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  1. O

    Koni active special Reber Germany variant

    Has anyone installed Koni Active special Reber custom valve variant a german garage is selling and installing on 2019+2020 M3 LR with stock springs? There are not the standard struts sold by koni but a slightly modified version
  2. N

    Radio turns on at startup?

    Although the radio is off when exiting the car, it ofter starts up the next time the car is started. Is there a setting to disable this odd feature/bug?
  3. S

    Seeking Advice: Post-Collision Autopilot Concern and Repair Cost Guidance for Model 3

    Dear Community, I'm reaching out to seek guidance on managing a situation I've encountered with my new Tesla. I appreciate any advice you can offer. Background: I took delivery of my Tesla Model 3 yesterday. While driving a few miles away from the Tesla Service Center, I engaged Autopilot on...
  4. K

    Tesla walk away lock issues

    I am happy to use walk-away lock with a paired phone on our Tesla 3, however, it behaves strange sometimes. I though I would share and see if these issues happen to others. 1. The car locks itself with front trunk open. We have charging cable in the front trunk, so every time we park to charge...
  5. G

    Dead 12V Battery Issue - Frunk doesn’t open

    I was away for 6 weeks and when I came back I found my 2021 Tesla is dead, after researching I realized that my 12V battery is dead. I tried opening the doors and frunk using the app and the card. Nothing worked. I did exactly what it said in the manual by connecting 9V and 12V batteries to...
  6. S

    My Model 3 Couldn't deliver to me due to damage at delivery parking

    Hello, Team! I require a clear explanation from you. It's fine if you deliver my vehicle in December 2022 or January 2023, but I'd like a concession or December incentives as compensation. Because this is your fault and your problem. Because I believe in you, I visited Spring Field in New...
  7. VagabondBuilds

    Hansshow Power Frunk for 2019 Tesla Model 3

    We did a Hansshow Power Frunk installation for a Model 3 (2019) and we would like to share the Step by Step installation process in case anyone is interested to do this. Attached is a picture with the kit we installed and everything included. Check our Youtube channel for the video.
  8. M

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long range RWD with EAP ($35,000)

    Excellent condition Model 3 (red) Rear Wheel Drive, long range Miles, with Premium package, EAP. Asking for $35,000. Key Highlights: * Enhance Auto Pilot: Includes Auto lane change, Adaptive cruise and auto steering, Auto-parking, Summon.! Additionally: 1. Red Multi-Coat (PPMR)(Paid $$...
  9. VagabondBuilds

    No Tweeter for Model 3 on the dashboard?

    I did an installation video today and it seems like the newer Model 3 Teslas will not have the dashboard Tweeters anymore. There is a slot available and if you have the harness you can buy aftermarket and activate it. You can check my video on our Youtube channel(Vagabond Builds) if interested...
  10. C

    Third party type 2 EV Charger [Australia - 3 Phase power]

    I purchased a 3rd party ev charger and had an electrician install it. From what I know it's a 3phase and the charger display itself shows 11.3kw charge rate on 16amps so it seems correct. Issue is on the Tesla app it shows a charge rate of 4kw. Not quite sure what the issue here is. Please help...
  11. SIX_M3P

    Heavily Modified Model 3 - Cinematic Video

    Hey everyone, just posting a Cinematic video we put together of my Model 3 before summer is over! Also included a pic of the car and how it currently sits. the APR wing is off a Type R with custom fabricated mounts to work with the Tesla! parts info avaliable at request :) I know this is...
  12. K

    I have a Tesla 3 standard plus rear-wheel drive Reservation - delivery ready

    Midnight metallic silver Order at $44990 18” aero wheels All black partial interior
  13. S

    FS: Hansshow Model 3, Y Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen (Linux 9.0'') Carplay

    For sale. Brand new opened box. The wife decided she did not want to use it since her 2022 model Y is a lease. $400 shipped or best offer. Message me any questions
  14. T

