7,000 lb travel trailer

    I finally towed my 33’ 7,000 lb travel trailer with my CyberTruck. I did a roughly 110 mile round trip loop run to test the CyberTrucks ability to tow the trailer as well as test its range. Hope you enjoy!
  9. B

    CyberTruck interview with Andre from TFLtruck

    I had the pleasure to interview Andre from TFLtruck. He gave his initial thoughts and opinions on all things CyberTruck
  10. B

    Can the CyberTruck power an RV?

  11. I

    Tesla Quirks

    I have been driving a new Tesla Model X for the past 6 months. Some quirks I have with the car include: 1. For a car with a quick acceleration, I find the acceleration on Autopilot to be very slow. If the car is on Autopilot and it had to slow down or stop, the rate of acceleration is super...
  12. S

    Tesla 3 Dashboard Rattle Near Side Pillar Fixed

    Another dashboard rattle spot discovered and fixed. The black fabric dashboard trim next to the side pillars is not attached and can cause a low pitched rattle. I fixed it using a felt square with adhesive backing from Joann Fabrics (ecofi Prestofelt; see photos). Just need to trim the felt so...
  13. B

    Maxing out the CyberTruck

    While filming our “Delivery Truck” video we decided to take the CyberTruck’s payload to max. So we ended up loading 2,471 lbs into the bed of the CyberTruck. Enjoy!
  14. B

    5 takeaways after owning my CyberTruck for 24 hours

  15. B

    Charging issues with my CyberTruck

  16. B

    Installing wall connector questions

    Hi, I have a 6-20 outlet in my garage currently. I know it’s not the fastest and I’m okay with that. My question is: 1) can I hardwire using the existing wiring? I believe it’s 12g Or 2) can I wire the wall connector to a 6-20 plug and just plug into the outlet? See photos below for reference...
  17. D

    I didn’t get instant rebate when I bought model Y 2024

    Help! How to get back the $7500 from Tesla for new Model Y bought before Jan. 12, 2024 Needs help! I recently purchased a New Tesla Model Y on 1/6/2024. The car is great, but I didn't get the instant rebate, which I believe goes against the new government policy. Tesla's execuse is they had not...
  18. D

    Tesla FSD Faults Experienced During 1000+ Mile Road Trip

  19. Visionary

    Available FS : Carbon Fiber Front Lip For 2021-2024 Refresh Model S

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing FS : Carbon Fiber Front Lip For 2021-2024 Refresh Model S. Please add to the discussion here.
  20. FS : Carbon Fiber Front Lip For 2021-2024 Refresh Model S

    For sale FS : Carbon Fiber Front Lip For 2021-2024 Refresh Model S

    FS : Brand NEW Model S Refresh 2021-2024 Front Carbon Fiber Lip by JC. Genuine Carbon Fiber & Gloss Finish. Easy to install (comes with all hardware). $380 picked up or $509 shipped to the 48 states.
  21. LASFIT

    Vendor Enhancing Tesla Comfort: LASFIT LINERS Exclusive TPE Floor Mats Promotion Amidst Cybertruck Buzz

    Special Campaign Dedicated to Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Owners Amidst the fervour surrounding Tesla's Cybertruck, a phenomenon capturing the attention of Tesla enthusiasts, we are thrilled to announce an exclusive promotion as a token of appreciation for Tesla Motors Club. This special offer is...
  22. M

    Tesla’s +$255Bn Home Charger “CarBnB” Opportunity

    Was wondering if it might make sense for Tesla to consider making owners' home chargers and parking spots in high demand areas available for rent when the owner isn't using them. So as a holiday project I threw together a financial model, interactive Figma user experience mock up, and partial...
  23. Y

    Tesla Parts - Price List

    Hi - I would like to know if there is any source on the web that I can retrieve list of current prices for Tesla parts. I'm thinking about getting into the business of after market parts and a list of OEM parts / prices would be handy to have. I know consumers can get quotes on specific parts...
  24. LASFIT

    Vendor Elevate Your Tesla with Lasfit All-Weather Floor Mats

    This is an authentic review of Lasfit Tesla model Y all-weather floor mats, originally created by Tesla of the Day and, Lasfit is authorized to use. We extend our sincere appreciation to the YouTube blogger Tesla of the Day for sharing his honest review! As a Tesla owner, I know how important...
  25. D

    Tesla Estimate

    I bought a 2013 Tesla Model S P85+ with 82,000 miles on it. Black on black, with charcoal 21” turbine wheels. I’m the second owner. Had just had a new air suspension replacement under extended service warranty, new drive motor as well. Just finished new control arms, rotors and pads for front...
  26. Y

    My Pride Shattered!

