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tesla account

  1. K

    Help creating tesla account

    Hi, I will pick up my first Tesla - Model Y LR, later today. I am just trying to create an account and get things prepared beforehand. When i try to create an account, from either Phone, Tablet or PC on either Mobile, Wifi or VPN i get the same error. Can anyone help me out? What am i doing...
  2. K

    Tesla cloud account won't update!

    Hello all! I am needing some help with my new Plaid Model S. The cloud account that is one of the driver profiles that automatically set on the vehicle will not properly update, and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue. The profile picture finally updated after changing it on...
  3. P

    Tesla Account - billed for charging when i don't have a car

    Long story short, i was due to have a Tesla on lease 3 years ago, so during the process signed up for an account, but our company cancelled the orders. I now have a Tesla on order for delivery in Jan, so logged into my Tesla account only for it to say i have a £55.52 outstanding balance for...
  4. A

    Account help

    Hey everyone, So my mom and I just picked up a new Tesla Model 3 recently and we decided that I would be the sole driver/responsible for the car. As of right now, the title and loan is currently under her name and we wish to keep it this way. What we want to do is change the account information...
  5. SomeJoe7777

    Tesla Website/Account Down?

    I have not been able to log into my Tesla account for the past few days. Yesterday, the sequence of events was this: 1. Go to login page, enter username and password. 2. Next page comes up, asks for two-factor authentication code. I enter code. 3. Next page is an HTTP 500 error. Today, the...
  6. C

    Random Codes in Tesla account address

    Hi , I have just regitered with Tesla in readiness to take delivery a leased M3LR. Whe I look at the Home addres under my profile it has an additional 3 letter code (ABD) after the city / town name. If I edit my address this does not show but on closing tghe edit window the code reappears in...
  7. X

    Tesla API Security

    Hey folks! Long time reader, first time poster. My company, Raxis, just put together a video that showcases an attack against the Tesla API and tells you what you can do to protect yourself. It's features my 2018 Model 3, Aurora. Thought some of you might be interested in checking this out!
  8. Mickeyflea

    Locked out of my Tesla account - Multi Factor Authorisation.

    Please help! I recently enabled Multi Factor Authorisation and shortly afterwards damaged my mobile phone. I sent the phone for repair enabling 'maintenance mode' before posting. This mode should have protected my apps and passwords but unfortunately the service centre reset my phone to factory...
  9. rossfboyle

    Add Secondary Account - Zip Code not accepted

    Hi, friends-- Every time I sign into my Tesla account and attempt to add a secondary contact, it won't accept the Zip Code. It comes back and says: "Mailing zip / postal code is not valid for the state provided." I have used 3 different addresses for him for 3 different states, and all...
  10. J

    Tesla took away 400kWh annual charging credits

    TLDR: I was on the 400kWh annual plan for over a year and Tesla decided to remove that from my account at the first January 2020. I suppose they changed their policy but it seems they shouldn't retroactively apply that decision when it goes against previous statements people rely upon to buy...
  11. M

    Order Acknowledgement?

    Placed a Model 3 order at a Tesla dealership on 11/1. Have not heard anything from Tesla since. I do have an account as I also have a Y on order, but my account only shows the Y, no 3. The sales guy gave me an RM number when I asked about it and assured me it is in the production schedule. Is...
  12. Ash23T

    Delivery checkout reminder text

    "Delivery checkout reminder from Tesla - please complete all outstanding tasks in your delivery profile at www.tesla.com/teslaaccount: provide financing details, populate any lienholder information and accept trade-in offer, upload proof of auto insurance, and upload driver's license." Does...
  13. F

    Owners of multiple Teslas, how to combine MyTesla Accounts?

    My husband has a Model S and I have a Model X. We have separate MyTesla accounts, and so can only control/see one vehicle at a time on the app, unless we log out and log in with the other email address. Anybody know how to get these combined? The Tesla service center near me does not have any...