    Minor Dings in Rear Bumper Cover

    Hi all, im really annoyed and saddened by my stupidity this morning when reversing and parking in. Any idea how much this would cost? im missing a "button" (not sure what the real term for it is) ding rear right side ... :(
  15. E

    Tesla 3 key card in apple watch wallet

    I believe it is possible to load the Tesla 3 key card into the Apple Watch wallet and start using the Apple Watch to open the Tesla 3 (without additional app). Am I correct? Do you know how? Thank you and very much appreciated (I have googled, read a lot but nothing clear)
  16. A

    Model 3 concerns

    I have a model 3 on order and getting buyers remorse My original deliver now postponed 4 months I read posts about Tesla not doing warranty work on creaks and noises that develop with driving - I see some helpful videos how to fix noisy seatbelts - seats - and more Sorry I’m not fixing my new...
  17. S

    Traffic visualization

    After not driving my new Model 3 for 2 weeks (I was away on a business trip), I noticed that the traffic visualization is working intermittently. It is picking up some parked cars, but not others. I don't see oncoming traffic etc. Any suggestions for a fix? Many thanks...
  18. K

    New Model 3 performance 20" Uberturbine Wheels (Socal)

    Hi all, I have a set of 20" Uberturbines for sale from a 2022 model 3 Performance, I removed them when there was only 15 miles on the ODO, they have no scratches, curb rash or defects of any kind. They include factory 2022 TPMS sensors, 235/35 R20 Pirelli Pzero Tires, and centercaps. Price is...
  19. Teedub21

    BLOXsport 15/20mm hub centric wheel spacers model 3 5x114.3 $125 shipped.

    Bought a new set of wheels and no longer need these spacers that I was running with the stock wheels. One pair of 15mm and one pair of 20mm BLOXsport 6061-T6 forged spacers for Tesla model 3. Not sure if these fit the performance model, I used them on an SR+. A few dings around the edges...
  20. N

    Tesla dashboard -- Tesla api analytics

    Hi Guys , I live in Montreal and last December I got my dream car , Tesla model 3 sr+ 2021 model . As I do not have a garage and also did not have access to a dedicated charge point (relying on level 2 charge) . I had a lot of question in my mind about the effects of temperature on my cars...
  21. G

    12 simple software updates Tesla could make to improve interface. How many do you want?

    App improvements (overall I/everyone love the app - but think a few things could be added): - Add horn "chirp". The car does a horn "chirp" on locking. Why is only the "blast" tone on the app? Let's have more choice! - "Auto vent" windows at safe (home) locations above say 35C interior - Stop...
  22. K

    Model 3 front Brembo Loaded Calipers NY

    I have a set of Brembo front brake calipers for a Tesla Model 3. Comes loaded with pads, no brake lines. For some reason the previous owner decided to paint them lime green. They came off my friends car. He got red calipers instead of repainting these. They are in perfect working order. Asking...
  23. E

    Tesla 3 - Factory 18" Rims & Michelin Tires

    This is a set of 4 Tesla Aero 18" wheels, rims, tires, and aero hubcaps for a Tesla Model 3. The tires are Michelin MXM4 235/45 R18 98W. We did 3000 miles on it and upgraded to 20". Tread is in great shape. I am in San Ramon, CA. You can come see them if you are around this area. $1,200...
  24. ctapiam3


    Hello all, first off let me start by saying i love this community. i currently have 2019 tesla 3 performance with performance upgrade. i won the referral wheels and put them on instantly as well as put on a couple more upgrades as you can see in the pic. my problem is... i cant avoid potholes. i...
  25. K

    Model 3 with 3 ft long crack on the windshield

    Hello Guys, I am a newbie when it comes to Tesla, I just got my Tesla 3, 2 weeks ago. But I have owned ICE cars for decades and never had I experienced a windshield cracked by a small rock that hits you in the freeway, I was sure it was a tiny rock because of the sound (Tick) and the mark it...
  26. D