    I have my Model Y RWD (Shanghai built), since July 2023. Up untill yestarday, it has been almost flawless. Yestarday, I reach office with 81% charge remaining, as I had charged it on the previous night and my office is almost 80kms away from home. All ok, till I try to get into the car at...
  27. S

    Returning Model 3 back to Lease Company. Help?

    Good morning everyone, I've scoured the forum for similar threads but couldn't find the specific information I'm looking for. I'm returning my Model 3 after a three-and-a-half-year lease, and the collection/inspection is scheduled for the 20th of December. I'm curious about the level of...
  28. A

    Can I charge My Tesla at the supercharger every time to 100% or not?

    “To maintain the battery health, keep the charge limit at 100% and charge fully once per week <==30A==> “ So my question is, can I charge my Tesla at the supercharger every time to 100% or not?, I live in Condo and don’t have access to the charge port, though nearest super charger is 5...
  29. SEKS

    P90D subframe cracked / rear toe links issue PLEASE HELP

    Hello all, My late 2015 MS P90D, 100.000KM, AP1 Air suspension Tesla, has a very weird issue, that was simply there one day. My wive drives the car as well, but neither of us ever had an accident. The car is standing on staggered 21” Turbines with pretty new Michelin PS4 Acoustic (good profile...
  30. SEKS

    Tesla Model S: questions about rear toe links and cracked subframe

    Hello all, My late 2015 MS P90D, 100.000KM, AP1 Air suspension Tesla, has a very weird issue, that was simply there one day. My wive drives the car as well, but neither of us ever had an accident. The car is standing on staggered 21” Turbines with pretty new Michelin PS4 Acoustic (good profile...
  31. Atomic Wheels

    Vendor Premium Fully Forged Wheels by Atomic Wheels.

    Hello All, Atomic Wheels here. After a pretty successful introduction to the Model S & 3 & Y TMC Forum sections, we would like to introduce ourselves to the Model X TMC forum section. Texas-based wheel company that has been created by a group of enthusiasts who have been facing a common...
  32. Atomic Wheels

    Vendor 21+ Model S Premium Forged Wheels by Atomic Wheels

    Hi all, Atomic Wheels here. Texas-based wheel company that has been created by a group of enthusiasts who have been facing a common problem: the market is flooded with wheels and accessories for EVs that are way too expensive. Determined to take on the challenge, we set out on a journey to...
  33. Tesery

    Vendor TESERY Halloween BIG Deals🎃

    TESERY Halloween BIG Deals🎃 Halloween is just around the corner, and Tesla owners are revving up their creative engines to turn their electric vehicles into ghoulish works of art. From eerie wraps to spine-chilling decorations, the Tesla community is embracing the spirit of Halloween in the...
  34. Z

    How to slice plug and wand from two different generations? model s charging

    Does anyone know if I can splice these two together? I believe they are from two generations. One wire is for the plug and the other is for the wand. I need to know what each color is for and which ones go to what wires from the plug to the wand. There are also 2 extra wires on the plug so not...
  35. R

    Texas - Tesla Electric Vanished from App

    Hey all, so I live in Texas where Tesla Electric is offered. All of my immediate neighbors are using it with their Powerwalls and I even verified my ESID and address whenever I was offered to join Tesla Electric for Cars. However, since getting my Powerwalls, I've yet to see the offering to join...
  36. Tesery

    Vendor Get TESERY Yoke Heated Steering Wheel with Free Gift

    Hey Tesla Enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your Tesla driving experience to the next level? If you've ever dreamed of upgrading your steering wheel, we have some exciting news for you. Tesery has Yoke Heated Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, and it's a game-changer! Imagine...
  37. itechnology

    Expired FS OBO: 2018 AWD Black Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor | Acceleration Boost | Enhanced...