    2018 Model 3 Red LR AWD FSD, 23700 miles, 47999 or OBO, MI

    2018 Tesla Model 3 LR AWD Red exterior Black interior Premium upgrades package 23K miles Matte Black wrap on door handles, center console and emblems Sep 2018 manufacture date Clean title. No accidents. Non smoker. 310 mile range. 3.2 second 0-60 mph Transferable (free) bumper to bumper...
  27. PPFVIP

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Full Body Paint Protection

    We recently finished this project and gained an other happy customer. As we all know, unfortunately Tesla vehicles have an accelerated paint degradation problem. We wouldn't want to go into details why. This article is not about that. It's about the solution. And this solution called: paint...
  28. O

    Bad Tesla Customer Service

    For a CEO that can put men safely on a space station and will eventually get them to Mars and for a CEO who can get a car to drive itself on curved roads, how in the world can he not get the customer service piece right. My Tesla 3 did not start (apparently the 12V battery was dead without any...
  29. S

    Tesla Model 3 HV Battery

    Anyone know of a mechanic in the bay area that diagnoses Tesla model 3 Hv battery?
  30. N

    Red Tesla Model 3 - Standard Range Plus For Sale

    Red Tesla Model 3 - Standard Range Plus For Sale - $42,495 (Hauppauge, NY - Long Island) Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I’m selling my barely used Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. The car had very little miles (6,482) and is in excellent mint condition. Its never been in any accident...
  31. D

    Red Caliper Covers - RPM vs EVANNEX

    Hi all Looking to purchase red Caliper covers and wondered if people have got any from RPM or ? Both drawings slightly different with the front Tesla logo on the RPM seem to be larger and on the EVANNEX they also have the white circles on.... which do you prefer? Is the quality the same? RPM...
  32. N

    2018 Tesla Model 3 LR, Full Auto P, for Sale in San Diego! Less than 13k miles

    Hi Folks, I'm sad to announce that I'm selling this car as it's the most amazing car I've ever owned. Unforunately my dad is having some health issues and I need to move back to the Midwest indefinitely and I don't want to drive the car back and forth. This car has been stored in a garage its...
  33. Targe

    Vendor Window protection for your Tesla

    At Targe Industries, we focus on helping Tesla car owners protect their investment. Living in the SF Bay Area, many of you have reported on these forums the epidemic of smash n grab Tesla break-ins, a trend that has spread to the rest of the country. Thieves break the small side “wing” window...
  34. S

    Still on very old software

    Bought TESLA 3 Performance on 9th Jan 2020, Current version: V9.0 (2019.31.104 035bd27). Car has always been parked with full strength wifi. Tried 5 times tapping on Advanced button to force software update and also holding the Advanced button trick. Nothing seem to have worked. Do you know how...
  35. C

    M3 getting a public ip address address from Spain!

    The other half was doing a bit of shopping, i decided to wait in the car and watch some youtube video... Most of the video where from spain on the front page. I used the browser to check the public ip address i was receiving and it was based in spain... LOL anyone else getting ip addresses from...
  36. N

    Need an opinion: AWD or Full Self-Driving Capability

    Guys, I can't afford both in my Teals 3. I have been researching about the both functionalities but can't make a decision about which one is worth it more. I live in NJ and never drove AWD car before. I know i can get the Full Self-driving later on but I just don't want to spend the more money...
  37. S

    New Tesla Model 3 -keeps rebooting screen

    Hello everyone I am new to the Tesla family and loved it first few days! however on the 5th day or so I noticed the screen kept rebooting (with screen going black and reappearing with the Tesla logo). tried restarting it but no luck on fixing the issue. I noticed it happening more when...
  38. M

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper issues

    I can almost never use auto wipers. It seems under most conditions my visibility gets to borderline to outright dangerous before they activate. Even in a steady downpour they only wipe intermittently leaving intervals of near total blindness. Adding to the danger is the fact that to change...
  39. Kappelan

    The Best Tesla 3 Accessories

    I think it would be nice to share here the information and maybe even short reviews about your Tesla 3 Accessories. Screen protectors, floor and trunk mats, wireless chargers, organizers and so on. That would be useful especially for new owners I think. Didn't find a similar thread here.