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing FS: Black AWD Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor | Acceleration Boost | Enhanced Autopilot | Full Tesla Used Warranty Coverage. Please add to the discussion here.
  38. M

    Sold 2015 Model S 70D 95k miles $24,900 (SC01)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2015 Model S 70D 95k miles $24,900. Please add to the discussion here.
  39. 2015 Model S 70D 95k miles $24,900 (SC01)

    For sale 2015 Model S 70D 95k miles $24,900 (SC01)

    TMC lower price than what I listed for on the big sites, thank you to all on the forum. Excellent condition 2015 Telsla Model S 70D. The reason for selling is because I am getting a newer Model X, but this has been a great car for me. I purchased this privately from a friend, so I have most...
  40. windings

    Sold 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance [Deleted]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance. Please add to the discussion here.
  41. tfraley

    Unfortunate Encounter: License Plate Theft and Car Damage – Seeking Advice and Sentry Mode Mystery

    Hey everyone, I had a rather unfortunate encounter today that I wanted to share with you all. As I was sitting in my car, a homeless woman who seemed to be in a tough spot walked by and unexpectedly ripped off my rear license plate. It was quite a shock, and my father-in-law managed to retrieve...
  42. Jowua

    Vendor First Ever Global Tesla In-Car Gaming Competition Has Begun! Enter Jowua Cup 2023 Now!

    🚀 Tesla Gamers Get On-Board🚀 Equipped with your Tesla-Compatible Game Controller, embark on a gaming journey that will leave everyone in awe. Find out all details here. Play Sky Force Reloaded's Stage 1 at any difficulty in your Tesla and send in your score videos! If you have it in you...
  43. montybhai

    Tesla’s SR slowly being down graded

    Just read the following Tesla Software & Updates | Facebook Update 1 More links : Tesla Cracks Down on Hansshow Audio Mods, Disabling Premium Audio Unlock in Model 3 RWD EV News - E Vehicles Aura I am shocked that Tesla is doing this surely this is against consumers law
  44. G

    Yellowstone National Park

    We’re planning a trip for next year (May 2024) driving from Kentucky to Yellowstone National Park/Grand Tetons. Plan to enter the park from the north west side near Gardiner and spend several days there, then stay in West Yellowstone, then onto Jackson. How realistic is it to take our Model Y LR...
  45. M

    Tesla Events - Syd/Wollongong/Webinars

    Morning all - just got this invite from Tesla - few events headed Syd/Wollongong way: TESLA EVENTS I am going to 24/8 Webinar - may record it if anyones interested. Any questions people want asked?
  46. tmatsusa

    Vendor We Are TeslaMatsUSA the Revolutionary All-Weather Floor Mats and Accessories Brand

    Model 3 | 2020-2023 & Model Y (5 and 7 Seater) | 2020-2023 Hold on to your charging cables, folks, because a new small business is in town! TeslaMatsUSA is here to change your interior faster than you can say "autopilot" three times! UNAPOLOGETIC COVERAGE Our mats, deserving of a standing...
  47. tmatsusa

    Vendor Hi! Nice to meet you! We're TeslaMatsUSA!

    Hello, My name is Fii and we are TeslaMatsUSA! A little bit about me, I'm originally from Washington, DC but have relocated down south. I work in healthcare and love all things Tesla! We just launched a few weeks ago and are excited to be a helpful resource for all your Model 3 and Model Y...
  48. F

    Newbie question on adapters: Is there a Tesla brand NACS-to-J1772 adapter?

    With yesterday's announcement of the Universal Wall Connector coming in October, I was thinking of returning the regular Wall Connector that I got two weeks ago (still new in box). I've owned a Model Y Long Range for just under three weeks now and we've been fine with using the Mobile Charger...
  49. T

    Is my Model 3 totaled?

    I have a 2019 tesla model 3 Midrange with color roof glass (TK-Choppa) that was rear ended. How bad is the damage? Pyro fuse blew upon impact no airbags deployed. Interior looks un damaged. No other damage besides the rear. Collision center is looking like it’s totaled. I hope it’s not! I hired...